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William Slawski / SEO by the SEA:
Yahoo! Acquisitions since Overture  —  I had started a list of Yahoo! acquisitions a little before my recent post about Google purchases, when someone asked earlier this month at Cre8asite Forums about the companies that Yahoo! had bought.  While working on this list for Yahoo!, I was sidetracked, and wrote the Google post.
Discussion: Guardian Unlimited
Jeremy / Jeremy Hermanns dot org:
Alaska Flight #536 - Rapid De-Pressurization and Panic at 30K Feet  —  Boy, what a day.  In what started as a typical flight home from a typical holiday weekend, changed drastically twenty minutes after take off.  My fiancée and I were returning from a few days in Seattle …
Discussion: Lost Remote TV Blog
Olga Kharif / Business Week:
Love, VoIP-Style  —  Why AT&T CallVantage, the Internet phone service with the venerable telecom's name, stole my skeptical heart  —  The Good Features are rich and easy to use.  Call clarity can be better than a landline  —  The Bad Setup is tricky, but you go through it only once
Discussion: IP Democracy
Jonathan Skillings / CNET
Podcasts: A guy thing?  —  Chances are, if you've recorded a podcast in the last year, the people listening in were men.  —  A survey in December by Podtrac, a company that aims to connect podcasters and advertisers, showed that 78 percent of those who have ever listened to a podcast are male.
Discussion: What's New and ben barren
Sunbelt BLOG:
New exploit blows by fully patched Windows XP systems  —  We saw a new nasty exploit yesterday around 5:00 PM.  This is a totally new exploit and is not the same one posted by FrSIRT back on 11/30/05.  —  We have a number of sites that we have found with this exploit.  Different sites download different spyware.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Omnidrive - Online Storage Perfection  —  I've been testing Omnidrive's very early beta product over the last few days.  Omnidrive will be launching in January, 2006.  —  I've spent hours with it (and previously posted a brief mention) - significantly more than I spend with most products.
Discussion: Squash and Nik Cubrilovic
Ed Bott / Ed Bott's Windows Expertise:
Is Windows Vista too protective?  —  One of the most intriguing new features in Windows Vista is a major change in the way user accounts work.  Windows XP allows accounts to reside in either the Administrators group (where they have full control over the system, including the ability to install …
Discussion: InsideMicrosoft, TechBlog and
Xbox 360 Powers All-New Nissan URGE Concept Car  —  Motorcycle-inspired roadster delivers a futuristic driving experience using "Project Gotham Racing 3."  —  DETROIT — Dec. 28, 2005 — Nissan North America Inc.(NNA) and Microsoft Corp. have merged automobile design and gaming technology …
Discussion: InsideMicrosoft
Mike / Techdirt:
How Big A Problem Is Blog Plagiarism?  —  I'm always surprised when I see some well known blogger flip out over the fact that spam blogs are copying their content.  It's happened for many years — and happens to us all the time.  Is it annoying?  Absolutely.  However, is it worth making a big stink over it?
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Read Most of O'Reilly's Hacks Books for Free Using Google  —  I am taking a break from my 2006 trends series tonight because a) I found an awesome hack I just had to share, b) I am lazy this week and c) I am in the mood to get Digged.  —  O'Reilly publishes a great series of books called the Hacks series.
Nick Butterly /
Video crooks come in from the cold  —  MILLIONS of Australians who tape TV shows and copy CDs will soon get the right to do it with a clear conscience.  —  The Federal Government will next year legalise the video recording of television shows for personal use, and the transfer of songs …
Discussion: Techdirt
Andy Dornan /
Will ISPs Quarantine You From the lnternet?  —  Microsoft is against ISPs doing anything that would restrict customers' right to run insecure software.  —  When the FCC announced it would deny independent ISPs access to the phone companies' wires as of August this year …
Dave Itzkoff / New York Times:
Nerds in the Hood, Stars on the Web  —  For most aspiring rappers, the fastest route to having material circulated around the World Wide Web is to produce a work that is radical, cutting-edge and, in a word, cool.  But now a pair of "Saturday Night Live" performers turned unexpected hip-hop icons …
Discussion: Terry Heaton's Weblog and B2Day
Edward Jay Epstein / Slate:
Hollywood's New Year  —  My predictions for 2006.  —  One doesn't need a crystal ball to see that Hollywood's future is now inexorably tied to the small screen.  Just look at the studios' own internal revenue numbers.  Before the invasion of television, the big screen (aka movie theaters) …

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