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Evan Hansen / Wired News:
2005 Foot-in-Mouth Awards  —  Tech execs say the darndest things.  And so do shuffling presidents, and disgraced scientists, and Wikipedia fakers.  It's time to relive 2005's biggest spoken gaffes.  —  "Screw the nano."  — Motorola CEO Ed Zander  —  Cell-phone makers hoping to break …
Mercury News:
Top 10 tech trends for 2006  —  Once again, it's time for the Mercury News annual look into a crystal ball for technology trends in 2006.  Never mind that the smartest people in tech wouldn't dare make serious predictions about what innovations will catch fire next year.  We make a humble try anyway.
Discussion: Newsome.Org and Somewhat Frank
Jeff Leeds / New York Times:
The Net Is a Boon for Indie Labels  —  Even as the recording industry staggers through another year of declining sales over all, there are new signs that a democratization of music made possible by the Internet is shifting the industry's balance of power.  —  Exploiting online message boards …
Discussion: IT Facts
How to become an independent programmer in just 1068 days.  —  If you watch the Evening at Adler video you'll come across a part where some of the guys on the panel talk about how much it costs to make the transition to doing the independent macintosh programmer thing.
Discussion: DrunkenBlog
Tom Zeller Jr / New York Times:
For Workers, It's Face Time Over PC Time  —  IN the early hours last Tuesday, before most New Yorkers woke to learn that a transit strike had halted their subway and bus service, Judy Breck was at her computer, getting ready to work.  —  "Sitting in my home studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan …
Spitzer's music probe said to expand  —  N.Y. Attorney General has subpoenaed at least three major record labels in ongoing probe: reports.  —  LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Three major music labels have been subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in connection …
Discussion: Between the Lines and TechBeat
With a few ponchkes in the belly, it's time to prognosticate on Apple in 2006  —  I've been having loads of fun over the Christmas break with my blog entry about The Apprentice's Season 4, Episode 12 using Apple equipment to produce videos promoting Microsoft's Live Meeting collaboration software.
Mike Musgrove / Washington Post:
What Looks Like Graffiti Could Really Be an Ad  —  The images are painted directly onto building walls in urban areas, graffiti-style.  Wide-eyed kids, portrayed in a stylized, comic-book rendering, pose with a mysterious, hand-size gadget.  One licks his like a lollipop.  Another is playing paddleball with the thing.
Discussion: Kotaku
Om Malik on Broadband:
One Remote Fits All  —  Florida-based OpenPeak is about to introduce a brand new remote (most likely at CES) that can do it all.  According to their PR firm, "Simple Remote, is part movie/IM command screen, part electronic program guide, part VoIP phone, and an all-in-one remote that controls appliances, TVs, garage doors, and stereos.
Discussion: Engadget
Paul / Paul Thurrott's Internet Nexus:
iTunes: Easy to use, or not?  —  OK, I never expected to post anything on Christmas, but my wife is putting the kids to bed, so I turned on the PowerBook and found an interesting debate.  First, Dave Winer posted a fairly accurate criticism of Apple iTunes, which he berated for being inscrutable.
Discussion: Scripting News
Red Herring:
Yahoo Revamps Search Ad Plans  —  The media giant's search marketing business wants to be numero uno in the field it helped create.  —  Yahoo Search Marketing's getting an extreme makeover.  —  Earlier this year, Yahoo re-branded its online marketing unit.
Discussion: Conversion Rater
Tampa Airport, I salute you*: TPA, the airport serving the Tampa Bay area does what all airports should do: They provide free wireless connectivity to the Internet for passengers using the airport.  They are wise and considerate to do that.  On the other hand, Nashville's Airport (BNA) …
Andy Abramson / VoIP Watch:
Blogs Being Ripped Off  —  We're all being ripped off.  Om.  Me.  Tom and a host of others.  It's called plagarism.  Read Om's post first though, then read the comments.  —  While I can't go into Kinkos and copy a page in the newspaper about a friend's daughter (who is also an agency client of mine) …
Kevin Poulsen / Wired News:
Best Tech Moments of 2005  —  In the tech world, 2005 was a period of bold ideas and exciting breakthroughs — shadowed, at times, by devastating reversals.  —  New software apps changed the way we looked at the world, while hardware got smaller, faster and more fun.
Discussion: ben barren

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