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Spitzer's music probe said to expand  —  N.Y. Attorney General has subpoenaed at least three major record labels in ongoing probe: reports.  —  LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Three major music labels have been subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in connection …
David Berlind / Between the Lines:
Why your music collections will bite the DRM dust  —  I was really glad to see Dave Winer say that, in his opinion, the problems that he and other people are having with their iPods and iTunes are DRM-related.  Dave: It is the real culprit and your issues are real evidence of why the "R" …
Evan Hansen / Wired News:
2005 Foot-in-Mouth Awards  —  Tech execs say the darndest things.  And so do shuffling presidents, and disgraced scientists, and Wikipedia fakers.  It's time to relive 2005's biggest spoken gaffes.  —  "Screw the nano."  — Motorola CEO Ed Zander  —  Cell-phone makers hoping to break …
Jeff Leeds / New York Times:
The Net Is a Boon for Indie Labels  —  Even as the recording industry staggers through another year of declining sales over all, there are new signs that a democratization of music made possible by the Internet is shifting the industry's balance of power.  —  Exploiting online message boards …
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Tom Zeller Jr / New York Times:
For Workers, It's Face Time Over PC Time  —  IN the early hours last Tuesday, before most New Yorkers woke to learn that a transit strike had halted their subway and bus service, Judy Breck was at her computer, getting ready to work.  —  "Sitting in my home studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan …
Mike / Techdirt:
Maybe Telecommuting Just Isn't Meant To Be  —  For years and years, we've discussed various trends in telecommuting, noting earlier this year that high gas prices and public transit strikes might help push the trend even further.  However, the problems of telecommuting continue to mean that it's just not for everyone.
How to become an independent programmer in just 1068 days.  —  If you watch the Evening at Adler video you'll come across a part where some of the guys on the panel talk about how much it costs to make the transition to doing the independent macintosh programmer thing.
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Niall Kennedy / Niall Kennedy's Weblog:
Exclusive: Google to offer feed API  —  Google plans to offer a feed reader API to allow third-party developers to build new views of feed data on top of Google's backend.  The new APIs will include synchronization, feed-level and item-level tagging, per-item read and unread status …
Mercury News:
Top 10 tech trends for 2006  —  Once again, it's time for the Mercury News annual look into a crystal ball for technology trends in 2006.  Never mind that the smartest people in tech wouldn't dare make serious predictions about what innovations will catch fire next year.  We make a humble try anyway.
Discussion: Newsome.Org and Somewhat Frank
With a few ponchkes in the belly, it's time to prognosticate on Apple in 2006  —  I've been having loads of fun over the Christmas break with my blog entry about The Apprentice's Season 4, Episode 12 using Apple equipment to produce videos promoting Microsoft's Live Meeting collaboration software.
Jonathan Amos / BBC:
Q&A: Europe's Galileo project  —  Europe is building its own satellite-navigation system called Galileo.  BBC News looks at why such a network is deemed necessary when we already have the US Global Positioning System (GPS).  —  What is Galileo?  —  Galileo will be a global network …
Finally, a USB adapter for Cardbus 3G cards  —  Elan Digital Systems is releasing a USB adapter specifically designed to accept Wireless PCMCIA cards for portable devices that have no PCMCIA slots.  The U132 will ship in February and allows users to connect 3G PCMCIA cards to Wndows XP devices with a USB 2.0 port.
Schneier / Schneier on Security:
Internet Explorer Sucks  —  This study is from August, but I missed it.  The researchers tracked three browsers (MSIE, Firefox, Opera) in 2004 and counted which days they were "known unsafe."  Their definition of "known unsafe": a remotely exploitable security vulnerability had been publicly announced and no patch was yet available.
David F. Gallagher / New York Times:
When News Breaks, Flashy Content Loses Out  —  NY1 News, the local news channel for the cable customers of Time Warner in New York, boasts on its Web site that its all-digital newsroom is "one of the most advanced newsgathering operations in the world."  But last week the site …

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