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Jim Fitzgerald / Associated Press:
Mom Fights Downloading Suit on Her Own  —  WHITE PLAINS, New York - It was Easter Sunday, and Patricia Santangelo was in church with her kids when she says the music recording industry peeked into her computer and decided to take her to court.  —  Santangelo says she has never downloaded …
Ken Belson / New York Times:
Fiddling With Format While DVD's Burn  —  The war for control of the next-generation DVD is approaching a critical juncture: next week in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, companies championing the two competing high-definition DVD standards - Blu-ray and HD-DVD - will unveil their lineups of new players and movie titles.
Kevin Poulsen / Wired News:
Best Tech Moments of 2005  —  In the tech world, 2005 was a period of bold ideas and exciting breakthroughs — shadowed, at times, by devastating reversals.  —  New software apps changed the way we looked at the world, while hardware got smaller, faster and more fun.
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Om Malik on Broadband:
Wholesale Blog Plagiarism ... Alert  —  Last week, Mike over at Crunch Notes was complaining about Josh Stomel, who was making slight changes to Mike's posts and reposting them as his own writing.  Well, at least Stomel made some effort.  This morning, Andy Abramson sent me an email …
A Man and His Vision for the Browser  —  Q&A: Tim Berners-Lee invented the world's first Web client in 1990 and fifteen years later he's still plugging for smarter browsing technologies that give end users more ability to create and interact with online data.
Richard MacManus / Web 2.0 Explorer:
Ray Ozzie's Christmas Message: 2006 will be Year of Build for Microsoft  —  In the tech world's equivalent of the Queen's Message, Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie reflects on the year past and offers his thoughts on what lies ahead for Microsoft in 2006:  —  As he reviews the 'leaked' memo …
Ray Ozzie /
Looking back, looking forward.  —  As the year draws to a close, I find myself back east with some time to reflect upon this whirlwind of a year.  —  About once a year I try to force some "whitespace" into my life in order to give my mind the opportunity to seriously question strategic assumptions, and for abstract/creative thought.
Discussion: Mark Evans and Get Real
Thomas Mennecke /
File-Sharing Winners and Losers of 2005  —  The year 2005 was an excellent year, depending of course on your point of view.  For the tech industry, BitTorrent soared to new heights while Steve Jobs enjoyed record breaking iPod sales.  Yet not everyone shared this success.
Duncan Riley / The Blog Herald:
The Top 10 interesting people in the Blogosphere in 2005  —  Before making our predictions for 2006, we revisit 2005 in a list of the Top 10 interesting people in the Blogosphere in 2005.  —  1. Matt Mullenweg, WordPress  —  The rising star of the blogosphere took a few blows …
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Rob Pegoraro / Washington Post:
Basic Rules Plus Common Sense Add Up to Security  —  For some people, the worst gift ever would be a new computer with an Internet connection.  One embittered user wrote in October to say that he was "so frustrated with hackers, virus, Trojans, worms, constant upgrades, security patches …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Omnidrive's Online Storage Actually Works  —  I've been talking to Nik Cubrilovic, the founder of Sydney, Australia based Omnidrive, since I posted about the need for a good online storage service in November (see no. 1 in that post).  —  I've had the chance to test it over the last few days.

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