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Saul Hansell / New York Times:
AOL and Google Formalize Partnership to Include Shared Selling of Ads  —  America Online formally announced a revived partnership with Google yesterday, a deal that affirmed AOL's value less than a year after a chorus of calls for its parent, Time Warner, to shed the division as a lost cause.
Ben Charny /
Instant Messengers Choose Sides  —  A significant instant messaging project between Google Inc. and America Online is now underway.  —  Google and AOL plan to let their respective instant messaging features communicate.  This way, someone using Google Talk could chat with an AIM user, and vice versa.
Discussion: Microsoft Watch
Yuki Noguchi / Washington Post:
$1 Billion AOL Stake For Google Approved
Discussion: IP Democracy
Jonathan Thaw / Bloomberg:
Google to pay dearly for AOL
Dan Gillmor / Dan Gillmor's blog:
Coming Soon: Center for Citizen Media  —  Some news:  —  Starting in 2006, I'll be putting together a nonprofit Center for Citizen Media.  The goals are to study, encourage and help enable the emergent grassroots media sphere, with a major focus on citizen journalism.
Stacy Cowley / InfoWorld: outage cuts users off  —  Extent of the outage was not immediately clear  — Inc.'s "on demand" CRM (customer relationship management) system came up short in meeting demand on Tuesday, when some customers found the hosted software service unreachable for most of the day.
Mike / Techdirt:   'Tis The Season For Online Services To Go Completely Offline
Ask Jeeves Blog:
Word Up  —  What's in your stocking?  New language tools on to help find what you are looking for faster.  —  1. Page Translation is now available on  Why haven't we had it in the past?  Because we didn't have many foreign-language pages in our index.
Pete Mortensen / Wired News:
NeXT Fans Give Up the Ghost  —  Among the many milestones in the tech world this last year, one occurred almost without notice.  The Bay Area NeXT Group, an important user group formed 15 years ago around Steve Jobs' second great computer design, slipped into history in 2005 …
Discussion: MacSlash
Will Lester / Associated Press:
Poll: Americans Need High-Tech Gadgets  —  WASHINGTON - Personal computers, cell phones and high-speed Internet are considered essential to getting by for millions of Americans who are showing early signs of addiction to the next wave of high-tech toys, an AP-Ipsos poll found.
Discussion: Techdirt and Lost Remote TV Blog
Addicted to Digital Media:
HowTo: Score an Xbox 360 online  —  Here's a fool-proof way to get notified when Xbox 360's are available for online ordering- no online auctions required.  I've tested it personally- and I should receive my premium system in time for Christmas.  There may be other tactics, but I hope it works for you.
Rachel Metz / Wired News:
Stranded, NYC Heads to the Web  —  MANHATTAN, New York — As millions of New Yorkers contend with a crippling transit strike, the web is taking center stage as a place to cope, from blowing off steam to lining up rides to and from the city.  —  Since members of Local 100 …
Discussion: SearchViews, Bloggers Blog and SFist
Lone Ronin / The Lone Ronin:
Banned by Google  —  Let us suppose, for a moment, you are a small company (like kozoru) and you've figured out a way to take results from another search engine (like, say, Google) and run them through your own statistical approach and do the following:  —  Keyword search their system
Gerry Block / IGN:
The NES Reincarnated  —  And alive again as a higher being.  Our review.  —  December 20, 2005 - For those of us that were actually alive back in the early '80s, there is no denying that the drab grey box that was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) changed our lives.
Conrad Blickenstorfer /
A Brief History Of Tablet PCs  —  In the late 1980s, early pen computer systems generated a lot of excitement and there was a time when it was thought they might eventually replace conventional computers with keyboards.  —  After all, everyone knows how to use a pen and pens are certainly less intimidating than keyboards.
Discussion: michael parekh on IT
Dawn Kawamoto / CNET
Santa IM worm hits AOL, MSN and Yahoo  —  A Santa Claus worm is attempting to trick America Online, Microsoft MSN and Yahoo instant-messaging users into clicking on a file that delivers unwanted software to a victim's computer.  —  The IM.GiftCom.All worm attempts to dupe IM users into thinking …
Discussion: and TechSpot
Leo Lewis / Times of London:
Tokyo search for a rival to Google  —  THE Japanese Government has marshalled a coalition of technological and corporate firepower in an attempt to break the global stranglehold of Yahoo! and Google.  —  The project is tipped to cost about £500 million and will probably take about three years …
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Games That Travel Well  —  For many of us, the holidays …
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Major Nelson / Major
Major's day at the Mall  —  Yesterday I crashed the Nintendo 'event' here in Seattle.
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Yu Chen / Official Google Blog:
Setting trends  —  As part of the personalization team …

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