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Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Alexa Offers Fee-Based Vertical Search Services  —  I guess I get to be the underwhelmed one about Alexa announcing a new Alexa Web Search Platform that's available to anyone willing to pay a fee.  —  Pay a fee for what?  You can create your own search engine by tapping into the 4 billion web pages Alexa has indexed over time.
Michael Nguyen / Social Patterns:
Alexa Web Search Platform
Discussion: The Stalwart, A VC and Conversion Rater
Associated Press:
Regulators warn of text message stock scam  —  WASHINGTON (AP) — Securities regulators are warning investors about a new twist on the "pump and dump" stock-fraud scam that uses text messaging on cell phones to tout stocks.  —  The National Association of Securities Dealers …
New Yorker:
CYBER CITY  —  Typically, video games are set in places with names like Myst, Zanarkand, and, slightly less fantastically, Vice City.  True Crime: New York City, which was released last month by Activision and is being advertised on billboards around town, is set in Manhattan.
Discussion: Joystiq and Kotaku
Justin Nolan / 360 Insider:
Xbox 360 not designed to play games in vertical position?  —  I just had a revelation.  The Xbox 360 "Ring of Light" logo pictured right could actually respresent the circular scratches left on Xbox 360 games across the world.  When Matt's Xbox 360 stopped playing games …
Tony Smith / The Register:
Xbox 360 file system de-coded
Discussion: Xbox 360 Fanboy
Jeff Clavier / Software Only:
Syndicate Conference: is officially launched  —  Marc Canter is on stage to announce the launch of, a non-profit initiative supporting the development and deployment of micro-formats in blog posts.  The idea is pretty simple …
David Newberger / The Geek Guy Rants:
10 Questions with Doc Searls  —  It's time for another 10 questions segment and today I have a wonderful interview with Doc Searls.  I have got to say the more interviews I do the more I am getting something out of each of them.  And the interview with Doc Searls is no exception to this.
Niall Kennedy / Niall Kennedy's Weblog:
Technorati Kitchen: it's what's cooking  —  Technorati just introduced the Technorati Kitchen, an area where we can post projects we have been working on that we do not feel are ready for integration on the main site.  The first project available in the Technorati Kitchen is Explore …
Stephen Bryant /
Year in Review: AJAX Desktops and Homepages  —  Review: Home pages are making a comeback, thanks to AJAX and Flash-powered "desktop" applications.  Inside, a look at seven desktop and homepage apps vying for your news feeds, bookmarks, and sticky notes.  —  The homepage is making a comeback.
Discussion: Scobleizer and Guardian Unlimited
Shankar Gupta / MediaPost Publications:
Google Turns To TV Ads  —  IN A MAJOR SHIFT IN promotional strategy, Google—which has long eschewed nearly every form of consumer-targeted brand advertising—quietly began running 15-second sponsorship spots on PBS's science program "NOVA" earlier this year.
Eliot Phillips / Engadget:
How-To: Control iTunes from any web browser  —  For today's how-to we're going to set up a simple web server in XP so that we can control iTunes remotely.  Engadget reader Jordan Parker was tired of having to walk into the other room to change tracks so he put together the PHP script we'll be using.
Discussion: Download Squad
THE LATEST BITS + BYTES »  —  WEB AWARDS UPDATE: FINAL DEADLINE THIS FRIDAY DECEMBER 16  —  The final deadline for entries in this year's SXSW Web Awards competition is this Friday, December 16 at midnight (CST).  Hurry and enter your site now, as entries submitted after this deadline have no guarantee of being judged.
Discussion: Micro Persuasion
Joan Anderman / Boston Globe:
Study: Online music sharing can spur sales  —  The record industry has long considered online file sharing a serious threat to its livelihood.  But a new study scheduled to be released today suggests that consumer-to-consumer music recommendations — a growing feature of online music stores and websites …
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Brooklyn Photographer Don Wiss Threatened if He Doesn't Leave the Country He Will Be Killed  —  PriceRitePhoto's store, photo by Brooklyn Photographer Don Wiss  —  I received a troubling email earlier today from Don Wiss saying that he received a phone call today from someone telling …
Discussion: Techdirt
Susan Kuchinskas /
Unmediated Media  —  SAN FRANCISCO — Jeremy Allaire, CEO of BrightCove, said Internet syndication of video content could lead to profound changes in the broadcast industry — and to new opportunities for producers.  —  Allaire gave a keynote speech at the Syndicate conference, held here today through Thursday.
New York Times:
Cable Relents on Channels for the Family  —  Yielding to pressure from regulators, lawmakers and interest groups, the country's biggest cable companies say they expect to introduce packages of family-friendly channels as early as the first quarter of 2006.  —  Kyle McSlarrow …
Discussion: Todd Chanko
Jenny Cutraro / Wired News:
Are Migraines All in Your Heart?  —  Doctors treating patients with a congenital heart defect have found an unexpected side effect of their work — repairing the heart condition apparently relieves migraines.  Now, a company that developed a device to fix the heart defect is seeking approval …

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