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John Battelle / John Battelle's Searchblog:
ALEXA (MAKE THAT AMAZON) LOOKS TO CHANGE THE GAME  —  (This will be updated when the service goes live, I was briefed and the embargo was 9 pm PST...)  —  Every so often an idea comes along that has the potential to change the game.  When it does, you find yourself saying - "Sheesh, of course that was going to happen.
Mylene Mangalindan / Wall Street Journal:
Amazon Revs Its Search Engine  —  Alexa Unit Will Provide  —  More Specialized Data  —  For Software Developers  —  An Inc. unit plans to allow software and Web developers to request customized data searches when it scans the Web to seek new information …
Richard MacManus / Read/WriteWeb:
Alexa turned into web service - Amazon back to its innovative best  —  John Battelle just posted that Amazon is opening up its Alexa search data and tools to the world!  According to John, Alexa has about 5 billion documents in its index, which is about 100 terabytes of data.
Om Malik on Broadband:
Amazon's Alexa Commoditizes Search  —  About a month ago Nicholas Carr suggested that Internet search was fast becoming a commodity, because there was very little differentiation between MSN, Yahoo or Google.  That's why all the action around toolbars, desktop widgets and desktop search.
Geoffrey Mack / Alexa:
Announcing the Alexa Web Search Platform Beta  —  Today, Alexa is releasing the Alexa Web Search Platform Beta (, effectively opening up the Alexa Web Crawl and ushering in a new era where anybody can create new search services without having to invest millions of dollars in crawl …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Alexa Totally Gets It, Opens Up API  —  John Battelle has the scoop - Alexa is making its dataI available on the Web Services platform, and it's a really big deal.  —  Amazon's Alexa is opening up its 5 billion web documents and 100 terabytes of data to anyone who wants to use it.
Microsoft Sold 28% of Xbox 360s in Japanese Stores (Update1)  —  Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp., the second-largest maker of video game systems, sold 28 percent of Xbox 360 consoles on store shelves in Japan, according to preliminary figures from market researcher Media Create Co.
Kotaku, the Gamer's Guide:
Japanese Shops Now Slashing Xbox 360 Prices
Nick Wilson /
Exclusive: Google Talks About Splogs, Ranking & More  —  I recently got the chance to grill senior Google engineer and webmaster relations chappy Matt Cutts on some issues specific to bloggers.  Matt took his sweet time getting the interview done, but it was well worth the wait.
Om Malik on Broadband:
Like Yahoo, SIPphone offers Penny A Minute Calling  —  Yahoo was the first one to launch a salvo at Skype by offering a penny-a-minute calling, betting that its low price offering would help it gain market share and lure users away from Skype.  (Service will be available next year... but the press release is already out!)
Discussion: Techdirt, IP Democracy and Rough Type
Business Week:
Apple May Be Holding Back The Music Biz  —  Critics say iTunes-only downloads and inflexible pricing are hurting song sales  —  Once again, Apple's iPod is expected to be the hottest gift of the holiday season.  That should be great news for the recording industry, right?
Discussion: and MacMinute
Shankar Gupta / MediaPost Publications:
Marketing Execs Lukewarm On Plan To Pay Searchers  —  MARKETING EXECUTIVES SAID THEY ARE wary of Microsoft's tentative plan to reimburse online users for using MSN Search to conduct searches, fearing that it will dilute the value of being associated with MSN and attract a lower-value audience.
John Leyden / The Register:
This SMS will self-destruct in 40 seconds  —  A UK developer has come up with a "self-destruct" text messaging service it hopes will prove a hit with both businessmen dealing with sensitive information and celebrity love cheats.  StealthText from Staellium UK is positioned as a means to give …
Matt / Blog Network Watch:
Blog Network List launches overall Blog & Blog Network Ranks  —  We're pleased to announce the launch of new overall blog & blog network rankings over at Blog Network List!  —  We have taken each of our individual metrics for blogs and blog networks and ranked them from lowest to highest.
Dave Winer / Scripting News:   A new blog ranking takes a unique approach, it ranks networks of blogs.

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