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Katharine Q. Seelye / New York Times:
A Little Sleuthing Unmasks Writer of Wikipedia Prank  —  It started as a joke and ended up as a shot heard round the Internet, with the joker losing his job and Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, suffering a blow to its credibility.  —  A man in Nashville has admitted that …
Robert Mackey / New York Times:
TV Stardom on $20 a Day  —  AMANDA CONGDON is a big star on really small screens - like the 4½- inch window she appears in on computer monitors every weekday morning or the 2½ inches she has to work with on the new video iPod.  Ms. Congdon, you see, is the anchor of a daily …
Om Malik on Broadband:
Et Tu Steve Case?  —  In a recent episode of Rome, an HBO series where Caesar is brutally murdered by the Senate.  The killing blow coming from Brutus, the man whose life Julius Caesar forgave.  The gruesome scene was running through my head....  Steve Case sold Time Warner a bill of goods …
Steve Case / Washington Post:
It's Time to Take It Apart  —  There has been a lot of speculation about what Time Warner should do to increase its lagging stock price, and the media giant appears to be nearing a decision on the future of one of the Washington area's most significant enterprises: AOL.
THE BEST WEB 2.0 SOFTWARE OF 2005  —  It's getting towards the end of the year and I'm feeling the need to take stock of where we've actually come with Web 2.0 in the last 12 months.  So much has happened in this space recently and a tidal wave of innovative, high-quality software has been released this year.
Interview with Jimbo Wales  —  While this wasn't Interview with the Vampire, getting a live interview with Jimmy Wales of the Wikimedia Foundation is requiring more work and planning than ever.  Four contributors to four different Wikinews language editions (with Swedish, Netherlands …
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Associated Press:
Yahoo Devours  —  SUNNYVALE, California — In its latest acquisition of a social networking service, internet powerhouse Yahoo on Friday chomped down on, a startup that enables people to more easily compile and share their favorite content on the web.
Muted hello for Xbox 360 in Japan  —  Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 games console in Japan to what seems like a more subdued response than it received in Europe and North America.  —  The software giant hopes to overcome rivals Sony and Nintendo by having become the first to release its next-generation console.
Phillip Pearson / Second p0st:
Architecture of the Wordpress Structured Blogging plugin: is this forking?  —  For the last couple of months, we (along with XML expert Kimbro Staken and Movable Type consultant Chad Everett) have been working on extending the Structured Blogging plugin for Wordpress to publish a bunch …
Antone Gonsalves / Yahoo! News:
Yahoo Tops Portal Market In Visitors, News  —  Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news) continues to lead the portal market in the number of unique visitors, and is also the top destination for news, a market research firm says.  —  The Sunnyvale, Calif., company led the top 10 Web sites among U.S. home …
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Nick / Rough Type:
Sun and the data center meltdown  —  Sun Microsystems is a funny company.  It jumped directly from hyperactive adolescence to midlife crisis, complete with ponytail.  Ever since the dot-com crash decimated its free-spending customer base, the company's been on a quest to find itself - and give a jolt to its flat-lining stock price.
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Vauhini Vara / Wall Street Journal:
Project Gutenberg Fears No Google  —  Internet giants like Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. are making headlines with their rival plans to create online libraries of books.  Long before those companies even existed, though, there was Project Gutenberg: an ambitious, offbeat effort to digitize classic books by typing them out by hand.
Jon / PingMag:
The Website Development Process … A while ago I put this photo on my flickr page and it was chosen to go on the official flickr blog as the photo of that day (September 23rd).  To date it has been viewed over 2000 times.  —  The photo was actually one in a whole series of photos I shot …

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