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Steve Case / Washington Post:
It's Time to Take It Apart  —  There has been a lot of speculation about what Time Warner should do to increase its lagging stock price, and the media giant appears to be nearing a decision on the future of one of the Washington area's most significant enterprises: AOL.
Russ / Russell Beattie Notebook:
XBox 360 Latest Live Update: Kills Backwards Compatibility  —  I thought this would be all over the news today or at least on the gaming sites, but no one seems to be picking up on it yet.  Microsoft released a couple patches for the Xbox 360 over the past few days, the latest …
Steve Lohr / New York Times:
Can This Man Reprogram Microsoft?  —  THINK back to Round 1 of the Internet, when things really got rolling in 1995.  The computing landscape was shifting, and a cool, fast-growing young company symbolized the new order: Netscape.  At the time, Microsoft looked to be a lumbering old war horse …
Discussion: Between the Lines
Jon / PingMag:
The Website Development Process … A while ago I put this photo on my flickr page and it was chosen to go on the official flickr blog as the photo of that day (September 23rd).  To date it has been viewed over 2000 times.  —  The photo was actually one in a whole series of photos I shot …
Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Yahoo! makes a purchase  —  It's Web giant's latest deal aimed at letting users share content  —  In its latest acquisition of a social networking service, Internet powerhouse Yahoo! Inc. on Friday devoured Inc., a startup that enables people to more easily compile and share their favorite content on the Web.
Discussion: Scobleizer and down the avenue
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Writely Is Kicking A**  —  Writely (profiled earlier) continues to lead the pack in online ajax word products.  —  Writely has had great features from day 1: import and export into Word format, embedded images, a wysiwyg editor, drag and drop functionality, sharing with others, and tagging of documents.
Discussion: Pito's Blog and Conversion Rater
Scrivs / Fine Fools Community:
Jack of All Blogs Suspended  —  We have been messing with the servers as I mentioned before and all the sites should be functional with the exception of Jack of All Blogs.  I have suspended the site until I speak with David Krug about his past actions and his constant attacking …
Umair / Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab:
How Not to Think Strategically, pt 173841  —  First, a quick note about the emerging buzz surrounding MS's plans to pay consumers for ads.  —  This may sound cool, but there are three big problems which render it strategically meaningless.  —  1) It's fraught with moral hazard = click fraud^1000000.
pearLyrics: too easy to be legal?  —  This is a sad time for all those of us with a passion for music and song lyrics.  As of December 6th, 2005 pearLyrics is no longer available due to a cease and desist letter from Warner/Chappell Music Limited.  As a freeware developer I can not afford …
Red Herring:
Apple to Face Patent Challenge  —  Creative will make bid for iPod license for its navigation technology patent.  —  Apple could face a patent challenge from Creative, its Singapore-based rival in the digital entertainment device market.  —  Creative, which owns a U.S. patent …
Leonard David /
Space Sports Closer to Reality  —  We've all seen the pictures.  Free-floating space travelers look to be having way too much fun frolicking in microgravity.  —  Even with all the daily chores and tight timelines, space crews are finding personal playtime in Earth orbit.
Ted Bridis / Associated Press:
Court Rules Against Mom in Download Suit  —  WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court late Friday upheld the music industry's $22,500 judgment against a Chicago mother caught illegally distributing songs over the Internet.  —  The court rejected her defense that she was innocently sampling music …
Discussion: Geek News Central …
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
RSS drives Reuters lobby's screen  —  We just got back from the wonderful Global Voices conference which was held in Reuters' Headquarters.  We met bloggers from around the world (we met Hossein Derakhshan, aka Hoder, the famous Iranian blogger, among many other talented bloggers from around …
Daniel Terdiman / CNET
Wikipedia's open-source label conundrum  —  news analysis The online encyclopedia Wikipedia is often referred to as an "open-source" project because it is written, edited and policed by a global group of volunteers.  —  However, the open-source label doesn't really fit Wikipedia.
Discussion: Open Source

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