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pearLyrics: too easy to be legal?  —  This is a sad time for all those of us with a passion for music and song lyrics.  As of December 6th, 2005 pearLyrics is no longer available due to a cease and desist letter from Warner/Chappell Music Limited.  As a freeware developer I can not afford …
Umair / Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab:
How Not to Think Strategically, pt 173841  —  First, a quick note about the emerging buzz surrounding MS's plans to pay consumers for ads.  —  This may sound cool, but there are three big problems which render it strategically meaningless.  —  1) It's fraught with moral hazard = click fraud^1000000.
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Ted Bridis / Associated Press:
Court Rules Against Mom in Download Suit  —  WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court late Friday upheld the music industry's $22,500 judgment against a Chicago mother caught illegally distributing songs over the Internet.  —  The court rejected her defense that she was innocently sampling music …
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Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
RSS drives Reuters lobby's screen  —  We just got back from the wonderful Global Voices conference which was held in Reuters' Headquarters.  We met bloggers from around the world (we met Hossein Derakhshan, aka Hoder, the famous Iranian blogger, among many other talented bloggers from around …
Matt Richtel / New York Times:
Live Tracking of Mobile Phones Prompts Court Fights on Privacy  —  Most Americans carry cellphones, but many may not know that government agencies can track their movements through the signals emanating from the handset.  —  In recent years, law enforcement officials have turned …
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Red Herring:
Apple to Face Patent Challenge  —  Creative will make bid for iPod license for its navigation technology patent.  —  Apple could face a patent challenge from Creative, its Singapore-based rival in the digital entertainment device market.  —  Creative, which owns a U.S. patent …
Jeremy Zawodny / Jeremy Zawodny's blog:
Yahoo's First Hack Day: What a Blast!  —  Earlier today, I wrote that I was hacking on a project and didn't have a lot of time to write.  Now I've got a bit of time to tell the rest of the story.  —  Today was our first annual Hack Day in the Search and Marketplace Group (SMG).
Daniel Terdiman / CNET
Wikipedia's open-source label conundrum  —  news analysis The online encyclopedia Wikipedia is often referred to as an "open-source" project because it is written, edited and policed by a global group of volunteers.  —  However, the open-source label doesn't really fit Wikipedia.
Discussion: Open Source and Weblogsky
Rudy De Waele /
Women in Mobile 04 - Helen Keegan  —  Helen has been working in mobile since the early days; she's one of the first women I noticed when I started mingling in online discussion groups and forums related to mobile back in 2001.  I am happy to have her here in the "Women in Mobile" series.
Daniel Terdiman / CNET
NBA to create huge digital archive  —  MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—If you're a rabid basketball fan who's wished you could get your hands on video of that one memorable shot by Michael Jordan from the Chicago Bulls play-off game you went to in 1989, the National Basketball Association may soon be able to help you out.
Will Knight /
Chameleon scarf coordinates with your outfit  —  People lacking any sense of fashion no longer need worry about their scarf clashing with their clothes this winter - researchers have created one that automatically changes colour to suit an outfit.  —  The colour-shifting garment …
Robert McMillan / InfoWorld:
EEye to enter antivirus business  —  A beta version of the software will be made available to Blink users in early in 2006  —  Security vendor eEye Digital Security (Profile, Products, Articles) Inc. plans to add antivirus capabilities to its Blink intrusion prevention product …
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Google Blogoscoped:
Google Increased Ad Font Size  —  Michel informed me that Google increased the font size of the AdWords ads displayed to the right side of search results.  They now have the same size as the organic search results; see the before and after screenshots.  This is likely to be an effort of Google …
Sascha / we make money not art:
Rapid Products  —  The design products-department at the Royal College in London teamed up with a company called 3D Systems to get their hands on some state-of-the-art rapid-prototyping equipment.  The brief was to create projects that are not prototypes but products that couldn't have been made with any other technique.
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