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Yahoo! Search blog:
Great Tastes That Go Great Together  —  I've been a big fan of, the social bookmarking service Joshua Schachter created, for quite a while now.  So much so that when Dave Taylor recently asked for "experts" to help explain What's so cool about, I was glad to masquerade as an expert.
Brad Burnham / Union Square Ventures:
A Delicious Eight Months  —  On April 14th, we closed an investment in Delicious.  We wrote about our initial investment here.  —  Eight months later, Delicious has been sold to Yahoo!.  The news is on the Delicious blog.  —  We are thrilled to see Joshua Schachter …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:  - Yahoo Acquires  —  I just got off an instant message conversation with Joshua Schachter, the founder of  I was asking him for any comment on the Yahoo acquisition rumors and he pointed me to the blog.  —  Yahoo has acquired
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Tag It: Acqusition, Yahoo Acquires  —  Even developing their own MyWeb 2.0 (tag, save, share service) and the Yahoo 360 set of services, Yahoo still wants more assets in the community building, tagging, and folksonomy arena.  Accordingly, we've learned that has now been acquired by Yahoo.
Om Malik on Broadband:
Yahoo! buys  —  Yahoo continues with its Web 2.0 makeover.  The company snapped up the bookmarking service today, according to a post by founder Joshua Schachter on his website.  "We look forward to bringing you new features and more servers in the future," he writes.
Niall Kennedy / Niall Kennedy's Weblog:
Yahoo! buys  —  Yahoo! has bought social bookmarking site for an undisclosed amount.  Joshua Schachter posted an announcement to the blog and mentions Yahoo!'s ability to help scale and keep pace with it's growing user base and site usage.
Greg Yardley / Greg Yardley's Internet Blog: acquisition shows community valuable
Heather Green / Blogspotting:
Yahoo Snaps Up
Discussion: Micro Persuasion
Mark Ward / BBC:
Sony BMG repents over CD debacle  —  Technology correspondent, BBC News website  —  Sony BMG is rethinking its anti-piracy policy following weeks of criticism over the copy protection used on CDs.  —  The head of Sony BMG's global digital business, Thomas Hesse, told the BBC that the company was "re-evaluating" its current methods.
Discussion: TechBlog
BBC:   Anti-piracy CD problems vex Sony
Ed Felten / Freedom to Tinker:
CD Copy Protection: The Road to Spyware
Dave Winer / Scripting News:
Google sucks, there I said it  —  I wonder if it's Google or me, but I can't seem to get behind anything they do these days.  The latest abomination is "web clips" inside Gmail.  Everything about it is irritating.  —  First, why can't they call it RSS.  That's what it's called.  Not good enough for Google.
Discussion: Things That and IP Democracy
Ian Youngs / BBC:
Song sites face legal crackdown  —  The music industry is to extend its copyright war by taking legal action against websites offering unlicensed song scores and lyrics.  —  The Music Publishers' Association (MPA), which represents US sheet music companies, will launch its first campaign against such sites in 2006.
Discussion: Techdirt, Guardian Unlimited and digg
David Barboza / New York Times:
Ogre to Slay?  Outsource It to Chinese  —  FUZHOU, China - One of China's newest factories operates here in the basement of an old warehouse.  Posters of World of Warcraft and Magic Land hang above a corps of young people glued to their computer screens, pounding away at their keyboards in the latest hustle for money.
mobile jones:
The Carnival of the Mobilists Volume1 Issue8  —  Presenting: The Carnvial of the Mobilists.  This week's CoM features some outstanding observations, analysis and commentary across a range of important topics on mobility.  I'm excited by the number of contributions and quality of articles in this week's CoM.
Discussion: Smart Mobs and blogher
Stephen Shankland / CNET
Power could cost more than servers, Google warns  —  update A Google engineer has warned that if the performance per watt of today's computers doesn't improve, the electrical costs of running them could end up far greater than the initial hardware price tag.
Philip Ball / Nature:
Does rivalry rewire the rapping web?  —  Social networks of rappers differ from all other human networks.  —  The rivalry and feuds for which rap music is notorious may mean that in contrast to other human social networks, like does not attract like.  —  All the same, says Reginald Smith …
Discussion: collision detection
Zachary Rodgers / ClickZ:
MMA Releases Guidelines for Banner Ads on Phones  —  It may have an audience as tiny as its screens, but the mobile Web has just gotten its first set of banner ad guidelines.  —  The specifications (PDF), released by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), discuss graphical banners, text "banners" and ad units that combine the two.

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