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John Paczkowski / Good Morning Silicon Valley:
Feeling a little bit of buyer's remorse, eh eBay?  —  The ink on eBay's $2.6+ billion acquisition of Skype isn't even dry yet (see "Skype to eBay: No, we don't accept PayPal" and "Yes, but who in their right mind wants to talk to eBay bidders on the phone?") and already it's heading for a price war.
Om Malik on Broadband:
For Skype, One More Headache Called Yahoo  —  The ink on the $4.1 billion eBay-Skype deal is almost dry and already competitors are lining up to rain on Skype's parade.  If the regulatory/incumbent problems were not enough, here comes news that Yahoo will soon upgrade its Messenger's dialout/dial …
Eric Auchard / Reuters:
Yahoo undercuts Skype on voice call rates  —  SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc. said on Wednesday the company plans to allow computer users to make and receive calls from phones at rates that undercut eBay-owned rival Skype and are significantly below traditional phone companies.
Discussion: VoIP Watch
Mena / About Six Apart:
Mena Trott Implodes Onstage.  News at 11.  —  I've just returned from Paris after attending Les Blogs, a weblogging conference organized by our European office.  I'm still a bit jet-lagged and, at this moment, I haven't the energy to write up a long post about the morning talk I gave (plus the heated Q&A).
David Tebbut / The Register:
Six Apart chief's 'nice' speech ends in name-calling  —  Les Blogs The second LesBlogs geekfest in Paris saw Six Apart's oh-so-nice president, Mena Trott, taking bloggers to task for incivility.  —  Having let the genie out of the bottle by providing over ten million people with the tools to blog …
Prince McLean /
Google developing Google Earth for Mac OS X  —  Google Inc., the world's largest search engine, is developing a beta version of its fascinating Google Earth geographical satellite imagery and mapping application for Apple Computer's Mac OS X operating system, sources tell AppleInsider.
Davis D. Janowski / PC Magazine:
Windows Live Local  —  A beta version of Microsoft Corp.'s new online local search and mapping service goes live Thursday morning.  Windows Live Local, powered by Microsoft's mapping and location platform, Virtual Earth, combines bird's-eye imagery with driving directions, Yellow Pages and other local search tools.
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Part 1: The Birth of Yahoo Answers  —  I've been thinking about how to handle the writing this article about the introduction of the new Yahoo Answers service that just launched moments ago and is now live.  With the help of someone named Danny S., (-: I've decided to divide my comments into two posts.
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Part 2: Other Q&A Services, Most Available For Free!  —  Here's a short list of a few, only a few services of many services, that offer online Q&A services.  Like all answers found on the web or really anywhere, it's important to use your critical info skills and take a step back and look …
Online comparison shopping nabs Web market share  —  LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Comparison shopping Web sites have seen a surge in holiday visits this year, as more consumers look to the Internet to compare prices, a research company said on Wednesday.  —  Last week, top comparison shopping sites logged …
Jonathan Silverstein / ABCNEWS:
Xbox 360s in Short Supply  —  Low Supply Shaping Up as Big Problem  —  Dec. 8, 2005 — Almost immediately after Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console hit stores late last month, gaming Web sites were inundated with reports the machines were crashing, freezing up and simply not working.
Discussion: The Blackfriars Blog and Kotaku
US warns of fake net domain data  —  More than 5% of the net's most popular domains have been registered using "patently false" data, research shows.  —  A US congressional report into who owns .com, .net and .org domains found that many owners were hiding their true identity.
Discussion: SearchViews
Ross Mayfield / Ross Mayfield's Weblog:
Freedom of Anonymous Speech  —  Here's a scenario for you to consider on Wiki Wednesday.  —  Assume that John Seigenthaler gets what he wants from his criticism of Wikipedia.  He very well may gain congressional hearings on anonymity.  Purportedly in comments to a post by Larry Sanger …
Best Buy holding 360 shipment for sale?  —  A (allegedly) leaked insider document from Best Buy shows they are stockpiling 360 consoles to go on sale on December 18th.  —  A scanned copy of this document is above, and it is not verified, but does seem legit.  —  Click on the photo for the hi res copy!
Discussion: Gizmodo
Alfred Hermida / BBC:
Apple faces iPod patent dispute  —  Apple could be in for a bruising legal fight with rival Creative over the technology used in iPod music players.  —  Creative boss Sim Wong Hoo has told the BBC he plans to "pursue aggressively" a US patent it owns on a system used to navigate music on digital players.
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
Customers' revenge  —  : I got a great hoot out of this: My Dell Hell saga is now the subject of a white paper by three UK PR, marketing, and monitoring firms.  It's a PDF, even.  —  I'm not sure I understand their methodology but they profess to find a new measure for an "issue influence index" …

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