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Michael Bazeley /
Yahoo's new online phone calls near  —  Yahoo is expanding its reach in the fast-growing Internet calling market, offering a service that will allow people to make and receive low-cost computer calls to and from regular phones.  —  The long-expected move could make the Sunnyvale company …
Bruce Meyerson / Associated Press:
Yahoo adds Skype-like ability to IM service  —  NEW YORK — Yahoo Inc. is entering a suddenly crowded field, offering Skype-like capabilities through its instant-messaging service that will let people dial regular phone numbers using their computers or receive calls from conventional phones.
Davis D. Janowski / PC Magazine:
Yahoo! Messenger Phones Home  —  Yahoo! is rolling out two new fee-based services, under the overall name of Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, that deviate a bit in their structure from the unlimited calling plans of many voice over IP (VoIP) services such as AT&T Callvantage, VoicePulse, and Vonage.
Discussion: VoIP Watch
Ed Felten / Freedom to Tinker:
MediaMax Bug Found; Patch Issued; Patch Suffers from Same Bug  —  iSEC, EFF, and SonyBMG issued a joint press release yesterday, announcing yet another serious security bug in the SunnComm MediaMax copy protection software that ships on many SonyBMG compact discs.
Discussion: Techdirt, Boing Boing and CNET
EFF: Breaking News:
Update to Press Release: EFF Does Not Recommend Patch at This Time  —  Click here for more on the issues with the software patch.  —  SunnComm Makes Security Update Available To Address Recently Discovered Vulnerability On Its MediaMax Version 5 Content Protection Software, Which Is Included On Certain SONY BMG CDs
David / Signal vs. Noise:
Don't scale: 99.999% uptime is for Wal-Mart  —  David Dec 06  —  Jeremy Wright purports a common misconception about new companies doing business online: That you need 99.999% uptime or you're toast.  Not so.  Basecamp doesn't have that.  I think our uptime is more like 98% or 99%.
Dan Goodin / Wired News:
The Digital Audiophile's Toolbox  —  So you want to be an audiophile?  Great, but you need to realize this is an elite designation and that joining the ranks will take work.  The key is having the right tools, and not all of those listed here are easy to figure out, at least not the first time you use them.
Dan Goodin / Wired News:   Old Rips: May They Rest in Peace
CBS goes mad: free college hoops online  —  CBS Sports will offer out-of-market basketball games for free online during NCAA March Madness.  —  It's the fourth year that CBS Sports will offer the mostly regional games—ones that wouldn't appear across the whole network.
Discussion: BeyondVC, Techdirt and
How to stop filesharers from stealing hotel bandwidth  —  Starts out with some geeky stuff, keep reading, the funny part is later on.  —  So, I'm in Milwaukee at ye olde Holiday Inn Express.  They have a wireless internet connection here and it's been suckin' all night, like I couldn't even do anything on it.
David Carnoy / CNET
Ten things I hate about the Xbox 360  —  OK, so we've been through this drill before.  Carnoy reviews a product, gives it a high rating, then writes a column talking about all the things he doesn't like about it.  Worse, he starts referring to himself in the third person, which can only mean the ego's just running a little too high.
Kenneth Li / Reuters:
Microsoft, Google still vying for AOL  —  NEW YORK (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. are in a "two-horse" race to strike an Internet advertising partnership with Time Warner Inc.'s AOL online unit, sources familiar with the talks said.  —  Industry experts say AOL is a critical swing factor …
Discussion: Search Engine Lowdown
Paul Miller / Engadget:
Creative's new Zen Vision:M (with video)  —  Creative is introducing their new Zen Vision:M, an answer to Apple's 5G iPod, and what an answer it is.  We know it gets old hearing every new player get compared to Apple's flagship offering, but can you seriously blame us here?
Discussion: Shiny Shiny
Danny / Danny Ayers, Raw Blog:
Web 2.0 and Scale  —  The point made by Jeremy Wright (currently 404ing), and supported by Om Malik on the need for Web 2.0 startups to consider scalability of their systems is valid, as far as it goes.  But I believe the argument is, in part at least, misdirected and doesn't goes far enough.
Discussion: Web 2.0 Explorer and Scott Sanders
Mike Antonucci / A+E Interactive:
Best Buy's new outreach over the Xbox 360 launch controversy  —  I'll also add this to the previous post about Best Buy, but this deserved a separate headline.  Here's a new letter to consumers from Best Buy's President of Retail in North America, Brian Dunn:  —  TO: Open Letter to Customers
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Starbucks: Using Confrontational Marketing to Build Brand Awareness in a Saturated Market  —  Today as I was crossing the Embarcadero I noticed that this gentleman had left his coffee on the roof of his car.  Midway through the cross walk I turned and pointed at him and he just waved at me.
Erick Schonfeld / business2blog:
Gotcha Marketing From Starbucks

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