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David / Signal vs. Noise:
Don't scale: 99.999% uptime is for Wal-Mart  —  David Dec 06  —  Jeremy Wright purports a common misconception about new companies doing business online: That you need 99.999% uptime or you're toast.  Not so.  Basecamp doesn't have that.  I think our uptime is more like 98% or 99%.
Discussion: Ensight, IP Democracy and The Stalwart
Om Malik on Broadband:
Even in Web 2.0 Scale & Size Matter  —  Updated Many times in the past I have pointed out that most of the new Web 2.0 type start-ups have business plans that only go so far!  I am actually glad to see Jeremy Wright take a stand on this issue. … I think most start-ups actually …
Lee Gomes / Wall Street Journal:
Tech Blogs Produce New Elite to Help Track The Industry's Issues  —  Revolutions don't usually work out quite as planned.  And that's what's happening now in the technology world with blogs.  They are every bit as important as their boosters said they would be.  But in an entirely different way.
David Carnoy / CNET
Ten things I hate about the Xbox 360  —  OK, so we've been through this drill before.  Carnoy reviews a product, gives it a high rating, then writes a column talking about all the things he doesn't like about it.  Worse, he starts referring to himself in the third person, which can only mean the ego's just running a little too high.
Michael Singer / CNET
Newsmaker: Is the PowerPC due for a second wind?  —  How can a company be just about everywhere, and yet nobody knows its name?  Just ask Michel Mayer, chief executive of Freescale Semiconductor.  —  Mayer's $6 billion Austin, Texas-based company, a recent spin-off from Motorola …
Discussion: MacSlash and digg
Matt Casamassina /
More Revolution Specs Uncovered  —  Developers come forward to reveal new performance details on Nintendo's next-generation console.  —  December 6, 2005 - Just yesterday IGN Revolution launched with technical details on Nintendo's next-generation console, codenamed Revolution.
Bo-Mi Lim / Associated Press:
Microsoft Loses Antitrust Case Before S. Korean Regulators  —  GWACHEON, South Korea, Dec. 7 — South Korean antitrust regulators ruled Wednesday that Microsoft Corp. abused its market dominance, fined it $32 million and ordered the software giant to offer alternative versions of Windows.
Jennifer Granick / Wired News:
Face It: Privacy Is Endangered  —  In the 1997 flick Face/Off, John Travolta wears Nicolas Cage's face in order to infiltrate Cage's criminal gang.  Last week, movie fantasy became medical reality when a team of French doctors successfully performed the first partial face transplant on a woman who had been mauled by a dog.
Zachary Rodgers / ClickZ:
Ingenio Adds InfoSpace to Pay-Per-Call Network  —  Ingenio is today expected to announce two partnerships that will extend its pay-per-call ad network to a host of new Internet users.  —  Most notably, the company will partner with private label search and directory publisher InfoSpace …
Dan Goodin / Wired News:
Old Rips: May They Rest in Peace  —  Paul Rossman, an undergraduate at New Mexico State University, remembers vividly the last time he assembled a music library on his personal computer.  It was the third time he had converted his CD collection to music files on his hard drive …
Yahoo! Search blog:
Submitting Site Feeds and other Site Explorer updates  —  Two months ago we launched Site Explorer, a tool to explore the pages from your site in the Yahoo! Search index and the inlinks to those pages.  Many of you have been using the tool actively and we appreciate the positive response and feedback we have received.
Don Park's Daily Habit:
Killing the Desktop  —  When I observe how my wife and son uses the family computer, I can't help noticing how little use they have for the desktop.  They look bewildered when I open the Windows Explorer.  —  To them, file open or file save dialog *is* where the files go.  My Documents?
Discussion: Between the Lines
Kim Zetter / Wired News:
Firm Allegedly Hiding Cisco Bugs  —  The computer security researcher who revealed a serious vulnerability in the operating system for Cisco Systems routers this year says he discovered 15 additional flaws in the software that have gone unreported until now, one of which is more serious than the bug he made public last summer.
Discussion: Donna's SecurityFlash
Cowboy / A Jack of All Blogs:
The Lost Road Map of B5  —  Jeremy, over at B5 is talking about how their servers have been grinding along slowly lately because they are hosting a lot of worthless content.  They also seemed to be "quietly" being supported by Cheatika.  And yet they are still looking to bring on more bloggers.
Discussion: BlogNetworkWatch and
Robb Dunewood / BlogNetworkWatch:
Growing Pains for b5media

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