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Helena Spongenberg / Associated Press:
Group: Online Content Cannot Remain Free  —  BRUSSELS, Belgium - European publishers warned Tuesday that they cannot keep allowing Internet search engines such as Google Inc. to make money from their content.  —  "The new models of Google and others reverse the traditional permission-based copyright model …
NBC programs available for download on iTunes  —  NEW YORK (Reuters) - General Electric Co.'s NBC Universal and Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday said they would make several NBC-owned television shows, such as "The Office" and "Law & Order," available on the iTunes music store.
ESPN mulls Apple deal, eyes double digit growth
Jeremy Wright / Ensight:
Web 2.0 Companies NEED To Scale  —  I'm not sure when building a scaleable web app became optional.  But Feedster, Technorati, Delicious, Google Analytics (and numerous other Google apps of late), BlogPulse and many of the other "big apps" have "suddenly" been hit by scaleability issues.
Om Malik on Broadband:   Even in Web 2.0 Scale & Size Matter
Cowboy / A Jack of All Blogs:
The Lost Road Map of B5  —  Jeremy, over at B5 is talking about how their servers have been grinding along slowly lately because they are hosting a lot of worthless content.  They also seemed to be "quietly" being supported by Cheatika.  And yet they are still looking to bring on more bloggers.
Robb Dunewood / BlogNetworkWatch:
Growing Pains for b5media
Joanna Glasner / Wired News:
Let Your PC Do the Investing  —  As a stock-futures trader, George Pruitt used to spend the day hovering over his computer screen.  —  Now, he just stays within earshot.  When his computer identifies an attractive time to buy or sell, it emits a horn blast.
Discussion: Geek News Central …
C.K. Sample, Iii / The Unofficial Apple Weblog:
iTMS $1.99 price point shifting with new shows  —  In case you missed David's earlier post, there are some new shows on the iTMS, and along with them there would appear to be a bit more wiggle room with the pricing.  —  Conan O'Brien is expensive!  $27.94 for 6 episodes.
Elinor Mills / CNET
Can there be another Google?  —  Internet search is reaching an important pivot point, where market leaders are rewarded by Wall Street, laggards are punished, and start-ups try to fill niches left empty by the major players.  —  Though the market has seen a few leaders come and go over the last decade …
Games Digest / The Register:
Xbox 360 vs PS3  —  Certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies, TV Scoop features all that's cool in British telly and Propellerhead answers your PC queries.  —  Blu-Ray and PS3, Xbox 360 and DVD - the real battleground for the next generation of consoles from Games Digest
Kevin Newcomb / ClickZ:
Kanoodle Pays for Cookie Distribution  —  In a twist on the ad network concept, Kanoodle has launched a program that will pay publishers to distribute Kanoodle's targeting cookies, whether they show Kanoodle ads on their site or not.  —  The BrightAds Cookies program aims to increase …
Phoenix / Search Engine Roundtable:
Earning from Search & Contextual Ads
Discussion: Online Marketing Blog
The Doc Searls Weblog:
The costs of asymmetry  —  In the shower this morning I was thinking about the unstarted businesses that can only thrive in online markets made possible by symmetrical broadband — markets we have never seen, because broadband to the home (and even to many businesses) has been provided in asymmetrical form from the beginning.
USA Today:
Film fans can expect more advertising on big screen  —  Moviegoers should get used to those ads shown as they settle into their seats.  —  Ad forecasters at ZenithOptimedia said on Monday that spending on in-theater ads, usually shown before the trailers, rose by 18% this year to $400 million …
Chris Sherman / Search Engine Watch:
Two Alternative Local Search Services  —  Local search from the major players is steadily improving, but meanwhile, two smaller players are making impressive advances in providing search results from your own neighborhood.  —  Metrobot  —  Metrobot, a graphically-oriented service …
Discussion: Search Engine Journal
Adam L. Penenberg / Slate:
The Right Price for Digital Music  —  Why 99 cents per song is too much, and too little.  —  In the early 1900s, jazz musicians refused to record phonograph records because they feared rivals would cop their best licks.  We can laugh at their shortsightedness, but it's reminiscent …
Times About Ready to Relaunch Brand  —  CHICAGO — Nine months after New York Times Co. bought the service for $410 million, is ready to explain to advertisers the virtues of sitting alongside 57,000 topics and a library of 1.2 million pieces of content.
Kevin Pelton /
Every Play Counts: The Phoenix Pick-and-Roll  —  In "Every Play Counts,"'s Kevin Pelton focuses on one player or team in a single game, looking to explain how and why they succeed or fail.  Naturally, one game isn't everything, but the results can be fascinating.
Discussion: Blog Maverick

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