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Phillip Swann /
Celebrities Looking Bad in HDTV: Silly Talk or Serious Issue?  —  Hollywood is getting increasingly concerned about how its stars look in high-def.  —  Washington D.C. (Dec. 4, 2005) — Dr. Ruth Peters, an advice columnist who often appears on NBC's Today Show, was recently asked by a mother …
Discussion: Gizmodo, michael parekh on IT and digg
Catherine Elsworth / Telegraph:
Are they ready for a high-definition close-up?  —  The unforgiving clarity of high-definition television has induced paranoia among celebrities obsessed with their appearance.  —  The technology, soon to become available in Britain, produces images so sharp that even subtle imperfections …
Red Herring:
RSS Fund Makes 1st Investment  —  The fund set up to invest in web technologies leads $9-million investment in RSS startup Attensa.  —  RSS Investors, a private equity fund focused on information aggregation and other cutting-edge web technologies, said Monday it led a $9-million investment round …
Kim Peterson / Seattle Times:
Rhapsody becoming visible on the Web  —  RealNetworks is moving today to increase the visibility of its Rhapsody music service, hoping to gain more paying subscribers with a greater presence on blogs and other Web sites.  —  The company is rolling out a Web-services platform …
John Borland / CNET
RealNetworks moves Rhapsody to the Web  —  RealNetworks' core music subscription service is migrating onto the Web on Monday, in a move that includes some of the first fruits of its recent antitrust settlement with Microsoft.  —  The company is creating a new version of its Rhapsody digital music service …
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Brian Smith /
Froogle Spam  —  Froogle has a problem, and I assume Google Base will have the same problem.  Because there are no setup fees and no per click fees, the results on Froogle are often made up of spammy results which make for a horrible user experience.  Google might be great at general search and maps …
David Hornik / VentureBlog:
Social Networks 3.0  —  I have received a lot of calls recently from reporters interested in discussing social networks.  It reminds me of the set of calls I got way way back in 2004.  The reporters today want to know what I think of social networking companies and if the venture capital …
Rachel Metz / Wired News:
Printing Organs on Demand  —  Need a skin graft?  A new trachea?  A heart patch?  Turn on your printer, and let it spit one out.  —  A group of researchers hope printers' whirs and buzzes will soon be saving lives.  —  Led by University of Missouri-Columbia biological physics professor Gabor Forgacs …
Dave Girard / Ars Technica:
Aperture 1.0: the Ars review  —  Introduction  —  Aperture  —  Apple has cojones.  Let's not pretend otherwise.  Jumping headfirst into the fully mature digital imaging market requires the shameless bravado of a one-legged man at a butt-kicking contest or any number of contestants on So You Think You Can Dance?
Tim Weber / BBC:
Can NTL be made an on-demand Virgin?  —  UK cable operator NTL plans to buy mobile phone firm Virgin, but can the £817m deal deliver for shareholders?  —  A whiff of spring is in the air.  The spring of 2000 to be exact, when billion-dollar dotcom deals made the headlines and words like …
Discussion: Ian Fogg and PVR Wire
>>>  ENTER THE ROUNDTABLE  —  GUESTS  —  Stephen Arnold is a technology consultant and author of six books, among them "The Google Legacy: How Google's Internet Search is Transforming Application Software" and "The Enterprise Search Report."  —  John Battelle is one of the co-founders …
Shankar Gupta / MediaPost Publications: Plans Expansion  —  DIGG.COM, A COLLABORATIVELY EDITED TECHNOLOGY news site that some on the Web are touting as the next Slashdot, intends to branch out from tech stories and move into other news categories as well as media such as video and audio, said CEO Jay Adelson.
Ryan Singel / Wired News:
Sony Draws Ire With PSP Graffiti  —  Seeking to market its handheld game device to hip city dwellers, Sony has hired graffiti artists in major urban areas to spray-paint buildings with simple, totemic images of kids playing with the gadget.  But the guerrilla marketing gambit appears …
Duncan Riley / The Blog Herald:
Wanted: Australian's interested in organising an Australian blogging conference  —  Duncan Riley> I've spoken to a few people in the past (indeed over the past 2 years) about this, and even some who are planning an Australian business blogging conference, but I'm getting old waiting …

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