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Geraldine Geraldine / LES BLOGS 2:
Opening remarks: welcome to Les Blogs 2.0 !  —  On behalf of Six Apart, the entire team who organized les blogs that I will introduce you in a few minutes and all our partners, welcome to Les Blogs 2.0, welcome to Paris.  —  I can't believe you have made it all here today !  Here is where you are from to begin with.
Tom's Hardware Guide:
Top Secret Intel Processor Plans Uncovered  —  Intel Focusing On 45 nm Now  —  Intel was surprisingly talkative when it came to future technologies and products this year.  As a result, most of the technical audience is up to date regarding the upcoming micro architecture based on the 65 nm Merom design.
Google: Ten Golden Rules  —  Getting the most out of knowledge workers will be the key to business success for the next quarter century.  Here's how we do it at google.  —  By By Eric Schmidt and Hal Varian  —  Issues 2006 - At google, we think business guru Peter Drucker well understood …
Kathy Sierra / Creating Passionate Users:
Have you updated your buzzwords?  —  You may think you're appropriately buzzword-compliant, but this is internet time, baby, and last month's 2.0 buzzwords are outdated (but not in that retro-cool way).  If you're doing a VC pitch and building to flip, it's crucial that you sound as current as possible.
Timothy L. O'Brien / New York Times:
Gone Spear-Phishin'  —  ABOUT a year and a half ago, Amnon Jackont, an Israeli mystery novelist and Tel Aviv University history professor, became ensnared in a mystery of his very own: friends and students were receiving e-mail messages from him that he had never written.
Robert Hof / Business Week:
Froogle: Shopping Made Complex  —  It's not hard to see why the test version of Google's shopping service has yet to gain widespread acceptance — but it does show promise  —  THE GOOD Fast searches, nice integration of local searches with Google Maps  —  THE BAD Limited filtering tools, sparse local product listings
Cheryl Isen / bizjournals:
Churchill's words guide 180Solutions  —  Editor's note: This is the first monthly column written by Seattle marketing and public relations firm founder Cheryl Isen.  It's based on monthly presentations by local entrepreneurs at Northwest Entrepreneur Network events.  —  To know 180Solutions is to have an opinion.
Heather Timmons / New York Times:
Branson in Talks to Sell Virgin Mobile Stake  —  LONDON, Dec. 4 - Sir Richard Branson is in talks to sell his stake in Virgin Mobile's British business to a British cable and phone provider, NTL, an executive involved in the negotiations said today.  A deal would create a one-stop shop …
Anina .Net /
FASHION BLOGGER!  —  tonight i met with marc canter for dinner.  it was supposed to be a simple, small, dinner, and instead it exploded into a full 20 person + dinner!  robert scobble showed up with his wife, hugh was there, suw with kevin, and many more!  it was fascinating pre-blog conversation.
Discussion: Scobleizer
NEC reportedly develops 55-nano technology … Japan's NEC Electronics has developed a technology to make advanced microchips with circuitry width of 55 nanometers, or billionths of a meter, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun business daily reported Sunday.  —  Finer circuitry decreases the size of a chip and cuts per-unit production costs.
Harry Hurt Iii / New York Times:
A Cellphone Just Made to Be Run Over by a Porsche  —  I DROPPED down on all fours and crawled across Denise Salomon's loose-gravel driveway, clutching a Styrofoam pad and one of the world's most expensive cellphones - a $5,700 Vertu Ascent Motorsport.  —  Denise was already behind the wheel …
Discussion: Engadget and OhGizmo!
Scott Leith / Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
CNN to start live Net video service  —  CNN is gearing up for its next foray in the new world of media: an online service that will feature the network's first extensive use of live video on the Internet.  —  CNN will launch the new service, dubbed Pipeline, on Monday.
Scott Adams / The Dilbert Blog:
Best and Worst Jobs  —  Yet another "third highest ranking al-Qaida leader" has been killed, this time by a rocket attack from an unmanned drone.  There are a lot of jobs that I wouldn't want, and "third highest ranking al-Qaida leader" is right at the top.
Net Interest: Surf and Save  —  There's always a new money angle online.  Here's a look at some hot financial Weblogs and sites:  —  Dec. 12, 2005 issue - He's just a family guy with a blog.  But the site offers nice, up-to-date tips on credit-card offers, savings deals and more.

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