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Om Malik on Broadband:
Skype 2.0 eats its young  —  Another day, another beta.  —  Skype, a division of eBay launched Skype 2.0 beta for Windows.  Just in time for some customers who got their passwords compromised.  The elaborate press release and WSJ review while impressive don't help mask the fact that, Skype is short on new ground breaking ideas.
Skype Launches Next Generation Free Internet and Video Calling for Everyone  —  Partnerships with Logitech, Six Apart and Creative enhance experience for Skype consumers worldwide  —  LUXEMBOURG, 1 December 2005 - Skype, the global Internet communications company, today released the beta version …
David Colker / Los Angeles Times:   Skype 2.0 Clarifies Video Chat Picture
Stuart Henshall / Skype Journal:
Skype Passwords Compromised?
USA Today:
AT&T backs a-la-carte cable  —  AT&T (T) is throwing its weight behind Uncle Sam's push to give consumers a choice of cable channels, telling the Federal Communications Commission that it wants to offer a la carte programming to its video customers.  —  "We support giving customers flexibility …
Sandy Brown /
Cablevision Breaks Ranks on Pricing  —  As the debate on so-called a la carte pricing reverberates through the cable industry, one hard-charging player is taking a contrarian approach.  —  Breaking with the rest of the industry, Cablevision (CVC:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take) …
Discussion: Techdirt and Fast Company Now
Jenstar / JenSense:
Chitika publishers see drastically reduced earnings in audited reports  —  When publishers first joined Chitika's eMiniMalls and saw the fact that Chitika would be auditing revenue, many publishers were not alarmed.  AdSense has this as well, and I only know of a handful of publishers …
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
An Apology Letter From Ed Lopez, Owner of PriceRitePhoto  —  I received a call this morning from Ed Lopez, the owner of PriceRitePhoto.  We spoke at length and he told me that the activity that has resulted from my post on my experience with his business has most certainly impacted his business.
Gregg Keizer / InformationWeek:
Microsoft late Tuesday opened its OneCare Live security subscription service to broad beta testing.  —  Microsoft late Tuesday opened its OneCare Live security subscription service to broad beta testing, another step toward competing in the consumer anti-virus market dominated by long …
Windows OneCare Team Blog:
Consumer Beta Goes Live!
Ryan Naraine /
Windows OneCare Security Goes 'Live'
Discussion: Aviran's Place
MAKE's Mostly Under $100 Gift Guide 2005!  —  MAKE proudly presents a gift guide for the holiday season with listings you certainly won't find anywhere else.  We asked a few MAKE staffers and pals to send in their favorite maker-friendly gift ideas for mostly under $100 …
Discussion: TipMonkies
Annalee Newitz / Wired News:
Don't Call It Spyware … Back in 2002, Gator was one of the most reviled companies on the Net.  Maker of a free app called eWallet, the firm was under fire for distributing what critics called spyware, code that covertly monitors a user's Web-surfing habits and uploads the data to a remote server.
Discussion: Techdirt and Clickety Clack
Ryan Blitstein /
Craig$  —  The much-loved Web site is taking millions from Bay Area newspapers and causing layoffs that adversely affect coverage.  And its founder's well-intentioned support of citizen journalism has a slim chance of fixing the problem.  —  Craig Newmark's stubby fingers tap …
Kenji Hall / Business Week:
Attack of the PlayStation Hackers  —  Sony's portable game consoles are being dismembered and reprogrammed — a movement that jeopardizes the profit potential of authorized software  —  The moment Sony's (SNE) handheld game console, PlayStation Portable, went on sale in the U.S. on March 24, Auri Rahimzadeh got one.
USA Today:
TiVo adds movie tickets, photos to offerings  —  NEW YORK — TiVo hopes to raise the stakes today in its battle with cable and satellite digital video recorders (DVRs) by introducing a suite of broadband-related services that enable many subscribers to use their TVs to buy movie tickets …
Discussion: Engadget, and PVRblog
Fred / A VC:
When Is A Market Really A Market?  —  We have heard that the "online advertising market" will be a $12.3bn business this year.  —  But is "online advertising" really a "market" in the truest sense of the word?  —  When I think of a market, I think of wall street and the trading of stocks and bonds.
Discussion: Clickety Clack
Jonathan Krim / Washington Post:
Executive Wants to Charge for Web Speed  —  Some Say Small Firms Could Be Shut Out of Market Championed by BellSouth Officer  —  A senior telecommunications executive said yesterday that Internet service providers should be allowed to strike deals to give certain Web sites or services priority …
Ryan Naraine /
Redmond Mulls Emergency Patch for IE Attacks  —  Microsoft Corp. is working on a plan to release an out-of-cycle patch to cover a gaping hole in its dominant Internet Explorer browser.  —  Sources say the MSRC (Microsoft Security Response Center) is aggressively aiming to release …

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