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Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
RSS is Now Integrated into Yahoo Mail and Alerts  —  Yahoo gathered a small group of bloggers, press and others at Sauce in San Francisco tonight to announce the launch of two new RSS products.  They have integrated an RSS reader directly into Yahoo Mail Beta, and are expanding Alerts to include RSS feeds.
Jfurrier /
PodTech Exclusive: Yahoo! RSS Goes Mainstream with Yahoo! Mail and Alerts  —  Download to MP3: Exclusive Yahoo! Podcast - RSS Goes Mainstream with Yahoo! Mail and Alerts  —  The PodCast:  —  PODTECH EXCLUSIVE - YAHOO! PODCAST MEDIA RELEASE  —  In another PodTech Podcast InfoTalk exclusive …
Scott Gatz / Scott Gatz's Blog:
Yahoo Mail's full post RSS reader  —  As you can probably guess, I'm a big fan of My Yahoo! And use it as the primary way I keep up with RSS feeds and all sorts of other content.  I love it because I can quickly see all my news at a glance in a format of my own choosing.
Discussion: Susan Mernit's Blog and ben barren
Charlene Li / Charlene Li's Blog:
Yahoo! expands RSS services to Mail (beta) and Alerts  —  Yahoo! announced that it will be extending its current RSS capabilities in two areas:  —  1) Yahoo! Alerts will now be RSS enabled.  This means that when a new item is posted to a feed, a Yahoo! user can have the post be sent …
Discussion: Marketing Pilgrim
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Yahoo Mail to Support RSS Reading
Elinor Mills / CNET
Microsoft tests classifieds service  —  Microsoft is developing a free online service that will let people list items for sale, events and other classifieds-type of information that can be shared either with groups of friends or anyone over the Internet, the company said Tuesday.
Discussion: and
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Microsoft "Fremont" to Launch
Discussion: and BetaNews
Scot Wingo / eBay Strategies:   Microsoft beta testing a Google Base like system?
Greg Yardley / Greg Yardley's Internet Blog:   Microsoft's 'Fremont' a Craigslist competitor
Ina Fried / CNET
No Vista Beta 2 this year  —  The second beta of Windows Vista will not come until next year, Microsoft said Tuesday.  —  The software maker did not give a time frame for the release of Beta 2 of the operating system, and said only that it would have more to say next year.
Gavin Clarke / The Register:
Microsoft proud to hand over Vista 'features' early
Discussion: Windows Vista Weblog
Ryan Naraine /
Trend Micro: RSS Is Worm Bot's Next Target  —  Security researchers at Trend Micro Inc. have pinpointed RSS (Really Simple Syndication) technology as a lucrative target for future bot worm attacks.  —  David Sancho, senior anti-virus research engineer at Trend Micro, warned that RSS feed hijacking …
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Report: RSS Is a Target for Worms
Discussion: The Blog Herald
US net body challenged over .com  —  The US body which oversees the workings of the internet is being challenged over its handling of the .com domain.  —  The row concerns the decision by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) to allow the private firm Verisign to maintain control of .com forever.
Anick Jesdanun / Associated Press:
ICANN weighs single-letter Web addresses
Discussion: Techdirt
New spyware could prevent drivers from speeding  —  Many motorists would balk at the idea of an electronic back-seat driver that forcefully prevents them from speeding.  —  But a new device being road-tested by Transport Canada could mean breaking the speed limit will no longer be an option.
Discussion: Gadget Blog
T.O. Whenham /   GPS-based device won't let you speed
John Battelle / John Battelle's Searchblog:
THINKING ABOUT GOOGLE AND THE TURNING POINT  —  Has the worm turned?  That's the question a lot of folks are asking about Google these days, not the least of which is John Heilemann, whose piece has opened up a great discussion in the comments area of my post about it.
Discussion: IP Democracy
MSN Search's WebLog:
Come Visit the MSN Search Team  —  A little over a year ago we began inviting groups of academics, bloggers, siteowners, and technologists out to Redmond to talk about search.  We call them Search Champs.  We usually select this group based on who we are reading and we think would provide us great insight.
Adam Lashinsky / Fortune:
GUERRILLA CAPITALISM  —  Burning Sensation  —  In the beginning, Craigslist was a casual e-mail sent to friends.  Could it end by turning newspaper classifieds to ashes?  —  On an uncharacteristically sunny November day, in an unfashionable neighborhood of San Francisco …
Discussion: Northern Telecom and A VC
Heather Green / Business Week:
Indie Podcasting: Not So Independent Anymore  —  As the online audio market crowds, solo podcasters hoping to make a buck — or just stay afloat — are banding together  —  These are heady days for wannabe radio stars.  Only 17 months old, podcasting — the technology that makes it easy …
New York Times:
Security Flaw Allows Wiretaps to Be Evaded, Study Finds  —  The technology used for decades by law enforcement agents to wiretap telephones has a security flaw that allows the person being wiretapped to stop the recorder remotely, according to research by computer security experts who studied the system.
Discussion: Techdirt
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
PriceRitePhoto: Abusive Bait and Switch Camera Store  —  "I will make sure you will never be able to place an order on the internet again."  "I'm an attorney, I will sue you."  "I will call the CEO of your company and play him the tape of this phone call."
Discussion: Gizmodo and TechBlog
Joanna Glasner / Wired News:
A Tinfoil Hat on Every Head  —  When seeking the source of a mysterious malaise, few people would think to blame ions trapped in their mattress coils or cyclotronic resonance from the electrical system.  —  But if they did, they'd find products already on the market to allay their symptoms.
Spyware Warrior:
ANTI-SPYWARE ZEALOT RANTS ABOUT 180SOLUTIONS  —  Just when 180solutions' CEO Keith Smith is whining about anti-spyware companies, or to use his words "scanning applications", Spyware Warrior has captured another 180solutions installation with no notice and no consent through a security exploit.
Discussion: Spyware Confidential

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