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Ten Rules for Web Startups  —  #1: Be Narrow  —  Focus on the smallest possible problem you could solve that would potentially be useful.  Most companies start out trying to do too many things, which makes life difficult and turns you into a me-too.  Focusing on a small niche has so many advantages …
Niall O'Brien / Digital Excess Studios:
XBox 360 rip-off!  —  The XBox 360 is nearly upon us (in Europe) and guess what?  It's a rip-off!  —  Why is that?  Vendors who took pre-orders estimated the price to be around €410 for the 360 with the hard-drive and extra goodies.  So imagine my shock when I went into GameStop …
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
John doesn't want everything to be full-text  —  Disclaimer, John Roberts works for CNET, which doesn't provide full-text.  Today he wrote that he disagrees with me about full-text feeds.  —  I really try to avoid non-full-text feeds.  I deleted many feeds I like that aren't full text …
Maria Aspan / New York Times:
Great for Craigslist but Not for Newspapers  —  The number of users of online classified advertising services increased 80 percent this year, according to a report released yesterday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project based on data gathered by comScore Media Metrix.
Discussion: Geek News Central …
Ravi / All about Linux:
10 Things that make Ubuntu a Neophyte's Distribution  —  Ubuntu is fast on its way to becoming a peoples OS.  I have always wondered what is it that makes people embrace Ubuntu over other Linux distributions.  After some pondering, it struck me that the USP (Unique Selling Point) of Ubuntu is its user friendliness.
Response to IVR Industry Comments  —  The IVR Cheat Sheet has become so popular that IVR companies are forced to respond.  I find it hilarious that one provider even buys ads on Google when you simply search for my name "Paul English" and that they have posted a specific rebuttal.
Discussion: Geek News Central …
James Pethokoukis / US News:
Spreading the Word  —  Corporate evangelists recruit customers who love to create buzz about a product  —  When Google hired Vint "Father of the Internet" Cerf last September, it gave him the ecclesiastical-sounding title of "Chief Internet Evangelist."  His job, as Cerf himself has explained …
Amy Gahran / Contentious:
Women in Podcasting: 40 New Shows Listed  —  Now that I've relaunched the Women in Podcasting list as an OPML outline (which is much, much easier to maintain), I can finally start catching up on my considerable backlog of suggested shows.  —  I've just added about 40 new shows to the list.
Discussion: Podcasting
Roland / Smart Mobs:
Roland's Sunday Smart Trends #86  —  Here is my weekly selection of articles that were not mentioned here — except if I missed them.  —  Advertising Moves to RSS  —  RSS, the rapidly proliferating process for syndicating web sites, wins the true mark of popularity: advertising.
Discussion: IFTF's Future Now
Tony Glover /
BT dials up free mobile phone calls service  —  BT is to take on leading mobile phone operators such as Vodafone and O2 by enabling customers to make free calls on their mobiles.  —  The service has been under development at BT for the past 18 months.  It will be available …
Discussion: Skype Journal and VoIP Watch
Fred Bierman / New York Times: Blogs From the Road  —  READING an online travel blog will perhaps never have the romance of receiving a dog-eared postcard in the mail, but intrepid travelers armed with digital cameras are finding that keeping a blog on the road can be a compelling and viable way of maintaining contact with friends and family.
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George Hotelling / PVRblog:
NBC makes noise about iPod and PSP TiVoToGo sync  —  In a move that surprised no one, NBC is making vague, legalish threats in TiVo's direction over the latter's push to put TV shows on iPods and PSPs.  —  Quoth an NBC spokesperson, … And here I thought TiVo was exploiting digital technology.
Dutch tech firm wants to rid the Web of the .com  —  AMSTERDAM—A Dutch technology company has breathed life into a project to rid the Internet of suffixes such as .com, and instead offer single names which can be countries, company names or fantasy words.  —  Such a system, which enables countries …
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Chris Anderson / The Long Tail:
THE TV BROADCASTING BUSINESS STINKS  —  Terry Heaton says "Broadcasting is an industry in deep trouble, and it will take innovation and integrity to save it from a real disaster."  He then shows the stock charts over the past year for the 12 publicly listed companies that own TV stations.

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