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Wall Street Journal:
TiVo Users Soon Can Search for Ads  —  Deal With Several Agencies  —  Will Allow Viewers to Look  —  For Commercials of Interest  —  The same device that helps TV viewers skip commercials will now be prodding them to search for ads.  —  TiVo Inc. is partnering with several big ad firms …
Om Malik on Broadband:
TiVo's Adwords for TiVo  —  From Skip Ads, to Pop-Up Ads to now keyword specific ads.... TiVo is slowly becoming the new advertising platform, which is to say, new bottle old wine.  Still if capitalism can thrive in China, then why not ads on TiVo.  —  The Wall Street Journal reports …
Discussion: Zatz Not Funny and PVRblog
TiVo may let you search for TV ads  —  Report: Digital recorder maker, agencies in talks to allow viewers to search for different products.  —  NEW YORK ( - TiVo, the television service that has made it easier for viewers to skip commercials, is reportedly close to working …
Dawn Kawamoto / CNET
Ads soon searchable with TiVo  —  TiVo on Monday announced plans to provide its subscribers with searchable ads for selected categories as part of a joint effort with several media and advertising agencies.  —  TiVo plans to offer advertising search this spring, via the user profiles its subscribers create on their TiVo set-top boxes.
Dave Zatz / Zatz Not Funny:
TiVo CC Tagging Patent Application
Dsifry / Sifry's Alerts:
Happy 3 year Birthday, Technorati!  —  Wow, it has been 3 years since the public release of Technorati, which I described in this blog post on November 27,2002.  I'm frankly surprised to be doing what I'm doing with such a great team.  Niall has put together an unofficial timeline of Technorati's life.
Niall Kennedy / Niall Kennedy's Weblog:
Happy birthday Technorati
Catherine Tsai /
Competitors Challenge MapQuest  —  DENVER (AP) - Initially, the great thing about Internet mapping programs was their swiftness and ease for obtaining directions, printing them and driving the course you plotted.  —  Now those Web maps can travel with you, too.  And get updated on the road.
An introduction from Steve Rubel, VP, Micro Persuasion Practice at CooperKatz  —  On October 6, 2005 I issued a call to action on my blog for the PR community to go the distance.  Specifically, I believe that as an industry we are way behind where we need to be in our understanding of how to apply …
Discussion: Media Guerrilla
Dan Goodin / Wired News:
Tags Sort Out Music Mess  —  Five or six years ago, when I started using my PC to store and play songs in my music library, organization seemed like such a simple thing.  Rip a CD or download a track, open my jukebox program and start listening.  Nothing to it.
Discussion: Lifehacker
Alorie Gilbert / CNET
Supreme Court: We'll review eBay's patent case  —  update The U.S. Supreme Court will review a patent infringement case against eBay, granting the online auctioneer's petition on Monday.  —  The matter under review is whether to allow MercExchange, the plaintiff in the case …
John Markoff / New York Times:
Writing the Fastest Code, by Hand, for Fun: A Human Computer Keeps Speeding Up Chips  —  SEATTLE - There was a time long ago when the word "computer" was a job description referring to the humans who performed the tedious mathematical calculations for huge military and engineering projects.
Katherine Heires /
Does Your Company Belong in the Blogosphere? … Lutz is among a small but growing number of corporate executives who have started to experiment with blogs—Web-based commentary sites usually written in a first-person, conversational manner—to connect with customers online and advance corporate communications and marketing goals.
Discussion: Fast Company Now
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Ten Bloglines Hacks  —  In continuing with my social media "hacks" series (RSS, Technorati, blogging and Wikipedia), here are ten of my favorite hacks that work with Bloglines, the most popular RSS news reader.  —  1) Put Bloglines on Your Blackberry  —  I don't have a Blackberry, but there are certainly many who do.
Discussion: and Lifehacker
Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life:
RSS Bandit Released  —  The Nightcrawler release of RSS Bandit is now done and available for all.  Besides the new features there are a number of performance improvements especially with regards to the responsiveness of the application.  This release is available in the following languages …
Discussion: The RSS Blog
Nick Farrell / Inquirer:
Linux fridge rats on your drinking habits  —  Improving Open Source popularity  —  A BLOKE has invented a Linux fridge that will tell you who has been drinking your beer and post it to a web page.  —  Mike Wakerly has designed his Robotic Kegerator so that it will estimate …
Discussion: Gizmodo and Engadget
Andy McCue / CNET
Google to sponsor Manchester United soccer club?  —  Manchester United is in talks with a number of global high-tech giants, including Google, about replacing Vodafone as its shirt sponsor, according to reports.  —  Vodafone announced last week that it is ending its four-year deal …

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