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Dsifry / Sifry's Alerts:
Happy 3 year Birthday, Technorati!  —  Wow, it has been 3 years since the public release of Technorati, which I described in this blog post on November 27,2002.  I'm frankly surprised to be doing what I'm doing with such a great team.  Niall has put together an unofficial timeline of Technorati's life.
An introduction from Steve Rubel, VP, Micro Persuasion Practice at CooperKatz  —  On October 6, 2005 I issued a call to action on my blog for the PR community to go the distance.  Specifically, I believe that as an industry we are way behind where we need to be in our understanding of how to apply …
Discussion: Media Guerrilla
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
A Call to Action  —  The following byline appears in the new issue of PR Week out tomorrow.  It is reprinted with permission from the publication.  It's largely a rehash of an earlier post and prior calls to action for the PR community to start using social media technologies.
Wall Street Journal:
TiVo Users Soon Can Search for Ads  —  Deal With Several Agencies  —  Will Allow Viewers to Look  —  For Commercials of Interest  —  The same device that helps TV viewers skip commercials will now be prodding them to search for ads.  —  TiVo Inc. is partnering with several big ad firms …
Discussion: Marketing Pilgrim and Blogspotting
Business Week:
Static In Rupert's Satellite Dreams  —  New technology lets cable offer goodies DirecTV can't — and customers are noticing  —  For Rupert Murdoch, gaining control of DirecTV was supposed to be the hardest part.  When he finally won a 34% stake in the satellite operator in late 2003 …
Discussion: and IP Democracy
Ten Rules for Web Startups  —  #1: Be Narrow  —  Focus on the smallest possible problem you could solve that would potentially be useful.  Most companies start out trying to do too many things, which makes life difficult and turns you into a me-too.  Focusing on a small niche has so many advantages …
Catherine Tsai /
Competitors Challenge MapQuest  —  DENVER (AP) - Initially, the great thing about Internet mapping programs was their swiftness and ease for obtaining directions, printing them and driving the course you plotted.  —  Now those Web maps can travel with you, too.  And get updated on the road.
Discussion: The Kelsey Group and IT Facts
Eric Bangeman / Ars Technica:
Firefox 1.5 to launch this week with marketing blitz  —  After three release candidate builds, Firefox 1.5 is expected to be made available for download this week.  And when it does arrive, it will be accompanied by a marketing campaign aimed at getting Firefox 1.0 users to upgrade and convincing users of other browsers to switch.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
John doesn't want everything to be full-text  —  Disclaimer, John Roberts works for CNET, which doesn't provide full-text.  Today he wrote that he disagrees with me about full-text feeds.  —  I really try to avoid non-full-text feeds.  I deleted many feeds I like that aren't full text …
John Markoff / New York Times:
Writing the Fastest Code, by Hand, for Fun: A Human Computer Keeps Speeding Up Chips  —  SEATTLE - There was a time long ago when the word "computer" was a job description referring to the humans who performed the tedious mathematical calculations for huge military and engineering projects.
Maria Aspan / New York Times:
Great for Craigslist but Not for Newspapers  —  The number of users of online classified advertising services increased 80 percent this year, according to a report released yesterday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project based on data gathered by comScore Media Metrix.
Discussion: Geek News Central …
Niall O'Brien / Digital Excess Studios:
XBox 360 rip-off!  —  The XBox 360 is nearly upon us (in Europe) and guess what?  It's a rip-off!  —  Why is that?  Vendors who took pre-orders estimated the price to be around €410 for the 360 with the hard-drive and extra goodies.  So imagine my shock when I went into GameStop …
James Pethokoukis / US News:
Spreading the Word  —  Corporate evangelists recruit customers who love to create buzz about a product  —  When Google hired Vint "Father of the Internet" Cerf last September, it gave him the ecclesiastical-sounding title of "Chief Internet Evangelist."  His job, as Cerf himself has explained …
Ravi / All about Linux:
10 Things that make Ubuntu a Neophyte's Distribution  —  Ubuntu is fast on its way to becoming a peoples OS.  I have always wondered what is it that makes people embrace Ubuntu over other Linux distributions.  After some pondering, it struck me that the USP (Unique Selling Point) of Ubuntu is its user friendliness.
Amanda Lenhart /
About 25 million people have used the internet to sell something  —  Some 17% of online American adults have used the internet to sell things.  That amounts to approximately 25 million Americans.  —  In addition, internet traffic data show that visits to classified ad web sites has grown 80% in the past year.

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