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John B. Roberts / clock:
I don't want everything to be full-text  —  I use my RSS feeds as notification.  I want to scan.  —  I want to somehow squeeze the juice out of a couple of hundred feeds, leave the pulp behind, and spend the real time on the six to nine posts a day which are worth three to five minutes each.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Back to reading feeds...  I'll be honest.  I haven't been reading many feeds for the past couple of months.  Got too busy and got caught up reading Memeorandum.  So just let the whole feed thing slide a bit.  But, I noticed I was missing the little things.
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
My content, my readers, my numbers, damnit  —  Hey, My Yahoo, Google Reader, Pluck, Newsgator Enterprise and other RSS readers: Hand over my numbers.  You are taking my RSS feed and caching it to serve more efficiently, which would be fine if only you told me how many times you are doing that.
Feld Thoughts:
User Agents  —  I woke up this morning thinking about User Agents (ok - I was also thinking about Naomi Watts and Sean Penn who were amazing in 21 Grams.)  A commenter on my Personalize Feed post pointed out that most of the big online aggregators include subscriber counts in their user-agent headers …
Matt McAlister:
A new content distribution plan for online publishers  —  Dick Costolo of Feedburner published his view of the future of RSS and where his company fits into it on the Feedburner blog.  Among several interesting ideas, he states a vision of the future based on the items within RSS feeds as opposed to the feeds themselves.
Discussion: Flashpoint
Daniel Greenberg / Washington Post:
New Options Emerge for Better Data Backup  —  Let's face it, most of us don't give much thought to data backup until we lose something important — crucial documents, our digital music collections or irreplaceable photos, for example.  —  Creating backup files can be a tedious chore …
Discussion: michael parekh on IT
Andy Oram / O'Reilly Network:
Another desperate attempt to discredit Massachusetts OpenDocument adoption  —  It was on the front page of the Boston Globe newspaper today, and the lead article on their web site—an investigation that normally would be buried in the City & Region section of the paper.
Discussion: GROKLAW, Boston Globe, Slashdot and digg
Jennifer A. Kingson / New York Times:
Wireless Moves the Cash Register Where You Are  —  When Michelle Dubé, a golf instructor in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., finishes a lesson, she whips out her BlackBerry wireless device - to schedule the next appointment, sure, but also to swipe the student's credit card for payment right there on the driving range.
Varun Dubey /
Linux is Doomed, Thanks to Microsoft  —  (Column) - The Linux community was left stunned when Windows Server software outsold Linux in the server market.  Gartner, Inc. recently reported that sales of Windows systems accounted for nearly 37 percent of all server revenue in the last quarter while Linux accounted for 31.7 percent.
Discussion: and OpsanBlog
L.M.Orchard / 0xDECAFBAD:
Outlining by the fittest … Source: Cloudy Thinking by Ron K. Jeffries » Blog Archive » XOXO & OPML & Simple List Extentions  —  At the moment, my prediction is that XOXO gets sidelined by OPML, insofar as expressing ideas and data in outline form takes off in general.
Mike /
Skype Paparazzi, add me to the list please  —  OK well Jeff Pulver was the one who coined the term, but I like it and think that his latest post Enough with the Skype!  Gossip, needs some commenting on.  —  First, you cannot argue with what Skype has done in the world of IP communications …
Ian Sample / Guardian:
Scientists, be on guard ... ET might be a malicious hacker  —  As if spotty teenagers releasing computer viruses on to the internet from darkened rooms were not enough of a headache.  According to a scientific report, planet Earth's computers are wide open to a virus attack from Little Green Men.
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Flickr and WebShots - A Classic Web2.0 Case  —  Flickr and WebShots - A classic web2.0 case Well it would appear that this week, at least according to Alexa, for the first time Flickr has overtaken Webshots in traffic.  It's been a trend that has been in the making for a while and I would suspect …
Loren Baker /
Animated Google AdSense Testing on Search Engine Blog  —  Animated Google AdSense Testing on Search Engine Blog  —  As part of my morning coffee ritual I sift through some of my favorite blogs to look into stories which have run over the course of the evening (I'm in Asia right now so my late morning is the US midnight).

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