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Cory Doctorow / Boing Boing:
Royal Society: rent-seeking is more important than science — UPDATED  —  Update: Man, did I ever screw up.  I confused the Royal Society with the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA).  The RSA is and continues to be a sterling organization that does good works — the Royal Society is the villain here.
Richard Wray / Guardian:
Keep science off web, says Royal Society  —  The Royal Society, Britain's national academy of science, yesterday joined the debate about so-called open access to scientific research, warning that making research freely available on the internet as it is published in scientific journals could harm scientific debate.
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J Wynia / The Glass is Too Big:
OPML Sampling: Build a Page Showing the "Best" Item From Each RSS Feed  —  OPML files are a pretty general tool.  However, one of their most common uses is to distribute a list of RSS feeds.  I've got mine up (contains something like 200-250 feeds).  They're also popping up in blogging networks …
Mike / CrunchNotes:
Mashing up OPML and Yahoo's Search API  —  J Wynia has done something interesting with our Web 2.0 Workgroup OPML file: He's taken the individual feeds and is running feed posts through Yahoo's search API to find the most interesting stuff.  The end result is here.  His overview of what he's created is here:
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New Patent Details Virtual Console Interface?  —  Revolution Report recently came across a patent filed by Nintendo which may possibly be related to the Virtual Console function of the company's next-generation console, code-named Revolution.  —  The patent in question is rather long-winded …
Discussion: Joystiq and GamersReports
Business Week:
Googling For Gold  —  With a market cap in orbit and more cash than a small nation, Google's heft is altering the tech industry's behavior.  But when does its long-awaited shopping spree begin?  —  With the news that shares of online search giant Google Inc. (GOOG ) had crossed …
Mark Evans / Northern Telecom:
More Gloomy Thoughts About Skype  —  Looks like the doom and gloom about Skype's future is gaining more momentum.  After my "Skype's Losing It" post earlier week looking at the political, regulatory and business threats to Skype, Om Malik has weighed in today with a post focused on employee defections …
Discussion: Alec Saunders .LOG and VoIP Watch
Om Malik / On Broadband, VoIP …:
Dark Clouds over Skype?  —  Despite the general euphoria about Skype's retail launch in the US, there are some disturbing developments in the Skype-world that make you wonder about the future of eBay-Skype integration.  —  Andy Abramson, who is supposed to be on vacation in Europe has dug …
Alex / Symplification:
Nokia N80-3 has been (partially?)  FCC approved!  —  Update 26/11/2005: Corrected some grammatical errors and added model number information - the N80 which was approved in this FCC grant is the Nokia N80-3.  Presumably the N80 with quadband + WCDMA 2100 will be the Nokia N80-1.
Discussion: Gizmodo
Jcorbett / EirePreneur:
Why OPML is winning  —  Dave Winer points to the anti-OPML questioning of an 'XML geek' and quotes the pro-OPML answer of an 'ordinary' user - "Because there are tools".  —  As a wannabe programming geek myself (I just never had the aptitude) I can understand, to a degree …
Discussion: and Danny Ayers, Raw Blog
Chris Anderson / The Long Tail:
THE EFFECT OF P2P FILE-SHARING DEPENDS ON POPULARITY  —  A fascinating paper from David Blackburn, a Harvard PhD student, on the economics of P2P file-sharing concludes that it does indeed depress music sales overall.  But the effect is not felt evenly.  The hits at the top of the charts lose sales …
Jeremy Zawodny / Jeremy Zawodny's blog:
Steve Jobs Ruined My Thanksgiving  —  I recently got an iPod Nano, mainly because I'm annoyed at the limitations of my iPod Shuffle on long trips (like flying half way around the world).  —  Two nights ago, I fired up iTunes and finally accepted its offer to upgrade from version 4.9 to version 6.0.
Ingrid Marson / ZDNet:
Microsoft: Linux is anti-commercial … References to free software and Linux were removed from a UN document after Microsoft claimed that such software aims to 'make it impossible to make any income on software as a commercial product'  —  Microsoft asked for references to free software …
Mrbill / Another Word for Nerd:
Apple Mighty Mouse repair a success  —  Despite what AppleMatters and Ars Technica tell you, it is possible to completely dissasemble the Apple Mighty Mouse without breaking the retaining ring.  —  All I had to do was slip a razor blade between it and the body of the mouse to cut the glue.

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Cory Doctorow / Boing Boing:
Free 1200-page physics textbook
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