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Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
My content, my readers, my numbers, damnit  —  Hey, My Yahoo, Google Reader, Pluck, Newsgator Enterprise and other RSS readers: Hand over my numbers.  You are taking my RSS feed and caching it to serve more efficiently, which would be fine if only you told me how many times you are doing that.
Loren Baker /
Animated Google AdSense Testing on Search Engine Blog  —  Animated Google AdSense Testing on Search Engine Blog  —  As part of my morning coffee ritual I sift through some of my favorite blogs to look into stories which have run over the course of the evening (I'm in Asia right now so my late morning is the US midnight).
Louise Story / New York Times:
As Corporate Ad Money Flows Their Way, Bloggers Risk Their Rebel Reputation  —  When Anita Campbell started her Web log about small-business trends two years ago, she thought it would simply be a service for her clients and help her consulting business grow.
Ian Sample / Guardian:
Scientists, be on guard ... ET might be a malicious hacker  —  As if spotty teenagers releasing computer viruses on to the internet from darkened rooms were not enough of a headache.  According to a scientific report, planet Earth's computers are wide open to a virus attack from Little Green Men.
Chris Anderson / The Long Tail:
STANDING OUT IN A COMMODITY CROWD  —  This week, as the number of RSS feeds I subscribe to crossed 150 (accounting for several hundred posts a day and at least an hour of reading time), I took a moment to look at what I've signed up for and why.  —  Aside from a few purely information feeds …
Sports in your pocket  —  ESPN is betting that its own cell phone service will bring the next big thing in sports.  Will it?  —  NEW YORK ( - The next great frontier for the business of sports is probably in your pocket right now: your cell phone.
Discussion: and Phone Scoop
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Flickr and WebShots - A Classic Web2.0 Case  —  Flickr and WebShots - A classic web2.0 case Well it would appear that this week, at least according to Alexa, for the first time Flickr has overtaken Webshots in traffic.  It's been a trend that has been in the making for a while and I would suspect …
Discussion: No Soap, Radio!
Varun Dubey /
Linux is Doomed, Thanks to Microsoft  —  (Column) - The Linux community was left stunned when Windows Server software outsold Linux in the server market.  Gartner, Inc. recently reported that sales of Windows systems accounted for nearly 37 percent of all server revenue in the last quarter while Linux accounted for 31.7 percent.
Cory Doctorow / Boing Boing:
Royal Society: rent-seeking is more important than science — UPDATED  —  Update: Man, did I ever screw up.  I confused the Royal Society with the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA).  The RSA is and continues to be a sterling organization that does good works — the Royal Society is the villain here.
Discussion: Open Access News
Brian Krebs / Security Fix:
Symantec to Ditch Sygate Firewall  —  Another free Windows firewall bites the dust.  Symantec Corp. has announced rather abruptly that as of next week it will no longer support or offer its Sygate line of firewall products.  —  The move comes little more than three months …
Lucas van Grinsven / Reuters:
Firm wants to rid Net of suffixes  —  AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A Dutch technology company has breathed life into a project to rid the Internet of suffixes such as .com, and instead offer single names which can be countries, company names or fantasy words.  —  Such a system, which enables countries …
New Patent Details Virtual Console Interface?  —  Revolution Report recently came across a patent filed by Nintendo which may possibly be related to the Virtual Console function of the company's next-generation console, code-named Revolution.  —  The patent in question is rather long-winded …
Discussion: Joystiq and GamersReports
Jason / Signal vs. Noise:
Fast Company on Simple  —  Jason Nov 25  —  Fast Company's The Beauty of Simplicity talks about how companies are beginning to see that "making things simple is the new competitive advantage" (which was the whole thrust of my talk at Web 2.0 — it was even called "Less as a competitive advantage").
Discussion: and Weblogs Work
Jeremy Reimer / Ars Technica:
Nokia lets the N-Gage die a quiet death  —  Nokia recently announced that they will no longer be developing new versions of the N-Gage gaming phone.  The company says it plans to hold off on mobile gaming for a couple of years, concentrating instead on mobile music and video.
Discussion: Gizmodo, GamersReports and GameInsider

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