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J Wynia / The Glass is Too Big:
OPML Sampling: Build a Page Showing the "Best" Item From Each RSS Feed  —  OPML files are a pretty general tool.  However, one of their most common uses is to distribute a list of RSS feeds.  I've got mine up (contains something like 200-250 feeds).  They're also popping up in blogging networks …
Mike / CrunchNotes:
Mashing up OPML and Yahoo's Search API  —  J Wynia has done something interesting with our Web 2.0 Workgroup OPML file: He's taken the individual feeds and is running feed posts through Yahoo's search API to find the most interesting stuff.  The end result is here.  His overview of what he's created is here:
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Jcorbett / EirePreneur:
Why OPML is winning  —  Dave Winer points to the anti-OPML questioning of an 'XML geek' and quotes the pro-OPML answer of an 'ordinary' user - "Because there are tools".  —  As a wannabe programming geek myself (I just never had the aptitude) I can understand, to a degree …
Discussion: Danny Ayers, Raw Blog
Paul Loughrey /
Next-gen victor won't be revealed until 2007, says Gates  —  Microsoft chairman suggests  —  As US consumers continue to snap up Xbox 360s following the console's launch on November 22, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has suggested that the ultimate victor in the console wars won't be decided until 2007.
Discussion: Joystiq, Kotaku and GamersReports
Ingrid Marson / ZDNet:
Why open source projects are not publicised … Open source behind closed doors: In the first of a two part series ZDNet looks at why some open source projects remain secret  —  "Lots of companies are using our products, they just aren't talking about it", is a popular excuse from software companies …
Ingrid Marson / ZDNet:
Open source projects: Why it pays to keep quiet … Open Source Behind Closed Doors: In the second of a two part special report, ZDNet investigates how some proprietary vendors motivate customers to keep open source projects under wraps  —  Large companies and analysts that work with open source …
Richard Wray / Guardian:
Keep science off web, says Royal Society  —  The Royal Society, Britain's national academy of science, yesterday joined the debate about so-called open access to scientific research, warning that making research freely available on the internet as it is published in scientific journals could harm scientific debate.
Discussion: Boing Boing and Open Access News
Om Malik / On Broadband, VoIP …:
Dark Clouds over Skype?  —  Despite the general euphoria about Skype's retail launch in the US, there are some disturbing developments in the Skype-world that make you wonder about the future of eBay-Skype integration.  —  Andy Abramson, who is supposed to be on vacation in Europe has dug …
Jeremy Zawodny / Jeremy Zawodny's blog:
Steve Jobs Ruined My Thanksgiving  —  I recently got an iPod Nano, mainly because I'm annoyed at the limitations of my iPod Shuffle on long trips (like flying half way around the world).  —  Two nights ago, I fired up iTunes and finally accepted its offer to upgrade from version 4.9 to version 6.0.
Discussion: Scripting News and ben barren
Ingrid Marson / ZDNet:
Microsoft: Linux is anti-commercial … References to free software and Linux were removed from a UN document after Microsoft claimed that such software aims to 'make it impossible to make any income on software as a commercial product'  —  Microsoft asked for references to free software …
Ryan Block / Engadget:
How to fix your overheating 360  —  Sure, if your Xbox 360 is crashing you could call up Microsoft tech support and get your new toy repaired or replaced — or you could take design flaws matters into your own hands and source out the root of the problem.  And according to one Gamespot forumsgoer …
Stuart Elliott / New York Times:
Placing Ads in Some Surprising Spaces  —  THE parade of mainstream advertisers starting to use nontraditional media is growing almost as long as that march through Manhattan yesterday sponsored by a certain department store.  —  Joining the throng are the Budget Rent a Car unit of the Cendant Corporation and the toy maker Hasbro.
Kevin Kelleher / Wired News:
Who's Afraid of Google?  Everyone.  —  It seems no one is safe: Google is doing Wi-Fi; Google is searching inside books; Google has a plan for ecommerce.  —  Of course, Google has always wanted to be more than a search engine.  Even in the early days, its ultimate goal was extravagant: to organize the world's information.
Press release: New digitisation report calls for cross-sectoral e-content strategy  —  Public sector risks being left behind in information revolution, says new report  —  24th November, 2005.  Although around £130m of public money has been spent on the creation of digital content since …
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