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Ingrid Marson / ZDNet:
Why open source projects are not publicised … Open source behind closed doors: In the first of a two part series ZDNet looks at why some open source projects remain secret  —  "Lots of companies are using our products, they just aren't talking about it", is a popular excuse from software companies …
Ingrid Marson / ZDNet:
Open source projects: Why it pays to keep quiet … Open Source Behind Closed Doors: In the second of a two part special report, ZDNet investigates how some proprietary vendors motivate customers to keep open source projects under wraps  —  Large companies and analysts that work with open source …
Kevin Kelleher / Wired News:
Who's Afraid of Google?  Everyone.  —  It seems no one is safe: Google is doing Wi-Fi; Google is searching inside books; Google has a plan for ecommerce.  —  Of course, Google has always wanted to be more than a search engine.  Even in the early days, its ultimate goal was extravagant: to organize the world's information.
Stuart Elliott / New York Times:
Placing Ads in Some Surprising Spaces  —  THE parade of mainstream advertisers starting to use nontraditional media is growing almost as long as that march through Manhattan yesterday sponsored by a certain department store.  —  Joining the throng are the Budget Rent a Car unit of the Cendant Corporation and the toy maker Hasbro.
Press release: New digitisation report calls for cross-sectoral e-content strategy  —  Public sector risks being left behind in information revolution, says new report  —  24th November, 2005.  Although around £130m of public money has been spent on the creation of digital content since …
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Xbox 360 honeymoon is over  —  Gamers' enthusiasm for the newly released Xbox 360 quickly waned after the first reports were posted online of problems with the machines crashing and overheating.  —  No word yet on how widespread the problem actually is, or what, if anything Microsoft plans to do about it.
Alorie Gilbert / CNET
Google fixes glitch that unleashed flood of porn  —  A technology glitch temporarily turned Google's new personal listings service, Google Base, into a vast, virtual red-light district earlier this week.  —  Launched last week, Google Base is the search company's foray into free classified listings and other user-generated content.
Google ignites hiring frenzy  —  In June, as engineer Anselm Baird-Smith mulled leaving eBay Inc. for another job, he received a call from Google Inc. Within days, Google executives had interviewed him and dangled before him an enticing offer: a six-figure salary and restricted stock then valued …
Jeremy Reimer / Ars Technica:
Over 30% of DMCA cease and desist notices deemed illegal  —  Director Jennifer Urban at the University of Southern California (USC) and Laura Quilter at the University of California-Berkeley have released a summary report that studies a sample of over 900 notices collected as part of the Chilling Effects project.
Discussion: eHomeUpgrade
Search terms on Kazaa to be blocked  —  update Eminem, Madonna and Kylie Minogue are just some of the popular artists whose songs are to be blocked from being illegally distributed on the peer-to-peer network Kazaa following Federal Court orders yesterday.  —  Justice Murray Wilcox has ordered …
Discussion: Russell Beattie Notebook and digg
Duncan Riley / The Blog Herald:
Starting a Blog Part 1: What to blog about  —  Welcome to part one of my new series on starting a blog, both aimed a people new to blogging and perhaps as a handy refresher to those who are currently writing a blog but who want to start a new blog up.  The posts won't necessarily be daily …
Tony Smith / The Register:
Neuros updates MPEG 4 recorder for PSP, iPod  —  Neuros has updated its Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder (NMR), dropping the original gadget's SD memory card support for the Sony PlayStation Portable-friendly MemoryStick family.  It's also added support for video iPod-compatible content.
Discussion: Tech Digest and Engadget
Clive Thompson / collision detection:
A machinima commentary on the riots in France  —  Here's an extremely cool project: "The French Democracy", a machinima film about the recent riots in France.  It's a little dramatization of the lives of three different black French citizens.  One is a teenager who gets apprehended by police …
Michel Marriott / New York Times:
A Novel Repair Concept: Replace Battery, Not iPod  —  Apple's wildly popular iPod has a well-known Achilles' heel: over time, its rechargeable battery tends to lose its capacity to hold a charge.  Apple's begrudging solution has been a cumbersome mail-in program that replaces the entire iPod with a reconditioned one for $60.

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