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Google ignites hiring frenzy  —  In June, as engineer Anselm Baird-Smith mulled leaving eBay Inc. for another job, he received a call from Google Inc. Within days, Google executives had interviewed him and dangled before him an enticing offer: a six-figure salary and restricted stock then valued …
Alorie Gilbert / CNET
Google fixes glitch that unleashed flood of porn  —  A technology glitch temporarily turned Google's new personal listings service, Google Base, into a vast, virtual red-light district earlier this week.  —  Launched last week, Google Base is the search company's foray into free classified listings and other user-generated content.
Duncan Riley / The Blog Herald:
Starting a Blog Part 1: What to blog about  —  Welcome to part one of my new series on starting a blog, both aimed a people new to blogging and perhaps as a handy refresher to those who are currently writing a blog but who want to start a new blog up.  The posts won't necessarily be daily …
Press release: New digitisation report calls for cross-sectoral e-content strategy  —  Public sector risks being left behind in information revolution, says new report  —  24th November, 2005.  Although around £130m of public money has been spent on the creation of digital content since …
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Kevin Kelleher / Wired News:
Who's Afraid of Google?  Everyone.  —  It seems no one is safe: Google is doing Wi-Fi; Google is searching inside books; Google has a plan for ecommerce.  —  Of course, Google has always wanted to be more than a search engine.  Even in the early days, its ultimate goal was extravagant: to organize the world's information.
Search terms on Kazaa to be blocked  —  update Eminem, Madonna and Kylie Minogue are just some of the popular artists whose songs are to be blocked from being illegally distributed on the peer-to-peer network Kazaa following Federal Court orders yesterday.  —  Justice Murray Wilcox has ordered …
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Birth of the PowerBook: How Apple Took Over the Portable Market in 1991  —  The PowerBook has consistently been one of the most respected and lusted after brands in the portable computing market.  —  This wasn't always the case.  Apple's first attempt at repackaging the Macintosh as a portable failed (the 15 lb.
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David Peterson /
From paper to plastic: How credit cards change our lives  —  Kathy Dodd stood a few steps away from the Mary Tyler Moore statue on the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.  She'd flown in from Washington, D.C., for a few days on business and had arrived at the local icon's feet at lunchtime.
Stuart Elliott / New York Times:
Placing Ads in Some Surprising Spaces  —  THE parade of mainstream advertisers starting to use nontraditional media is growing almost as long as that march through Manhattan yesterday sponsored by a certain department store.  —  Joining the throng are the Budget Rent a Car unit of the Cendant Corporation and the toy maker Hasbro.
Peter Judge / ZDNet:
Desktop Linux for small business  —  Is your business ready to take the open source plunge?  We test five leading desktop Linux distributions and come up with one winner.  —  As desktop Linux becomes ever more professional, and with Microsoft still a year away from shipping its new Vista version …
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Entertainment industry 'trying to hijack data retention directive' … In a move a digital rights group is calling 'a gross affront to civil liberties and human rights', media firms want to amend the proposed data retention directive so they can bring criminal prosecutions for copyright violation
Clive Thompson / collision detection:
A machinima commentary on the riots in France  —  Here's an extremely cool project: "The French Democracy", a machinima film about the recent riots in France.  It's a little dramatization of the lives of three different black French citizens.  One is a teenager who gets apprehended by police …
Tony Smith / The Register:
Neuros updates MPEG 4 recorder for PSP, iPod  —  Neuros has updated its Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder (NMR), dropping the original gadget's SD memory card support for the Sony PlayStation Portable-friendly MemoryStick family.  It's also added support for video iPod-compatible content.
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Michel Marriott / New York Times:
A Novel Repair Concept: Replace Battery, Not iPod  —  Apple's wildly popular iPod has a well-known Achilles' heel: over time, its rechargeable battery tends to lose its capacity to hold a charge.  Apple's begrudging solution has been a cumbersome mail-in program that replaces the entire iPod with a reconditioned one for $60.

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