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Q&A: The Xbox 360  —  Microsoft's Xbox 360 console has made its much anticipated debut in the US.  The software giant says it will usher in a new era in home entertainment.  Here the BBC News website takes a look behind the hype surrounding the new console.  —  Q: What is the difference between the original Xbox and the 360?
Todd Bishop / Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Gates at Xbox launch  —  If any managers in Microsoft's Server & Tools division have been missing an employee for the past few days, I think we've found him.  The first person in line to buy an Xbox 360 console at the launch event at Bellevue's Best Buy store Monday night was Dan Friedman …
Discussion: Gary Stein
Gaming Steve:
Xbox 360 Launch Party at Best Buy in Midtown Manhattan
Discussion: Joystiq   Patience 360: Ten Reasons to Wait for PS3
US gamers lay hands on Xbox 360
Discussion: Guardian Unlimited and Slashdot
Gates: Microsoft In Game Market Past Xbox 360
Discussion: Joystiq
Paul Miller / Engadget:
PS3 will be $300 to $400 at launch, according to Sony CEO
Net TV start-up lands $16 million in funding  —  Brightcove, an Internet television start-up that helps programmers syndicate shows across the Web and collect money from it, plans to announce on Tuesday that it has attracted new high-profile investors, including America Online and InterActiveCorp, and a distribution pact with AOL.
Adam Green / Darwinian Web:
Dave Winer has the best week ever  —  Ever since I became aware of the Web 2.0 meme I've been telling people that Dave Winer was one of the pivotal forces behind this new wave, maybe the central force.  Everyone would have to admit that with GoogleBase turning out to be the world's biggest RSS database …
Discussion: Jon's Radio and Software Only
New York Times:
Google's Shopping Service to List User's Local Stores  —  Google executives said last night that the company planned to move quickly to capitalize on its new Google Base database service, adding a feature that lets merchants provide local shopping information.
Michael Liedtke / Associated Press:
Google Unveils Tool to Map Shopping Trips
David A. Vise / Washington Post:
World Digital Library Planned  —  Library of Congress Envisions Collection To Bridge Cultures  —  The Library of Congress is launching a campaign today to create the World Digital Library, an online collection of rare books, manuscripts, maps, posters, stamps and other materials from its holdings …
Heidi Benson / San Francisco Chronicle:
A MAN'S VISION: WORLD LIBRARY ONLINE  —  Brewster Kahle hopes to realize his 25-year dream of an international book archive  —  A fat October moon shone through the Presidio treetops the night Brewster Kahle launched the latest shot in the space-race for a digital library.
Excuse us while we change back into our pajamas  —  Once upon a time, some friends who met in the casual atmosphere of the blogosphere (us) got together and decided it would be groovy to start a blog company.  "We could call it Pajamas Media," we said, referring to the now-famous quote by whatshisface …
Jack Shafer / Slate:
The Great Google Wipeout  —  Chronicle of a corporate death foretold.  —  It wasn't like it had never happened before in the tech world.  At the beginning of the 1980s, an Apple computer was the only box a self-respecting user would own.  Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, IBM PCs, CompuServe …
Peter Galli /
Microsoft Opens Office File Formats  —  Microsoft Corp. has decided to open up its Office file formats and has submitted the formats to be considered for recognition as a formal standard by Ecma International, which will develop the documentation and make it available to the industry.
Andrew Marra / Palm Beach Post:
West Palm looks to cameras to spot crime  —  A test of surveillance cameras might lead to widespread use in the city.  —  WEST PALM BEACH — Police are rolling out surveillance cameras downtown and in the city's most violent neighborhoods, the first step in an ambitious plan to make West Palm Beach …
Discussion: Engadget, IP Democracy and Smart Mobs
Houston Chronicle:
Note to readers  —  Today you'll notice a more colorful look to, a home page that highlights more of site's content, new features, improved menus and a powerful search tool that will make it easier get around.  —  Unfortunately, you may also notice pages loading very slowly sometimes …
Gwendolyn Bounds / Wall Street Journal:
How Selling Pixels May Yield a Million Bucks  —  It was just a few months ago that 21-year-old Alex Tew of Great Britain was stumped about how to pay for college.  He'd filled a notebook with ideas before jotting down this simple, if rather audacious, query to himself: How Can I Become a Millionaire?
Discussion: Google Blogoscoped and Adrants
Inside AdWords crew / Inside AdWords:
Use Google Maps to target your customers  —  Here at 37° 25' 22", -122° 5' 6", we wanted to make it easier for you to set up customized location targeting.  So last week, we put Google Maps into AdWords, allowing you to visualize cryptic coordinates or just pick a specific location …
Thomas Mennecke /
Bram Cohen and Dan Glickman to Make Major Announcement  —  File-sharing and the trade organizations that represent the music and movie industries are two entities not normally associated with cooperation.  This notion has been changing recently, especially for the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America.)

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