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Laurie J. Flynn / New York Times:
TiVo to Transfer Shows to iPods, Sony PSP  —  SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 20 - TiVo, the maker of digital video recorders, plans to announce a new feature on Monday that will let TiVo owners watch recorded television shows on Apple's video iPods and on Sony's handheld PSP game machine.
Julie Tamaki / Los Angeles Times:
TiVo to Expand Portable Features  —  It is expected to allow users to transfer TV programs to iPods and PlayStations.  The service could be available early next year.  —  TiVo Inc. today is expected to announce a service that allows its digital video recorders to save programs to iPods …
Discussion: PVRblog
Steve Gillmor / Steve Gillmor's InfoRouter:
Time is on our side  —  When Dare Obasanjo and Jason McCabe Calacanis come out swinging against forward motion in attention, you know something important is happening.  Both are important figures in this reboot we're calling Web 2.0, and their concerns should be examined carefully.
USA Today:
Cingular will be sold under name of AT&T  —  NEW YORK — SBC, which closed its merger with AT&T on Friday, plans to sell Cingular Wireless under the fabled AT&T name, Ed Whitacre, the chairman and CEO of the combined company, has confirmed to USA TODAY.  —  Cingular, the USA's No. 1 wireless company …
Discussion: Techdirt, Om Malik and MobileTracker
Rob Pegoraro / Washington Post:
Ground Rules for Buying on the Cutting Edge: home computer  —  Shopping for a computer would be easy, if it weren't for that whole Windows-versus-Mac thing.  —  Fortunately, that may be a simpler choice than you think — and making that call first can greatly simplify the rest of your home-computer shopping.
Discussion: Geek News Central …
Anick Jesdanun / Associated Press:
Study: Search Now No. 2 Among Web Tasks  —  NEW YORK — The number of people who use Internet search engines to find information has jumped over the last year, claiming a solid No. 2 spot behind e-mail among online tasks, a new study finds.  —  Of the 94 million American adults who went online …
Tadelste /
Linux News says Mac OS X could destroy Microsoft  —  LXer Day Desk: 11-20-2005  —  Apple can alter its business plan slightly and become the well-liked dominant force in the technology market.  Everything Apple needs sits right in front of them for the taking.
John /  —  Digg + slashdot + are a regular browsing cycle for some folks so the mashup combines them into a unified format, eliminates duplicates and adds a few extras.  It's brand new so it will likely go through refining shortly (ex: some duplicates still get through).
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Instantly Hooked on
Discussion: Library clips
Russell Shaw / IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband:
Attention Skype-haters: SkypeKiller lets you wipe Skype from your network for good  —  And no, I am not talking about the Uninstall feature activated from Add/Remove Programs.  Something far more effectual.  —  I've found a site called SkypeKiller, the Web presence for a freeware program …
Discussion: loose wire and VoIP Watch
Philip Young / mediations:
Revealing personality  —  Have you heard the one about the Irishman, the American and the (sort of) Dutchman..?  —  Organising a conference on something that is as new and fast changing as the New PR (whatever that means) is a challenge.  You don't know who will come …
Discussion: NevOn and PR Opinions
Michael Cabanatuan / San Francisco Chronicle:
Underground, but not unconnected — BART offers wireless service to riders  —  BART has become the first transit system in the nation to offer wireless communication to all passengers on its trains underground, putting an end to miles of technological isolation for multitasking commuters …
Saul Hansell / New York Times:
Putting the Napster Genie Back in the Bottle  —  SHAWN FANNING turns 25 on Tuesday, and it's been a very long seven years since he wrote a little computer program that let him trade electronic music files with his dorm mates at Northeastern University in Boston, where he was a freshman.
GOOGLE BASE FORMAT REVIEW  —  I've started implementing Feed Validator support for the Google Base Bulk Upload formats, initial support is already online, more is committed and should go online overnight, and work will continue into next week, including better error messages.
Reading Lists in OPML and RSS Bandit  —  We are getting down to the end game for getting the Nightcrawler release of RSS Bandit.  This is where all the more unfun parts of the release happen such as dealing with translations and tracking down performance bugs such as memory leaks or issues with multithreading.
Discussion: Scobleizer

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