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Robert X. Cringely /
Google-Mart  —  Sam Walton Taught Google More About How to Dominate the Internet Than Microsoft Ever Did  —  Play to your strengths.  That's the key to success in any industry.  This is the week I promised to explain where I think Google is headed, and playing to the company's strengths …
MEDIA FUTURES: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE  —  A Story in Five Parts:  —  Wall Street Meets Madison Avenue  —  Problem: Marketing is Inefficient  —  Solution: /ROOT Markets is a Financial Exchange for Consumer Leads  —  How the Securitization of Mortgages Opened Up the Housing Market for Consumers
USA Today:
Edward C. Baig: Personal Tech - Latest iMac lets you control it from sofa  —  Apple Computer is the latest tech powerhouse to stake a claim to your living room.  Its new iMac G5 computers, unveiled last month in the shadow of the video iPod introduction, are all about enjoying your digital treasures …
Michael Singer / CNET
High-tech photos give new meaning to 'talking pictures'  —  If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable would it be if someone added a sound track?  —  Italian start-up Zanetti Studio aims to find out.  The Milan, Italy-based company is preparing a new photo printer, called Speekysmart …
New York Times:
Cisco Set to Enter Cable Field  —  Cisco Systems Inc., the Internet equipment provider, plans to announce today the acquisition of Scientific-Atlanta, a maker of television set-top boxes, for $7 billion, according to people who have been briefed on the negotiations.
Discussion: Techdirt
Microsoft Enhances Phishing Protection for Windows, MSN and Microsoft Windows Live Customers  —  Cyota Inc., Internet Identity and MarkMonitor to provide phishing Web site data for Microsoft Phishing Filter and SmartScreen Technology services.  —  REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 17, 2005 …
Business Week:
E-Mail Is So Five Minutes Ago  —  It's being replaced by software that promotes real-time collaboration  —  Darren Lennard is a managing director in the London offices of European-based investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein.  Like many of the 21 traders he manages, Lennard is young …
Ross Mayfield / Ross Mayfield's Weblog:
The End of Process  —  If a knowledge worker has the organization's information in a social context at their finger tips, and the organization is sufficiently connected to tap experts and form groups instantly to resolve exceptions — is there a role for business process as we know it?
Discussion: How to Save the World
Ryan / Ryan Sholin's J-School Blog:
A VISIT FROM THE SCOBLEIZER...  I just got out of a meeting with some of the JMC faculty and Robert Scoble.  —  I was glad to see most of the right people there, asking all of the right questions.  —  Here are the important takeaways, in my opinion:  —  Context-based advertising is a real live source of revenue.
Discussion: Steve Sloan … and Scobleizer
Michael Barbaro / New York Times:
Shop-Till-You-Drop Specials, Revealed Here First  —  For retailers, the day after Thanksgiving is a painstakingly orchestrated affair.  —  Prices are scientifically slashed, down to the penny.  Sales begin at dawn.  And glossy circulars containing the well-laid plans are distributed …
Peter Kafka / Forbes:
EMI Says Apple's Jobs Will Change ITunes Pricing  —  Life is complicated, but Apple Computer's iTunes store is pretty simple: Download a song, pay 99 cents.  Consumers have done that more than 600 million times since Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs opened the online music store in 2003.
Ryan Singel / Wired News:
Judges Reject Cell-Phone Tracking  —  For the third time in recent months, a federal judge has balked at allowing government investigators to track a citizen via cell phone in real time without agents showing probable cause.  —  Andrew J. Peck, a magistrate judge with the U.S. District Court …
Discussion: Techdirt
Blogmalware / Anti-Malware Engineering Team:
Sony rootkit signatures now available  —  Hi, we are Eric Allred and Ziv Mador, response coordinators for the anti-malware technology team.  —  We have analyzed several versions of the rootkit that have been shipped as part of Sony's XCP software.  We are calling the family WinNT/F4IRootkit.
Dave Winer /
Extension mechanisms in OPML  —  With all the activity around OPML, the editor, the beta of the validator, and the recent release of the community server, I've been steadily getting inquiries about extension mechanisms for OPML.  I think it's now a good time to start discussing this.
Maxine Shen / Yahoo! News:
DON'T BUY THE XBOX 360  —  THE buzz started six months ago.  There's Bill Gates on the cover of Time magazine in May, with a glowing green-and-white machine.  "Inside Bill's New Xbox" it screamed.  —  Since then, the Xbox 360 - a sequel to Microsoft's Xbox video-game unit …
Discussion: Kotaku
Xbox 360: Good, but not great
Discussion: Joystiq and Kotaku

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