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Bill Burnham / Burnham's Beat:
RSS and Google Base: Google Feeds Off The Web  —  There has been a lot of talk about Google Base today on the web and much of the reaction appears to be either muted or negative.  The lack of enthusiasm seems to be driven by the fact that the GUI is pretty rudimentary and doesn't provide …
Michael / michael parekh on IT:
ON WHY GOOGLE BASE IS A REALLY BIG DEAL  —  Well, after weeks of speculation and anticipation, Google Base is officially announced and out.  And as it is with things, the hype set the stage for initial, general disappointment.  —  Around the blog landscape this morning, the initial vote seems lukewarm, as seen on memeorandum.
Shelleyp / Burningbird:
Google Base II
Discussion: Danny Ayers, Raw Blog and EBB
Om Malik / On Broadband, VoIP …:
Google's Riya Designs?  —  Exclusive: To paraphrase a popular Bollywood ditty, Is Google singing O Riya!  O Riya!  —  Since this past Thursday, I have heard whispers that Riya, a Redwood City, California-based photo service is being courted by Google.  Now this rumor has been repeated …
Discussion: Weblogs Work
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed:   Seeya Riya
Niall Kennedy / Niall Kennedy's Weblog:
Google purchasing Riya?
Discussion: ben barren
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Netflix Presents at Lehman Brothers Small Cap Conference  —  This post should not be construed as financial advice.  Davis Freeberg is both a shareholder and current customer of Netflix.  —  Barry McCarthy, the Chief Financial Officer of Netflix gave one of the best investor presentations I've ever heard …
Doc Searls / Linux Journal:
Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes  —  We're hearing tales of two scenarios—one pessimistic, one optimistic—for the future of the Net.  If the paranoids are right, the Net's toast.  If they're not, it will be because we fought to save it, perhaps in a new way we haven't talked about before.
Wall Street Journal:
What the In-Crowd Knows  —  From Hollywood to Wall Street,  —  Our Guide to the Blogs  —  Insiders Read to Stay Current  —  The music industry has one, Wall Street bankers have several and even CPAs have come around.  —  No self-respecting industry these days is without a must-read blog.
Discussion: The Stalwart and Adrants
Ryan Katz / Think Secret:
EXCLUSIVE: Apple Planning Intel-Ready iBook Debut for January  —  November 17, 2005 - Apple is planning to release its first entry-level iBook laptops with Intel processors next January at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, highly reliable sources have confirmed to Think Secret.
Discussion: MacSlash
David Kesmodel / Wall Street Journal:
Thanks to Web Ads, Some Find New Money in Domain Names  —  Internet domain names are a hot commodity again.  But unlike the 1990s, when speculators bought up Web addresses in hopes of reselling them later for a big payday, many of today's purchases are aimed at cashing in on the boom in online advertising.
Kevin Newcomb / ClickZ:
Afraid of Commitment?  Try a Pop-up Blog  —  In a bid to lower the barrier to entry that keep many corporations from beginning to blog, marketing services firm ElectricArtists has come up with an option for the commitment-phobic — the "pop-up" blog.  —  Unrelated to the loathsome pop-up ad …
Discussion: Micro Persuasion
Schoolgirl wins Google doodle competition  —  A London schoolgirl has beaten hundreds of rivals in a competition to create a doodle for Google's U.K. Web site.  —  Lisa Wainaina, aged 11, triumphed with her drawing called "The Day of the Child."  As a reward, she received an upper case …
Robert Andrews / Wired News:
Digg Just Might Bury Slashdot  —  A hot new social-bookmarking site is deluging web servers all over the net with a tsunami of traffic — and is starting to make Slashdot-size waves.  —  Digg, a San Francisco news site compiled by its own readers, lists links to interesting new technology articles.
Elinor Mills / CNET
Mapping a revolution with 'mashups'  —  Even before Google gave its blessing, Paul Rademacher was hacking away at the code behind its mapping application so he could mix it with outside real estate data and see exactly where homes listed for sale were located in the San Francisco area.
Discussion: Media Guerrilla
Ahbao /
Think Outside Got Stowaway Portable Keyboards for Blackberry  —  Views: 397  —  Think Outside announced the availability of the Stowaway Shasta, a portable keyboard designed specifically for Blackberry users.  —  "The Stowaway Shasta is our newest keyboard for Blackberry devices …
Discussion: The Gadgets Blog and Engadget
Grace Kwak / Official Google Blog:
Knowledge is power  —  We launched Google Sitemaps this past summer as a way for webmasters to give us information we could use to better crawl their sites.  Since then, we've been adding to the kinds of information we give back.  In our latest release, we provide even more interesting statistics …
Discussion: Solution Watch
Walter S. Mossberg / Wall Street Journal:
Mossberg's Favorite Tech Blogs  —  Every day, I scan dozens of blogs, on politics, sports, news, and, of course, personal technology — the topic I write about.  Here are some of my favorite tech blogs.  Like all blogs, these range from mere roundups of items elsewhere on the Web to outpourings of personal opinion.

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David Pogue / New York Times:
The Pen Gets a Whole Lot Mightier
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Google Base as a platform
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Judging Book Search by its cover
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Felix Lung /
SavRow Blade B-75 Gaming Laptop
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Windows Genuine Advantage supports Firefox
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Sony launches free Internet phone service
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