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Nathan Weinberg / InsideGoogle:
MY EXPERIENCE WITH GOOGLE BASE  —  So, to properly experience Google Base, I submitted an "item", namely my article on Google Base.  You can read it here, and you can view all (one) of my Google Base "items" at my Google Base store page.  —  So, problems:
Bindu Reddy / Official Google Blog:
First Base  —  Today we're excited to announce Google Base …
Doc Searls / Linux Journal:
Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes  —  We're hearing tales of two scenarios—one pessimistic, one optimistic—for the future of the Net.  If the paranoids are right, the Net's toast.  If they're not, it will be because we fought to save it, perhaps in a new way we haven't talked about before.
The Doc Searls Weblog:
Saving the Net from the pipeholders  —  I've spent much of the last two weeks writing an essay that just went up at Linux Journal: Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes.  It's probably the longest post I've ever put up on the Web.  It's certainly the most important.
Wall Street Journal:
Top Web Sites Build Up Ad Backlog, Raise Rates  —  Prime Spots Are Sold Out  —  Months Ahead as Marketers  —  Shift Dollars From TV, Print  —  As marketers shift dollars from TV and print media to the Internet, more Web sites are hanging "sold out" signs on their most coveted pages and dramatically raising ad rates.
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
Creating false scarcity in advertising
Discussion: Online News Squared
Staci /   Demand For Ad Inventory Outstrips Supply At Major Portals (sub. req.)
Staci /
Yahoo, Gawker Join Forces In Licensing, Distribution Deal : Once again, Nick Denton zigs where Jason Calacanis zags.  Instead of shopping Gawker Media, Denton is teaming up with Yahoo for the blog network's first multi-blog major distribution deal.  Dozens of posts from Gawker's five best-known blogs …
David A. Vise / Washington Post:
Yahoo to Add 5 Gawker Media Blogs to Web Site  —  Yahoo Inc. is adding daily feeds from five popular bloggers to its Web site, the latest move by the Internet giant to spice up its news and entertainment offerings with irreverent content.  —  The firm's licensing deal with privately held …
Discussion: Reuters and Susan Mernit's Blog
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Hot Donkey!  Premium CableCARD HDTV in Microsoft's Media Center Coming in 2006  —  Hot Donkey.  Per the press release below, it's official: expect to see CableCARD HDTV Support in Vista due out before Christmas next year.  As those of you who read my blog know, lack of premium HDTV …
Discussion: Zatz Not Funny and Engadget
Roger O. Crockett / Business Week:
Orchestrating a Revved-Up ROKR  —  After the music-playing handset's lackluster launch, Motorola and Cingular are working on a revamp — and a slew of related services  —  On the 11th floor of the Cingular Wireless headquarters outside Atlanta's hip Buckhead neighborhood, executives are plotting a comeback.
Cmdr Zorg / Game + Life Review:
BLUE SKY IN GAMES CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED  —  Games need BLUE SKIES!  Games need BRIGHT YELLOW SUNS!  Games need RED AND BLUE THINGS in them!  We want to play in a HAPPY PRETEND LAND, not a s**t version of an American slum full of mixed-race gangsters wearing licensed sportswear!
Discussion: Joystiq and Guardian Unlimited
Gina Trapani / Lifehacker:
Geek to Live: Turn Firefox into a web writer  —  The rise of the read/write web makes the term "browser" a misnomer.  If you use web-based e-mail like Gmail, or if you post to forums or write a blog, you're using a "browser" to author documents as well as browse them.
Discussion: Download Squad and Gadgetopia
Inside Google Sitemaps:
More stats!  —  Posted by Vanessa Fox, Google Engineering  —  We've just launched some new features.  The biggest change for those of you already using Sitemaps: if you've verified your site, you'll see substantially more stats and error details.  —  The biggest change for new users …
John C. Dvorak / PC Magazine:
Xbox 360 to the Rescue  —  Real progress in desktop computing always stems from gaming.  Even the invention of spreadsheets was a sort of game, and all the display technologies were boosted by gamers.  But in the mid- to late 1990s, the scene began to focus purely on business computing, giving it a largely undeserved leadership role.
Rustybrick / Search Engine Roundtable:
Coffee Talk with Senior Google Engineer : Matt Cutts  —  Brett introduces the day and this session.  —  This session is where we pound Matt Cutts with questions, or not... we will see.  —  He explained that in 99 or so, he posted a thread telling the search engines to come talk to us (the webmaster).

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