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Ethan /
Google: Start acting like a real business or you're doomed  —  Zvents is an Urchin hosted customer.  Yes, customer, as in we pay Google $200 per month to provide our web stats to us.  We have been very happy with the quality of the tools that Urchin provides, but intermittently unhappy …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Google Analytics Swings at Measure Map  —  Google took the wrapper off Analytics today.  It is a rebranding of their Urchin acquisition from earlier this year.  —  It works in much the same way as MeasureMap - using it requires the addition of javascript into a couple of files on your blog.
Google Blogoscoped:
Google Analytics Dead Today
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Amazon Tags  —  Amazon is integrating user tagging into product pages (see image below).  —  Tags are public by default and can be managed under a "your tags" area that I am failing to find.  You must first select a "Real Name" (odd choice of names given the old company called RealNames).
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Yahoo Shoposphere Just Launched  —  Yahoo Shoposphere launches tonight (well, officially at 6 am EST tomorrow, but I've gotten permission to write about it tonight).  I met with Rob Solomon, Yahoo's GM of Shopping, and Sabrina Crider, a Yahoo PR Manager, last week to take it for a test drive.
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Ten Blogging Hacks  —  Since my last three "hack" posts on bookmarklets, RSS and Technorati were so popular, I thought I would follow up with my ten favorite blogging hacks.  Don't ask me why, but I like the number 10.  These work on most if not all of the major weblog platforms, including TypePad, Blogger and Wordpress.
Liberalcowboy / Jack of All Blogs:   The Ten Evilest and Mostly Unethical Blogging Hacks
Susan Rush /
Visage Supports New MVNO  —  Voce, a planned MVNO targeting the luxury market, is calling on mobile virtual network enabler Visage Mobile to support its planned service.  The upscale MVNO will operate on Cingular Wireless' network.  —  As part of the agreement, Visage will deliver its Visage MVNO platform …
Ina Fried / CNET
Microsoft eyes making desktop apps free  —  Even as Microsoft readies a host of new ad-supported online services to battle rivals, the software maker has been mulling a plan to offer free, ad-supported versions of some of its desktop products, CNET has learned.
Discussion: Hell Yeah
Om Malik / The Next Generation Internet:
The Archive Monetization Principle  —  Nick@Nite, move over.  AOL In2TV is here.  America Online 2.0 is going to offer the classic television shows from Time Warner archives to viewers for free.  Batman cartoons.... oh yeah!  I share Michael Parekh's enthusiasm over this development.
Ed Felten / Freedom to Tinker:
Don't Use Sony's Web-based XCP Uninstaller  —  Alex Halderman and I have confirmed that Sony's Web-based XCP uninstallation utility exposes users to serious security risk.  Under at least some circumstances, running Sony's Web-based uninstaller opens a huge security hole on your computer.
Xbox 360 High Definition FAQ  —  I posted this on Team Xbox because of the rampant confusion regarding the high definition capabilities of the Xbox 360.  Figured it could get some play here as well.  —  Q. Is it true that I have to use a high definition television with the Xbox 360?  —  A. This is false.
Discussion: Gizmodo
Mandriva Linux 2006 review  —  The Desktop Linux Showcase  —  Part two  —  This is the followup to part one of the Mandriva 2006 Review.  Next to a discussion of the features of Mandriva Linux 2006, the used software and hardware, the installation of the system and the first impressions …
Can Microsoft out-Google Google?  —  What will the Internet look like 10 years from now?  Will it look more like one big pay-per-view channel, or more like an open street fair, or will it be somewhere in between?  The answer will be heavily influenced, of course, by the competition between …
Discussion: and
Paul Bond / Reuters:
Study finds TiVo losing ground among DVR users  —  LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - TiVo Inc. has created a digital video recorder with a name that has worked its way into the American lexicon, but its reputation among users and would-be users is beginning to erode amid generic competitors …
Discussion: IT Facts
Steve Stecklow / Wall Street Journal:
The $100 Laptop Moves Closer to Reality  —  A novel plan to develop a $100 laptop computer for distribution to millions of schoolchildren in developing countries has caught the interest of governments and the attention of computer-industry heavyweights.  —  First announced in January …
Discussion: Mac Rumors and Independent Sources
John C. Tanner /
ROKR not rocking Hong Kong's world  —  Two months after its launch in Hong Kong, the Motorola ROKR is generating little buzz on the front lines across Hong Kong's retail outlets, despite its iTunes feature, a mid-range market price ($230-255), and a host of rebates and subsidy packages.

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