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Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Ten Blogging Hacks  —  Since my last three "hack" posts on bookmarklets, RSS and Technorati were so popular, I thought I would follow up with my ten favorite blogging hacks.  Don't ask me why, but I like the number 10.  These work on most if not all of the major weblog platforms, including TypePad, Blogger and Wordpress.
Liberalcowboy / Jack of All Blogs:
The Ten Evilest and Mostly Unethical Blogging Hacks  —  Recently Steve Rubel had a few good ideas.  We have a few others.  But this time its all about how to get get around the rules and not get delisted on Google, or banned by Technorati, and or booted from Google Adsense.
Ethan /
Google: Start acting like a real business or you're doomed  —  Zvents is an Urchin hosted customer.  Yes, customer, as in we pay Google $200 per month to provide our web stats to us.  We have been very happy with the quality of the tools that Urchin provides, but intermittently unhappy …
Rafat /
AOL To Launch In2TV in Association With WB : As we hinted back in July when Network Live launched, AOL is planning a big, online-only TV effort focused on shows from older Warner Bros.  Entertainment...the service, called In2TV, will be launched in 2006, and will include episodes of more than 100 shows.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Amazon Tags  —  Amazon is integrating user tagging into product pages (see image below).  —  Tags are public by default and can be managed under a "your tags" area that I am failing to find.  You must first select a "Real Name" (odd choice of names given the old company called RealNames).
Anil Dash:
Everyone Must Have Tags!
Discussion: cruel to be kind and
PalmSource Joins Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum, Addressing Standards, Interoperability and Mass Adoption of Linux®  —  PalmSource will work alongside operators, device manufacturers, silicon and software vendors  —  SUNNYVALE, CA, November 14, 2005 — PalmSource, Inc. (NASADQ …
Xbox 360 High Definition FAQ  —  I posted this on Team Xbox because of the rampant confusion regarding the high definition capabilities of the Xbox 360.  Figured it could get some play here as well.  —  Q. Is it true that I have to use a high definition television with the Xbox 360?  —  A. This is false.
Discussion: Gizmodo and HD Beat
Maya Roney / Forbes:
Mac Mini Could See Big Announcement  —  NEW YORK - Apple fans: Don't spend all of your holiday money on a video iPod—Wall Street analysts and Mac experts are predicting a surprise announcement of a new Intel-based Mac at MacWorld this January.  —  Back in June, Apple Computer (nasdaq …
Dan Goodin / Wired News:
Boycott Sony  —  After weeks of criticism, Sony has finally agreed to temporarily stand down on an abusive and likely illegal copy restriction practice.  Hold the applause.  —  On Friday, the world's second-biggest record label pledged to temporarily stop making CDs that leave computers vulnerable to security breaches.
Susan Rush /
Visage Supports New MVNO  —  Voce, a planned MVNO targeting the luxury market, is calling on mobile virtual network enabler Visage Mobile to support its planned service.  The upscale MVNO will operate on Cingular Wireless' network.  —  As part of the agreement, Visage will deliver its Visage MVNO platform …
Nick / Rough Type:
Love, money and podcasting  —  It's one of the great questions of our time (or at least this past weekend): Is a podcast a podcast if it isn't an MP3?  Internet audio pioneer Audible set off the debate on Friday when it announced it would enable podcasters to distribute their work in its proprietary …
Steve Stecklow / Wall Street Journal:
The $100 Laptop Moves Closer to Reality  —  A novel plan to develop a $100 laptop computer for distribution to millions of schoolchildren in developing countries has caught the interest of governments and the attention of computer-industry heavyweights.  —  First announced in January …
Discussion: Mac Rumors
Ed Felten / Freedom to Tinker:
Don't Use Sony's Web-based XCP Uninstaller  —  Alex Halderman and I have confirmed that Sony's Web-based XCP uninstallation utility exposes users to serious security risk.  Under at least some circumstances, running Sony's Web-based uninstaller opens a huge security hole on your computer.
Discussion: Techdirt and Boing Boing
Chris Gaither / Los Angeles Times:
Can Yahoo Sign On to Hollywood?  —  The difference between Hollywood's glitzy sensibilities and the smarty-pants culture of Silicon Valley was distilled in a 20-word e-mail to workers in Yahoo Inc.'s Santa Monica office.  —  Sent this year on behalf of a Yahoo executive recently recruited …
Discussion: and SearchViews
eBay drops charges for developers network  —  Seeking to make its presence in third-party rebranded commerce applications more ubiquitous, eBay Inc is lifting all of its API and transaction charges for developers.  —  It's the latest ion a series of moves to expand the eBay developer community.
Discussion: Techdirt
Cray to Base Next-Generation Supercomputers on AMD Opteron(TM) Processor Platform  —  Firms Will Collaborate On Cray's 2006 DARPA HPCS Phase 3 Proposal  —  SEATTLE—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Nov. 14, 2005—AMD (NYSE:AMD - News) and Cray Inc., (Nasdaq NM:CRAY - News) today announced that they have signed …
Discussion: TechSpot

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