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Dave Winer / H Y P E R C A M P:
Full text of Gates email, Ozzie memo  —  Something weird happened just before midnight Eastern time, first the Wall Street Journal, then the NY Times, then the Seattle Post-Intelligencer all had reports on a memo leaked from inside Microsoft that was sent to top management and direct reports …
John Markoff / New York Times:
Internet Services Crucial, Microsoft Memos Say  —  SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 8 - Microsoft must fundamentally alter its business or face being at a significant competitive disadvantage to a growing array of companies offering Internet services, according to memorandums written by two of the company's top executives.
Ina Fried / CNET   Gates memo warns of 'disruptive' changes
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:   Gates/Ozzie challenge Microsoft to "alter its business"
Diane Mermigas / Hollywood Reporter:
Content must catch up with new-media world  —  CHICAGO — It's all about content ... again.  —  Now that virtually all the powers-that-be in media, entertainment and telecommunications are fastening themselves to Internet-connected portable video devices and platforms to be part …
Discussion: Terry Heaton's Weblog and PHOSITA
Simson Garfinkel / Wired News:
History's Worst Software Bugs  —  Last month automaker Toyota announced a recall of 160,000 of its Prius hybrid vehicles following reports of vehicle warning lights illuminating for no reason, and cars' gasoline engines stalling unexpectedly.  But unlike the large-scale auto recalls of years past …
Pete Cashmore / Mashable*:
Hacking Memeorandum: More Proof That Algorithms Don't Work  —  Tara "Miss Rogue" Hunt, Alex Barnett and Ben Barren have been hacking Memeorandum - trying to get a post to appear on the front page of the automated news site by gaming the system.  And it appears to have worked.
Sawyer Sues Atari Over Roller Coaster Tycoon Royalties  —  According to a report in the UK Times newspaper, Roller Coaster Tycoon creator and developer Chris Sawyer is in the processing of pursuing litigation against U.S. publisher Atari for around $4.8 million in royalties which Sawyer …
Discussion: Things That, Joystiq and Kotaku
Los Angeles Times:
As Knight Ridder Goes, So May News Industry  —  Investor pressure to sell the San Jose-based chain comes as papers across the country are losing circulation at an accelerating pace.  —  As big shareholders of Knight Ridder Inc. pressure executives to consider selling the nation's second …
Justin / Justin's Rich Media Blog:
Maps that are Consistent with YOUR design  —  With the power of Flash 8, you can customize the Yahoo! Maps on your site to actually blend with the surrounding design of the site or application.  Forget about a rectangular maps and default colors of the map tiles.
Discussion: JD on MX
Burtonator / Kevin Burton's Feed Blog:
TailRank Public Beta Now Available.  —  After nearly two months of hard work I'm proud to announce that TailRank is now in public beta.  —  The key word here is beta.  This isn't a Google-style beta.  This isn't a Web 2.0-style beta.  This is the old school definition of beta …
All go for giant comms satellite  —  Inmarsat-4 F2, one of the largest and most powerful communications satellites ever built, has succesfully launched from a floating pad in the Pacific.  —  The six-tonne UK-built craft was carried aloft by a Zenit-3SL rocket at approximately 1407 GMT on Tuesday.
Sunbelt Software Blog / Sunbelt BLOG:
Trying to use EULAs and copyright law to block spyware research  —  RetroCoder makes a commercial keylogger called SpyMon, something that someone would normally buy on purpose.  But just in case, it's in our threat database and we treat it like we treat all commercial keyloggers …
Mark Chillingworth /
Macmillan takes on Google Print  —  Macmillan boss Richard Charkin tells IWR why publishers may prefer alliance with Macmillan over search engines  —  Publishers wary of putting their titles online with Google can now side with publishing giant Macmillan, which, with its parent company Holtzbrinck Group …
Discussion: Open Access News
Matt Hines /
MashBoxx to Drive Grokster Legal  —  One day after the Grokster file-sharing service announced a settlement with the recording industry and pulled the plug on its illegal peer-to-peer computing network, sources close to the company confirmed that its assets have been purchased by MashBoxx.
Discussion: broadband and
David Richards /
Police Called In To Investigate Sony  —  A leading software company has accused Sony of spying on tens of thousands of people who buy Sony music CD's.  —  Computer Associates said that new anticopying software Sony is using to discourage pirating of its music also secretly collects information …

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