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Associated Press:
CBS, NBC to Offer TV Shows for 99 Cents  —  NEW YORK (AP) - CBS and NBC have announced deals to offer replays of prime-time programs for 99 cents per episode, shifting television toward a sales model that gained popularity with downloaded music.  —  CBS is teaming up with Comcast Corp. …
Richard Siklos / New York Times:
NBC and CBS to Sell Reruns for 99 Cents Each
Financial Times:
CBS and NBC offer shows 'on demand'
Associated Press:
Grokster Goes Down  —  WASHINGTON — Grokster Ltd., a leading developer of internet file-sharing software popular for stealing songs and movies online, agreed Monday to shut down operations to settle a landmark piracy case filed by Hollywood and the music industry, The Associated Press has learned.
Jeff Leeds / New York Times:
Grokster Calls It Quits on Sharing Music Files  —  LOS ANGELES, Nov. 7 - Grokster, a developer of file-swapping software used to trade copyrighted music and movie files, said Monday that it would halt distribution of the software and cut off support for its associated network as part …
Jennifer Bayot / New York Times:
Grokster File-Sharing Service Shuts Down in Settlement
Mike / Techdirt:
Sony: Rootkits Are Okay, Because No One Knows What They Are  —  from the did-he-actually-say-that?  dept.  —  Sony's response to the whole rootkit fiasco has been anything but reassuring — which is probably why they're facing a series of lawsuits about the matter.
Discussion: Engadget, Gizmodo and digg
Dan Richman / Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Internet takes a bite out of P-I, Times circulation  —  The Internet and telemarketing restrictions are hastening the decline of daily newspaper circulation nationwide and at both of Seattle's daily papers, experts and publishers said after the latest audited counts were released Monday.
Discussion: Not Too Geeky
Chris Anderson / The Long Tail:
David Weinberger / Joho the Blog:
IBM shows for the enterprise, and more  —  I'm at a small IBM press event, "The Future of Social Networks" held in the IBM office in Cambridge.  They're talking about 1) Social Nets Analytics, a "solution" [yech, I hate that term — What product isn't a solution?  Can-opener= Your sealed can solution.
Discussion: Blogspotting, ben barren and EBB
Simson Garfinkel / Wired News:
History's Worst Software Bugs  —  Last month automaker Toyota announced a recall of 160,000 of its Prius hybrid vehicles following reports of vehicle warning lights illuminating for no reason, and cars' gasoline engines stalling unexpectedly.  But unlike the large-scale auto recalls of years past …
Digg Effect: The Top 10 Things Webmasters Should Know  —  Over the weekend, we were on the front page of again.  Getting honored in this way is always a thrill to us.  As a tech-tutorial site we have been highlighted on the front page many times now.
Presentation Zen:
Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic  —  As a follow up to yesterday's post on Bill Gates' presentation style, I thought it would be useful to examine briefly the two contrasting visual approaches employed by Gates and Jobs in their presentations while keeping key aesthetic concepts found in Zen in mind.
Discussion: The Blackfriars Blog
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Ten Technorati Hacks  —  If there's any one site I use more than others (with the exception of Gmail), it's Technorati.  This site is a fantastic window into the psyche of the more digitally inclined.  Here, in another in my series of hack postings, are 10 ways I get more mileage from T'rati.
Discussion: Lifehacker
Nick / Rough Type:
Search is a commodity (again)  —  Until Google came along, internet search suffered from two big problems as a business.  First, it was hard to make money off the end users (as a result, search engines had become commodity services sold to and rebranded by portals) and, second …
Marc Orchant / The Tablet PCs Weblog:
Gateway Chronicle: Happy support stories  —  As I've been working my way through configuring this new Gateway convertible Tablet PC, I've experienced a few glitches - both in process and what's been delivered.  Hardly surprising really - these are the first of a new line of machines and some bumps in the road are to be expected.
Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
Yahoo Local Running Ingenio Pay Per Call?  —  Yahoo Local Running Ingenio Pay Per Call?  —  Here's a hot scoop about Yahoo from a post on the Search Engine Watch forums.  Seems a member of the forums was doing some searches on Yahoo Local and noticed something different about the sponsored links.
Joanna Glasner / Wired News:
Some Technologies Will Annoy  —  If you're waiting for the "home of the future," filled with talking appliances and complex networks that let all our devices communicate with each other, prepare to keep holding your breath.  It's not that those things aren't technically possible.

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