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Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Yahoo's new pretty maps are doomed (and so are Microsoft's)  —  Has Google disrupted the businesses of Yahoo and Microsoft?  Yes!  It got me out of bed to write this post.  No, that's not the disruption I'm talking about (I'll hopefully be able to take a couple of days off …
Richard MacManus / Read/Write Web:
Attack of the Clones  —  So the latest ruckus in tech.blogosphere is about Dave Winer's call to Clone the Google API (note the URL name).  Robert Scoble wrote an enthusiastic post entitled Yahoo's new pretty maps are doomed (and so are Microsoft's), which understandably got up the nostrils of Yahoo!'s Jeremy Zawodny.
Discussion: Pito's Blog and Got Ads?
Michael Bazeley / SiliconBeat:
Yahoo Maps: a Flash-y interface and a better API  —  It's been said before, but the bare-knuckles competition between Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. is nothing but good for consumers.  —  Take the news tonight out of Yahoo about its mapping service.  Yahoo's released another upgrade to Yahoo Maps …
Clone the Google APIs: Kill That Noise  —  Yesterday Dave Winer wrote in a post about cloning the Google API Dave Winer wrote … and earlier that … This doesn't seem like a great idea to me for a wide variety of reasons but first, let's start with a history lesson before I tackle this specific issue
Nat / O'Reilly Radar:
Yahoo! Announce Next-Gen Maps API  —  During the Web 2.0 conference last month, Tim, Rael, and I had the opportunity to check out the new Yahoo! Maps.  I was particularly gratified to see that they've rectified a lot of the usage problems with the previous iteration of Yahoo! Maps, and that they've absolutely kicked ass with the API.
cruel to be kind:
Maps: Let me play  —  Scoble writes about map and APIs:
Discussion: TechBlog
Jeremy Zawodny / Jeremy Zawodny's blog:   Scoble's Obesssion with Google is Good News
Edward W. Felten / Freedom to Tinker:
SonyBMG and First4Internet Release Mysterious Software Update  —  SonyBMG and First4Internet, the companies caught installing rootkit-like software on the computers of people who bought certain CDs, have taken their first baby steps toward addressing the problem.
Eric Goldman / Technology & Marketing Law Blog:
Sony, DRM and Trespass to Chattels
Microsoft Acquires FolderShare, a File-Synchronization Technology Provider  —  Deal aligns with Windows Live goal of connecting customers to the people and information that matter most to them.  —  REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 3, 2005 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it has acquired FolderShare&trade …
Bryan Glick /
Exclusive: Microsoft chairman Bill Gates talks to Computing  —  Bill Gates reflects on Microsoft's past and future plans, in an exclusive two-part interview looking back on Microsoft's 30 years  —  Thirty years after founding the world's biggest software company, and despite being the richest man …
James Boyle / Financial Times:
Web's never-to-be-repeated revolution  —  The web is having a birthday.  This month, we will have the 15th anniversary of the creation of the first web page.  It is the birthday of Tim Berners-Lee's amazing idea that there could be a worldwide web, linked not by spider silk but by hypertext links …
Discussion: Techdirt and Web 2.0 Explorer
James Enck / EuroTelcoblog:
And the answer is...  I guess people have varying definitions for "amazing," and my teaser from last night somehow got people thinking I was talking about VoIP (and several others thought I had landed a mega-bucks job - dream on).  I hope no one is let down.
Kevin Poulsen / Wired News:
Alleged Pop-Up Hacker Busted  —  In the first U.S. prosecution of its kind, FBI agents arrested a 20-year-old Los Angeles man Thursday on charges that he cracked some 400,000 Windows machines and covertly installed pop-up-generating adware on them, in a scheme that allegedly brought in $60,000 in ill-gotten profits.
Discussion: Spyware Confidential and Techdirt
Jason McCabe Calacanis / The Jason Calacanis Weblog:
The Weblog Ad Directory (+ Weblogs, Inc. v. Gawker stats!)  —  My pal Nick has been asking me to expose our stats forever (in fact, trying to bait me by saying that I was afraid).  I never wanted to put them out there because the stats really layout the WIN business plan in many ways.
Discussion: The Blog Herald
Robert Lemos /
World of Warcraft hackers using Sony BMG rootkit  —  Want to cheat in your online game and not get caught?  Just buy a Sony BMG copy protected CD.  —  World of Warcraft hackers have confirmed that the hiding capabilities of Sony BMG's content protection software can make tools made for cheating …
Reuters: creates own record label  —, one of the top music destinations on the Internet, is starting its own record label.  —  The imprint, to be manufactured by Universal Music Group's Interscope Records, will begin life Nov. 15 with the release of the compilation "MySpace Records: Volume I."
10 ISSUES FACING WEB 2.0 GOING INTO 2006  —  Now that industry leaders like Microsoft are not only taking Web 2.0 concepts very seriously, they are apparently intent on banking on them as well, we're certainly living in a slightly different world this week compared to last.
Discussion: Software Only and Read/Write Web

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