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John Borland / CNET
Sony to patch copy-protected CD  —  Sony BMG Music Entertainment and a technology partner are working with antivirus companies on a fix for a potential security problem in some copy-protected CDs.  —  Earlier in the week, security experts said that anticopying technology used by Sony BMG …
Brian Krebs / Washington Post:
Study of Sony Anti-Piracy Software Triggers Uproar  —  File-Hiding Technique Alarms Security Researchers; Developer Offers Patch  —  Irate music fans who posted to dozens of online blogs vowing to never again buy Sony CDs as long as the company keeps using a suddenly beleaguered anti-piracy software program …
Richard MacManus / Read/Write Web:
Microsoft Livens Up Web 2.0  —  Summary: My Day 1 impressions of Windows/Office Live are positive and I think Microsoft is taking up the challenge of an increasingly Web-based software world, while at the same time sticking to their desktop software knitting.
Russ / Russell Beattie Notebook:
Microsoft's Live: Monopoly 4.0
Discussion: Scobleizer
Mary Jo Foley /
Microsoft 'Live': 'Hailstorm' Take 2
Associated Press:
Grandpa Is Sued Over Grandson's Downloads  —  MILWAUKEE - A 67-year-old man who says he doesn't even like watching movies has been sued by the film industry for copyright infringement after a grandson of his downloaded four movies on their home computer.  —  The Motion Picture Association …
SGI Securities to Cease NYSE Trading  —  MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (November 1, 2005)—SGI announced today that it has been advised by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that its common stock - ticker symbol SGI - and its 6.5% Senior Secured Convertible Notes due June 1, 2009 - ticker symbol SGI 09 …
Andrew Orlowski /
SGI delisted, becomes penny stock
Red Herring:
Sprint, Cable Hit Prime Time  —  Carrier and operators will invest in 'grand slam' services and coordinated distribution to 75 million U.S. homes.  —  Sprint Nextel, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, and Advance/Newhouse launched a joint venture on Wednesday that will cooperate …
Discussion: Techdirt and broadband
Joel Spolsky / Joel on Software:
Massive Frontal PR is incompatible with Ship Early and Often  —  Microsoft's new (beta!) portal page,, doesn't work in Firefox, and doesn't work too great in IE either.  The first thing I used it for was to search for "firefox market share."  —  Like every search engine, you get a list of search results.
Byte of the Apple  —  And Speaking of Things Michael Dell Said About Apple  —  And while I'm thinking of Michael Dell, something else he said about Apple - this much more recently - came to mind following Apple's release last week of a new round of PowerMac G5 and PowerBook portable computers.
Allan Beaufour /
Contacts  —  This XForms project has the goal to implement the W3C's XForms 1.0 recommendation in Mozilla.  —  Content  —  What is XForms?  —  Overview  —  Feature Status  —  QA and Testing  —  Documentation  —  How can I help?  —  How do I build it?  —  How do I download it?
Beaufour / blogfour: :(  —  The rumours about cuts …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
New Yahoo Maps Shows Power of Flash  —  An all new Yahoo Maps launches tonight at 9 pm PST.  —  I spoke with Paul Levine, the General Manager of Local, Jeremy Kreitler, a Senior Product Manager of Maps and Local, and Diana Vincent, a PR Manager, earlier today about Yahoo Maps.
Mark Glaser / Online Journalism Review:
Is the bubble back in online media?  —  Venture capitalists and Big Media are showing intense interest in blogs, social media and highly trafficked content sites.  Are we reliving dot-com mania?  —  The New York Times bought  Dow Jones bought MarketWatch.  The Washington Post bought Slate.
SEC FILES EMERGENCY ACTION AGAINST ESTONIAN TRADERS TO STOP ONGOING FRAUDULENT HACKING SCHEME  —  Foreign Traders Used Computerized "Spider" Program to Fraudulently Steal Nonpublic Issuer Press Release Information from Commercial Wire Service  —  The Securities and Exchange Commission …
Business Wire:
Business Wire Comments …
Michele / Kevin Kelly:
Poly Business Card Book  —  I present to you my low-tech solution to a common hassle: what to do with all those business cards you collect?  If I were an organized person I would purchase one of those nifty electronic card-scanners and input the card's data into my contact software.
Think Partnership Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire UK-based Web Diversity LLC  —  NORTHBROOK, Ill.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Nov. 2, 2005—  Headquartered in London and poised to expand into Hong Kong, Web  —  Diversity will work with THK's Smart Interactive operations in the
Discussion: Marketing Pilgrim
Barry Fox /
Invention: Coffee beer  —  For over 30 years, Barry Fox has trawled the world's weird and wonderful patent applications each week, digging out the most exciting, intriguing and even terrifying new ideas.  His column, Invention, is available exclusively online.  —  Read previous Invention round-ups:
Discussion: Smart Mobs, Engadget and
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Give me a home where my MP3's roam  —  About four years ago, I made a conscience decision to digitize my life.  At first it was extremely difficult to let go of my CD & VHS collection, but after experiencing the benefits of digitization, I could never go back.  Digitization has been great to me.
Discussion: Engadget
Lucas van Grinsven / Reuters:
Nokia gloomy about N-Gage  —  BARCELONA (Reuters) - The world's biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia (NOK1V.HE), said on Wednesday it is unhappy with the sales of its N-Gage gaming device and will bring the games to other phones to get enough scale.  —  Nokia offered N-Gage to consumers in 2002 …
Discussion: Engadget

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Jeff Howe / Wired News:
The Hit Factory … The members of Hawthorne Heights have no business being rock stars.
Colin Smillie /
ABOUT THIS CREATION  —  In this version, I took great care …
Nokia introduces a new Web browser for S60 3rd Edition
Bethany Halford / National Geographic:
Bees Can Solve Complex Color Puzzles, Study Finds
Karen Brown /
Cook County Goes All Wireless with IBM

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