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Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
New Yahoo Maps Shows Power of Flash  —  An all new Yahoo Maps launches tonight at 9 pm PST.  —  I spoke with Paul Levine, the General Manager of Local, Jeremy Kreitler, a Senior Product Manager of Maps and Local, and Diana Vincent, a PR Manager, earlier today about Yahoo Maps.
Chris Sherman / Search Engine Watch:
Yahoo Enhances Maps, Integrates Local Search  —  In a major overhaul, Yahoo has significantly upgraded its Maps offering with cleaner maps and integrated local search results.  —  Just as Google did last month, Yahoo has enhanced the functionality of its map offering by integrating local search capabilities and results into the mix.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Yahoo's new pretty maps are doomed (and so are Microsoft's)  —  Has Google disrupted the businesses of Yahoo and Microsoft?  Yes!  It got me out of bed to write this post.  No, that's not the disruption I'm talking about (I'll hopefully be able to take a couple of days off …
Rev Dan Catt / geobloggers:
Yahoo Maps... First Look
Edward W. Felten / Freedom to Tinker:
SonyBMG and First4Internet Release Mysterious Software Update  —  SonyBMG and First4Internet, the companies caught installing rootkit-like software on the computers of people who bought certain CDs, have taken their first baby steps toward addressing the problem.
John Borland / CNET
Sony CD protection sparks security concerns  —  Mark Russinovich was doing a routine test this week of computer security software he'd co-written, when he made a surprising discovery: Something new was hiding itself deep inside his PC's guts.  —  It took some time for Russinovich …
Eric Goldman / Technology & Marketing Law Blog:
Sony, DRM and Trespass to Chattels
Discussion: Terra Nova and Copyfight
Robert Lemos /
World of Warcraft hackers using Sony BMG rootkit
Discussion: technology filter and Boing Boing
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
The new Robert Scoble Services agenda  —  Oh, Dave, I couldn't say "clone the Google API" in public!  But you did.  So I'll riff on it.  I agree with it.  I'll even repeat it.  Clone the Google API.  Clone the Google API.  Clone the Google API.  Without the limits.  Without the limits.
Michael Gartenberg:
When perception is reality or is seeing really believing?
Discussion: Microsoft Monitor
Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
Google Patent : Organic Results Ranked by User Profiling  —  Google Patent : Organic Results Ranked by User Profiling  —  Google has filed for an organic search patent which is a bit different than what we're used to seeing in Google search, and perhaps something we may expect from their AdWords or AdSense divisions.
Adam Mathes / Official Google Blog:
Preserving public domain books  —  The world's libraries are a tremendous source of knowledge, much of which has never been available online.  One of our goals for Google Print is to change that, and today we've taken an exciting step toward meeting it: making available a number …
Call Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime for Free(1)  —  WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Nov. 3, 2005 — United Online, Inc. (Nasdaq:UNTD), a leading provider of consumer Internet subscription services, has launched NetZero Voice, a Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service that provides local …
Marguerite Reardon / ZDNet:
VoIP providers band together
10 ISSUES FACING WEB 2.0 GOING INTO 2006  —  Now that industry leaders like Microsoft are not only taking Web 2.0 concepts very seriously, they are apparently intent on banking on them as well, we're certainly living in a slightly different world this week compared to last.
Discussion: Read/Write Web
Pat Schroeder / Washington Times:
Reining in Google  —  You're probably reading the byline above and wondering, "What could these two, from opposite sides of the aisle in Congress, possibly have in common with each other?"  —  The answer is when it comes to Google's Print Library Project we have much in common …
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
Saving journalism isn't about saving jobs  —  Every time we hear about another cutback in newspapers — and there are plenty of them these days — we automatically hear the notion that journalism jobs must be saved to save journalism.  I'm afraid it's time to challenge that assumption.
Associated Press:
Samsung: No Plans to Open Online Music Biz  —  SEOUL, South Korea - Contrary to reports last week, Samsung Electronics Co. has no plans to enter the online music business with a system similar to Apple Computer Inc.'s iTunes service, an executive said Thursday.
Martha Irvine / Associated Press:
Survey: One in Five Teens Have Own Blogs  —  CHICAGO - Nearly three in five school-age teens with Internet access have created online content, including Web pages with artwork, photos and stories — and about a fifth have their own blogs, which also allow friends and other readers to create feedback postings.

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