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Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
New Yahoo Maps Shows Power of Flash  —  An all new Yahoo Maps launches tonight at 9 pm PST.  —  I spoke with Paul Levine, the General Manager of Local, Jeremy Kreitler, a Senior Product Manager of Maps and Local, and Diana Vincent, a PR Manager, earlier today about Yahoo Maps.
Yahoo! Search blog:
Yahoo! Maps: drag 'em, search 'em, hack 'em  —  Today we're giving you a first look at the next generation of Yahoo! Maps which, we think, has a lot of features you're gonna like.  We've really worked hard to make the product as intuitive as possible while building in some major upgrades in the interface …
Chad Dickerson / Chad Dickerson's blog:   Super-mashup with Yahoo! APIs: event browser
Wired News:
The Cover-Up Is the Crime  —  Sony BMG is facing a cacophony of criticism this week following the revelation that some of its CDs are packed with special copy-protection software that conceals itself with an advanced hacker cloaking technique.  We think the company is getting off easy.
John Borland / CNET
Sony to patch copy-protected CD  —  Sony BMG Music Entertainment and a technology partner are working with antivirus companies on a fix for a potential security problem in some copy-protected CDs.  —  Earlier in the week, security experts said that anticopying technology used by Sony BMG …
Brian Krebs / Washington Post:
Study of Sony Anti-Piracy Software Triggers Uproar  —  File-Hiding Technique Alarms Security Researchers; Developer Offers Patch  —  Irate music fans who posted to dozens of online blogs vowing to never again buy Sony CDs as long as the company keeps using a suddenly beleaguered anti-piracy software program …
Lucas van Grinsven / Reuters:
Nokia gloomy about N-Gage  —  BARCELONA (Reuters) - The world's biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia (NOK1V.HE), said on Wednesday it is unhappy with the sales of its N-Gage gaming device and will bring the games to other phones to get enough scale.  —  Nokia offered N-Gage to consumers in 2002 …
Discussion: Engadget
Mark Glaser / Online Journalism Review:
Is the bubble back in online media?  —  Venture capitalists and Big Media are showing intense interest in blogs, social media and highly trafficked content sites.  Are we reliving dot-com mania?  —  The New York Times bought  Dow Jones bought MarketWatch.  The Washington Post bought Slate.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
The new Robert Scoble Services agenda  —  Oh, Dave, I couldn't say "clone the Google API" in public!  But you did.  So I'll riff on it.  I agree with it.  I'll even repeat it.  Clone the Google API.  Clone the Google API.  Clone the Google API.  Without the limits.  Without the limits.
Discussion: Pito's Blog and Scripting News
SGI Securities to Cease NYSE Trading  —  MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., (November 1, 2005)—SGI announced today that it has been advised by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that its common stock - ticker symbol SGI - and its 6.5% Senior Secured Convertible Notes due June 1, 2009 - ticker symbol SGI 09 …
Andrew Orlowski /
SGI delisted, becomes penny stock
Associated Press:
Grandpa Is Sued Over Grandson's Downloads  —  MILWAUKEE - A 67-year-old man who says he doesn't even like watching movies has been sued by the film industry for copyright infringement after a grandson of his downloaded four movies on their home computer.  —  The Motion Picture Association …
Joris Evers / CNET
Microsoft patches may break Web sites  —  Two Microsoft security updates for Internet Explorer can break the functionality of Web sites that use certain custom applications.  —  The problems occur after installing the patches Microsoft delivered with security bulletins MS05-038 and MS05-052 …
Discussion: Donna's SecurityFlash
Carrie McLaren / Stay Free! Daily:
Cafepress: Copyright Cops  —  I've had only good things to say about working with Cafepress in the past but this time they are out of control.  —  After a reader sent me a note wondering what happened to our Panexa merchandise, I noticed that Cafepress has removed it due to copyright and trademark infringement!
Colin Smillie /
ABOUT THIS CREATION  —  In this version, I took great care to get the dimensions right as well as the support.  I can finally say that this is, in my opinion, a full-scale 'minifig' ship.  Of course, I realize that many people have differing views on what makes minifig scale, but they can go do their own Falcon. :)
Jeff Howe / Wired News:
The Hit Factory … The members of Hawthorne Heights have no business being rock stars.  They play a strain of punk that has consigned innumerable bands to the obscurity of dive bars and pirate radio.  For the past three decades, a devotion to this stripped-down, anticommercial music has meant never quitting your day job.
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Give me a home where my MP3's roam  —  About four years ago, I made a conscience decision to digitize my life.  At first it was extremely difficult to let go of my CD & VHS collection, but after experiencing the benefits of digitization, I could never go back.  Digitization has been great to me.
Discussion: Engadget
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
GUBA, Google of the Usenet?  —  Lost amidst the hype and hoopla around the Web 2.0 is an inherent truth: the web is not the Internet, but instead a part of the Internet.  Internet relay chats, email, peer-to-peer networks, and the dark web are all part of the Internet and account for more data traffic than the web.

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