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Yahoo! Search blog:
Yahoo! Maps: drag 'em, search 'em, hack 'em  —  Today we're giving you a first look at the next generation of Yahoo! Maps which, we think, has a lot of features you're gonna like.  We've really worked hard to make the product as intuitive as possible while building in some major upgrades in the interface …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
New Yahoo Maps Shows Power of Flash  —  An all new Yahoo Maps launches tonight at 9 pm PST.  —  I spoke with Paul Levine, the General Manager of Local, Jeremy Kreitler, a Senior Product Manager of Maps and Local, and Diana Vincent, a PR Manager, earlier today about Yahoo Maps.
Chris Sherman / Search Engine Watch:
Yahoo Enhances Maps, Integrates Local Search  —  In a major overhaul, Yahoo has significantly upgraded its Maps offering with cleaner maps and integrated local search results.  —  Just as Google did last month, Yahoo has enhanced the functionality of its map offering by integrating local search capabilities and results into the mix.
Chad Dickerson / Chad Dickerson's blog:   Super-mashup with Yahoo! APIs: event browser
Wired News:
The Cover-Up Is the Crime  —  Sony BMG is facing a cacophony of criticism this week following the revelation that some of its CDs are packed with special copy-protection software that conceals itself with an advanced hacker cloaking technique.  We think the company is getting off easy.
Teen Content Creators and Consumers: More than half of online teens have created content for the internet; and most teen downloaders think that getting free music files is easy to do  —  American teenagers today are utilizing the interactive capabilities of the internet as they create and share their own media creations.
Discussion: Online News Squared and IT Facts
Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
Google Patent : Organic Results Ranked by User Profiling  —  Google Patent : Organic Results Ranked by User Profiling  —  Google has filed for an organic search patent which is a bit different than what we're used to seeing in Google search, and perhaps something we may expect from their AdWords or AdSense divisions.
Pat Schroeder / Washington Times:
Reining in Google  —  You're probably reading the byline above and wondering, "What could these two, from opposite sides of the aisle in Congress, possibly have in common with each other?"  —  The answer is when it comes to Google's Print Library Project we have much in common …
Discussion: Rough Type and Colin's Corner
Adam Mathes / Official Google Blog:
Preserving public domain books  —  The world's libraries are a tremendous source of knowledge, much of which has never been available online.  One of our goals for Google Print is to change that, and today we've taken an exciting step toward meeting it: making available a number …
Marguerite Reardon / ZDNet:
VoIP providers band together … A handful of voice over Internet providers will announce on Thursday that they are banding together to promote the use of Internet telephony.  —  The group, called the Internet Voice Campaign, is a part of the VON Coalition, a group that aims to increase adoption and use of voice over IP.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
The new Robert Scoble Services agenda  —  Oh, Dave, I couldn't say "clone the Google API" in public!  But you did.  So I'll riff on it.  I agree with it.  I'll even repeat it.  Clone the Google API.  Clone the Google API.  Clone the Google API.  Without the limits.  Without the limits.
Mark Glaser / Online Journalism Review:
Is the bubble back in online media?  —  Venture capitalists and Big Media are showing intense interest in blogs, social media and highly trafficked content sites.  Are we reliving dot-com mania?  —  The New York Times bought  Dow Jones bought MarketWatch.  The Washington Post bought Slate.
Shane / Aeropause:
The Carnival of Games #8  —  Hello and welcome to the Carnival of Games #8 (dings wine glass with a fork, crowd mutters with excitement).  I am Shane, your (virtual) host for today and until the next Carnival arrives.  You will notice that no two articles are alike in this wonderful iteration of Joystick chatter, thanks to me.
Lucas van Grinsven / Reuters:
Nokia gloomy about N-Gage  —  BARCELONA (Reuters) - The world's biggest mobile phone maker, Nokia (NOK1V.HE), said on Wednesday it is unhappy with the sales of its N-Gage gaming device and will bring the games to other phones to get enough scale.  —  Nokia offered N-Gage to consumers in 2002 …
Discussion: Engadget
Flock Never Stood A Chance  —  I am sure everyone has heard of Flock by now.  It was almost impossible not to read about it at least somewhere with the amount of hype it had going for it.  I would like to jot down some quick thoughts on why Flock never stood a chance in replacing Firefox …

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