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Mike / Techdirt:
SBC: We Own The Internet, So Google Should Pay Up  —  from the uh-oh.—trouble-coming.  dept.  —  It's become pretty clear that Kevin Martin's FCC has no problem considering "competition" in the broadband space to mean incumbent telcos vs. incumbent cable companies.
Amy Gardner /
iTunes Music Store Sells One Million Videos in Less Than 20 Days  —  CUPERTINO, California—October 31, 2005—Apple® today announced that iTunes® Music Store customers have purchased and downloaded more than one million videos since they debuted on October 12.
Sprint Launches the First Instant, Over the Air Music Download Service in the U.S.  —  Sprint Music Store Fact Sheet  —  Sprint (NYSE: S) customers will be the first wireless customers in the U.S. to download full songs over-the-air.  Today Sprint announced the opening of the Sprint Music Store …
Discussion: Gizmodo and Phone Scoop
Stephen Shankland / CNET
Google throws bodies at OpenOffice  —  Google plans to hire programmers to improve, a demonstration of its affinity for open source initiatives and one the company believes also shows sound practical sense.  —  OpenOffice has its roots in Sun Microsystems' StarOffice suite of programs.
Staci /
Google Ad Plans Move Far Beyond The Computer : It's absolutely no secret that Google's ad plans aren't limited to the PC.  The company is already trying out the print waters in a smallish trial, ads are placed against book searching and chatter about TV has been getting louder.
Ken Yarmosh / TECHNOSIGHT:
AN OPEN LETTER TO TECHCRUNCH'S MICHAEL ARRINGTON  —  Michael-  —  I really appreciate what you've done for Web 2.0 and the larger tech community.  In many ways, you have given Web 2.0 a face it previously didn't have.  TechCrunch is one of my 'must read' blogs and I'm always excited …
Discussion: Mashable*, ben barren and Tinfinger
Mike / CrunchNotes:   Conflicts of Interest  —  Ken Yarmosh, a paid consultant …
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Ken feels Blogniscient isn't getting a fair shake
Discussion: Download Squad
Tim / O'Reilly Radar:
Google Print Debate on Farber's IP List  —  Over the past couple of days, there have been quite a few interesting postings about the Google Print controversy over on Dave Farber's IP List.  There's a lot of the usual back and forth, but a couple of postings that give some background on possible legal precedent.
Discussion: Boing Boing
greg hughes:
WOW!!  I just played games on an XBOX 360  —  HO-LY CRR-AP!!  —  Okay, so... When Microsoft says the XBOX 360 is a whole new level of gaming machine, they're serious.  —  I just played a couple shooters on a XBOX 360 game console and that's it, I'm sold.  The graphics are GREAT.
Harry McCracken / PC World's Techlog:
Windows Vista: Death to Menus?  —  For three months now, I've been cheerfully doing something that virtually nobody, including Microsoft, thinks is a good idea: using beta versions of Windows Vista to do actual work on my primary office PC.  Which means that I've already logged hundreds of hours with the new OS.
Managing Murphy's Law on Mars  —  A NASA report lays out the risks of exploring Mars and considers how to mitigate them.  —  NASA — This is it: the moment of truth.  —  The spacecraft door has just clanged shut behind you, locking you and your fellow astronauts into the small cabin …
Pre-Loaded Maps in a Pocket PC  —  The iQue M4 is Garmin's first iQue to come pre-loaded with City Navigator North America NT covering the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  There's no need for downloads from your PC.  —  The iQue M4 uses Garmin's familiar StreetPilot interface …
Discussion: and Engadget
Tom Hume:
Mobile games  —  Sounds like a buckleys_mobhappy/2005/10/austin_games_ co.html">good rant: "Mobile game guru Greg Costikyan, formerly with Nokia Research but now head of Manifesto Games, highlighted a number of problems facing the mobile games industry, and developers in particular.

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