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Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
RSS usability sucks  —  At the Blog Business Summit yesterday we discovered just how bad RSS usability sucks.  Molly Holzschalg was on stage with me and visited a blog and was trying to find its RSS feed.  She couldn't find it.  Why?  Cause there's no consistency in this industry on how to subscribe.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:' RSS feeds suck  —  Update: since writing this post WordPress's feeds started validating.  That needs to be pointed out because I've found the WordPress team is remarkably fast at listening to its users and implementing fixes and features.  Yesterday at the Blog Business Summit …
Discussion: The RSS Blog and Scripting News
So you want to get a Tablet PC  —  Marc Orchant, Warner Crocker and I had a discussion on the current OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast that touched on how to choose the right type of Tablet PC for you.  The expanding number and types of Tablet PCs available today makes the task of finding the right one even more daunting than ever.
Shel Israel / Naked Conversations:
An Open Letter to Forbes Magazine  —  I don't know you and you don't know me, but I do know a few editors and reporters at Forbes and have been reading it for more than 20 years.  I've found it to usually be both intelligent and provocative, although written as if it were catering to stock market shorters.
Dave Taylor / The Intuitive Life Business Blog:
Forbes "Attack of the Blogs" is surprisingly accurate  —  Alright, I'll admit up front, this article is deliberately going to take the opposite tack to the vast majority of bloggers who are, predictably, jumping to the defense of the blogosphere after Forbes Magazine published a feature by Daniel Lyons entitled Attack of the Blogs.
Steve Jobs: The guru behind Apple  —  He's chief executive of two of the most powerful technology brands in the world: Apple and Pixar.  But what motivates Steve Jobs?  And how does he choose a new washing machine?  Charles Arthur investigates  —  Imagine the scenario: a billionaire walks into a mobile phone shop.
Tracy / The Student Tablet PC:
Acrobat Commenting  —  I was speaking with Eric Mack and he mentioned his search for a program which kept track of what you highlighted.  It didn't dawn on me until then that Acrobat may be an answer (though not ideal).  —  If you've used Adobe Acrobat 7. before, you likely know that you can mark …
Jodi Kantor / New York Times:
The Extra-Large, Ultra-Small Medium  —  ON Monday morning, news networks were breathlessly covering two entirely different hurricanes.  The first blew off the screen in all its fury, droplets speeding by, stop signs spinning, palm fronds flying and strands of soaked hair clinging to correspondents' foreheads.
Discussion: IP Democracy
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Blogniscient v. Memeorandum  —  Ben Ruedlinger's Blogniscient relaunched today with a completely new look and feel.  An old screenshot of the service is here.  —  Blogniscient is a blog news organizer that, like Memeorandum, uses a propreitary algorithm for determining what's hot in the blogosphere at any given time.
Fons / China Herald:
internet - Typepad seems blocked  —  The webhosting service typepad seems blocked in China.  A few people asked me to check it earlier today, but since the services was having major problems because it was moving from one data center to another, I first believed that could explain access problems.
The RIM Blackberry 8700c from Cingular at $299.00?  —  Research In Motion could be set to unveil the latest version of its BlackBerry device as early as next week, sources told us.  —  Discuss the Blackberry 8700c - Opens in new window  —  The BlackBerry 8700, codenamed Electron, is expected be introduced first by Cingular Wireless.
Discussion: Engadget
Steve Gillmor / ZDNet:
Attention Bunny  —  When Robert Scoble reported on our late night conversation after the Berkeley meat-up Monday night, I briefly panicked when I realized he had really gotten what I've been talking about with regards to attention.  Then I calmed down, figuring he'd forget it all after a good night's sleep.
Jonathan Riddell / KDE Dot News:
Free Remote KDE Desktops from  — offers free remote KDE desktops over NX.  Anyone can sign up to have their own desktop accessible from any computer with a network connection.  CosmoPOP uses KDE's Kiosk framework to ensure security for their system.
Discussion: and digg
Tag Camp Day Two Notes and Podcast  —  The second and final day of Tag Camp was certainly interesting.  Like the first day, there were three formal channels of presentations, as well as a wide variety of informal discussions taking place in the main area.  —  The highlights of my day were …
Discussion: Software Only, HorsePigCow and DV Guru

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