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Podtech / Comments from the PodTech Gallery:
PodTech Exclusive: Steve Forbes, CEO & Editor in Chief, Forbes Inc. - Transcript  —  Here is the transcript of PodTech's exclusive podcast with Steve Forbes in his first ever podcast.  Steve Forbes' first ever podcast in a PodTech exclusive.  I travelled to New York City to sit down with Steve …
Discussion: NevOn
Shel Israel / Naked Conversations:
An Open Letter to Forbes Magazine  —  I don't know you and you don't know me, but I do know a few editors and reporters at Forbes and have been reading it for more than 20 years.  I've found it to usually be both intelligent and provocative, although written as if it were catering to stock market shorters.
Discussion: The Doc Searls Weblog
Brian Steinberg / Wall Street Journal:
Google Weighs on Madison Avenue  —  Ad Firms Watch Closely  —  As Search Engine Ponders  —  Move to Traditional Media  —  It's the big question on Madison Avenue: Is Google a friend or foe?  —  Ad companies are increasingly jittery about signs that Google is contemplating expanding …
Telefonica buys UK's O2 for £18bn  —  Mobile phone group O2 has agreed a takeover offer from Spanish telecom company Telefonica.  —  Telefonica is to pay £17.7bn ($31.6bn) for the firm in order to get a foothold in two of Europe's largest mobile phone markets - the UK and Germany.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:' RSS feeds suck  —  Update: since writing this post WordPress's feeds started validating.  That needs to be pointed out because I've found the WordPress team is remarkably fast at listening to its users and implementing fixes and features.  Yesterday at the Blog Business Summit …
Business Week:
At SBC, It's All About "Scale and Scope"  —  CEO Edward Whitacre talks about the AT&T Wireless acquisition and how he's moving to keep abreast of cable competitors  —  SBC Telecommunications' financial performance of late hasn't been much to write home about.
Discussion: Techdirt and VoIP and ENUM
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
RSS usability sucks  —  At the Blog Business Summit yesterday we discovered just how bad RSS usability sucks.  Molly Holzschalg was on stage with me and visited a blog and was trying to find its RSS feed.  She couldn't find it.  Why?  Cause there's no consistency in this industry on how to subscribe.
Dan Goodin / Wired News:
Public Enemy Takes It to the Net  —  In 1988, Public Enemy released It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and unleashed one of the biggest changes in popular music since the arrival of Bob Dylan.  Its searing critique of American culture and the rhyming anthems of black nationalism …
Associated Press:
Web Banking to Upgrade Security  —  BOSTON — If you do banking over the internet, generally the drill is pretty simple: You enter your user name and password, and away you go.  But behind the scenes, the bank can do a lot to check you out: Are you at your home computer …
Steve Jobs: The guru behind Apple  —  He's chief executive of two of the most powerful technology brands in the world: Apple and Pixar.  But what motivates Steve Jobs?  And how does he choose a new washing machine?  Charles Arthur investigates  —  Imagine the scenario: a billionaire walks into a mobile phone shop.
So you want to get a Tablet PC  —  Marc Orchant, Warner Crocker and I had a discussion on the current OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast that touched on how to choose the right type of Tablet PC for you.  The expanding number and types of Tablet PCs available today makes the task of finding the right one even more daunting than ever.
Ben Striegel / Joystiq:
Could the PS3 really be delayed until 2007?  —  Yesterday, we reported that the BBC believed that the PS3 wouldn't be launching until late 2007.  They didn't cite their sources, but the skeptic in us figgers the Beeb fell for Microsoft marketing hype.  Today, however, we received a tip from a …
Discussion: Smalltalk Tidbits …
Tracy / The Student Tablet PC:
Acrobat Commenting  —  I was speaking with Eric Mack and he mentioned his search for a program which kept track of what you highlighted.  It didn't dawn on me until then that Acrobat may be an answer (though not ideal).  —  If you've used Adobe Acrobat 7. before, you likely know that you can mark …
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Ken feels Blogniscient isn't getting a fair shake  —  Ken Yarmosh feels that Blogniscient isn't getting a fair shake.  —  Ken, the thing is I've been using Memeorandum ever since early summer.  Blogniscient just got on my radar screen in the past month.  It takes time to get a fair shake.

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