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Ken Yarmosh / TECHNOSIGHT:
THE NEW FACE OF BLOGNISCIENT  —  In my latest interview with Ben Ruedlinger the founder of Blogniscient, I mentioned that there were some significant and exciting changes on the way.  Well, the changes are done and I'm happy to announce the new face of Blogniscient.
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Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Blog news services are fighting it out  —  The blog news service space is pretty hot right now.  You have Memeorandum.  Digg (which just got $2.8 million in venture capital).  Blogniscient.  And a few others.  —  Yesterday Blogniscient underwent a redesign.  Looks much nicer now.
Discussion: Geek News Central …
Martin LaMonica / CNET
Oracle to offer free database  —  Oracle intends to release a free version of its database, a reaction to the growing competitive pressure from low-end open-source databases.  —  The database heavyweight on Tuesday is expected to announce the beta release of Oracle 10g Express Edition …
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John Borland / CNET
'Lost' finds deeper reality online  —  The night before the "Lost" season finale last May, the show's writers and executives had a surprise planned.  But the fans found it first.  —  For several months, the team behind the hit television show had been discussing a new set of Internet sites …
Nick Farrell / Inquirer:
Microsoft hauled into court in piracy case  —  Volefinger, he's the one, the one with the furry touch  —  SOFTWARE GIANT and music industry friend Microsoft was dragged squeaking before a court and accused of music piracy.  —  The former drummer for the defunct popular beat combo Ink & Dagger …
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China Martens / InfoWorld:
Open source 2.0: New kids on the block  —  With the boom in the number of open source startups some are predicting fallout  —  Remember a year or so ago when you could probably name most of the open-source companies in the market?  Try doing that now when the number of startups has skyrocketed to several hundred.
Discussion: AC/OS and The Blog
Dave Winer /
OPML Validator Beta  —  Okay, here's the first beta of the OPML Validator.  —  —  It works like you think it should.  You give it the URL of an OPML document, and it checks to see if it conforms to the OPML spec, and the OPML Validation Guidelines.  —  Caveat
Tablet PC Team Blog:
Strumento di Cattura... Coming Soon!  —  On my personal blog, I get a lot of requests from international fans of Snipping Tool v2.0 (part of the Experience Pack for Tablet PC).  "When will a version be available that works on my <insert country of origin here> Tablet?"
Discussion: jkOnTheRun
Brad Burnham / Union Square Ventures:
Sessions Top Ten Insights - Two  —  Social production systems seem to deliver a much higher portion of the economic value created to the consumers than traditional production systems do.  —  As Tim O'Reilly says, … This may be because peer producers could get restless if they felt …
Inside AdSense Team / Inside AdSense:
The facts about smart pricing  —  We've noticed a lot of talk recently about the phenomenon commonly referred to as 'smart pricing'.  There are some misconceptions out there about this, so we wanted to provide a few facts about smart pricing and how to ensure you're maximizing your revenue.
Shallow journalism at Forbes magazine  —  When you see a business magazine story about blogs with the title "Attack of The Blogs!," you should know what to expect.  A cover story in the latest edition of Forbes magazine doesn't disappoint as this paragraph indicates:
The Java Desktop System  —  Introduction  —  The Java Desktop System is a secure and comprehensive enterprise desktop software solution that combines the best of open source innovation.  Java Desktop System is a major component of the Solaris 10 Operating System, x86 and SPARC architecure editions …
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Dan Bricklin Log:
Berkman Center meeting on Open Document Format  —  There was an invitation-only meeting at the Berkman Center this afternoon.  I attended and managed to get a good recording of the first hour and a quarter (of two hours) before my batteries died.  They will have a full recording shortly on their website …
Davilac /
Discover the ultimate all-in-one SEO Tool … A totally new and smart way to check SEO stats while you surf:  —  The SEO Links extension gives you tooltips specially enhanced for SEOs.  When enabled, hovering any link in Firefox will show you Yahoo, MSN, and Google link popularity and ranking data for the URL and anchor text pair.

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