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Andrew Orlowski / The Register:
Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems  —  Yes it's garbage, but it's delivered so much faster!  —  Encouraging signs from the Wikipedia project, where co-founder and überpedian Jimmy Wales has acknowledged there are real quality problems with the online work.
Om Malik / Om Malik's Broadband Blog:
Web 2.0, Community & the Commerce Conundrum  —  Nicholas Carr has an uncanny ability of saying things that manage to upset many, if not most people.  His original essay, IT Doesn't Matter, managed to get under the skin of Silicon Valley insiders, who tried to dismiss him with a flick of their collective wrists.
Nick / Rough Type:
The law of the wiki  —  The Register's Andrew Orlowski finds "encouraging signs from the Wikipedia project, where co-founder and überpedian Jimmy Wales has acknowledged there are real quality problems with the online work."  Noting that up to now "criticism from outside the Wikipedia camp …
Matt Marshall / SiliconBeat:
The Web 2.0 open/closed debate explodes
Discussion: The Kelsey Group
Yahoo! Search blog:
Yahoo! and Whereonearth Get More Relevant Together  —  In an offline world 80-90% of purchases happen within 8-10 miles of your home.  We believe this will carry over into the online world and in an increasingly personalized internet, users should expect their search results to reflect their lives more precisely.
Eric A. Taub / New York Times:
McDonald's and Nintendo in Wi-Fi Deal  —  Would you like Mario with that Big Mac?  —  Nintendo of America is expected to announce today that it will offer free wireless Internet access for its Nintendo DS portable game system at McDonald's restaurants.  Customers will be able to play select DS games …
Stuart Miles /
Nintendo offers free wi-fi at MacDonalds in US
Peter Lewis / Fortune:
Jobs Speaks: What's Next for Apple  —  What it takes to set the pace in consumer tech.  —  "There's just one more thing," says Steve Jobs, as he does near the end of most Apple product launches.  The phrase delights the Mac faithful in the audience in San Jose because they have come …
Stone Lion / NewsForge:
Three reasons why Internet-based applications are a bad idea  —  By: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller  —  We've all heard the hype about how Sun and Google may someday, somehow, produce a version of StarOffice or that you'll access online through your browser instead of installing an office suite on your hard drive.
Discussion: Download Squad, Techdirt and digg
Edward Wyatt / New York Times:
Google Opens 8 Sites in Europe, Widening Its Book Search Effort  —  FRANKFURT, Oct. 17 - Google said Monday that it had begun operating local-language sites in eight European countries for its Google Print program, its closely watched effort to make all of the world's books searchable online …
Jeff Clavier / ZDNet:
Innovation 2.0: Why Web 2.0 companies might have to flip to avoid being flopped  —  The question of "What is Web 2.0" has been debated at length in the blogosphere and in the alleys of the eponymous conference a week ago (and I am not sure that we have come to any agreement yet).
Randy Charles Morin / The RSS Blog:
State of the Splogosphere  —  The topic of the day, is Blogspot splogs.  I gotta admit, my own RSS reader is giving me more SPAM than anything these days.  Many in the blogosphere have pointed the finger at Google and want Blogspot taken down until they can fix the splog program.  This is very short-sighted.
Steve Gillmor / Steve Gillmor's InfoRouter:
Links are dead, Doc  —  Good grief.  My friend Doc Searls has reacted big time to my suggestion that links are dead.  OK, I was going to sugercoat it but if you insist….  —  Doc, last in first out.  Links have leverage, attention doesn't?  Well, every singloe new search play …
MSN Adcenter Beta - Preview  —  Microsoft has begun its paid search pilot program by rolling out its' beta pay-per-click interface, a product they call AdCenter.  In order to review thier product I signed up for an account via their Singapore page.  —  At first glance, AdCenter is reminiscent …
Discussion: OpsanBlog
Mike Wendland / Detroit Free Press:
MIKE WENDLAND: Microsoft has a winner with Tablet PC operating system  —  Not to be a name dropper, but when Bill Gates spotted me last week at a news conference in Ann Arbor his face broke into a big grin and he greeted me with something to the effect of "Hey, Mike, my favorite reporter!"
Peter Rojas / Engadget:
How-To: Get TV shows off of your TiVo and onto your iPod (with video)  —  This week's How-To comes to us courtesy of Dave Zatz, a long-time Engadget pal who we finally convinced to join the staff as a contributor.  Dave is the master of all things TiVo, and for his first How-To he's whipped …
Jason White / CNN:
Wireless technology changing work and play  —  (CNN) — Geoffrey Bowker, executive director of a research institute at Santa Clara University, remembers a time when going to academic conferences meant leaving office concerns behind, hearing provocative lectures and getting to experience a new city.
Discussion: Between the Lines

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Jennifer LeClaire /
OSDL Launches Mobile Linux Initiative
Eric Auchard / Reuters:
Yahoo profit flat, sales strong
John Battelle / John Battelle's Searchblog:
Kirstin Ridley / Reuters:
3 UK lets cell users make, sell videos
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Kim Zetter / Wired News:
Spyware: What You Need to Know  —  It can turn your system …
Khoi Vinh /
Will Short Scope Will Hinder Slashdot Redesign?
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Ryan Naraine /
Microsoft Bakes Windows AntiSpyware into Vista
Donna Wentworth / Copyfight:
A Charter for the Future of Intellectual Property

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