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Dsifry / Sifry's Alerts:
State of the Blogosphere, October 2005 Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth  —  It is that time of the year again, and I've got some new information on the continued growth of the blogosphere.  I made this presentation as part of my 10 minute talk at Web 2.0 on October 6, 2005.
Mark Cuban / Blog Maverick:
Get Your Blogspot S**t Together Google  —  It was exactly two months ago I wrote about problems that and really, the entire blogosphere was having with Splogs created and maintained on, with a URL.  —  Well the S**t hit the fan today.
Dave Winer / Scripting News:
Since coming back to the Bay Area, most weekends when I'm in town …
Discussion: ben barren and paradox1x
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Chris Pirillo tells Google to fix BlogSpot
Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes … Weblogs are a form of website.  The thousands of normal website usability guidelines therefore apply to them, as do this year's top ten design mistakes.  But weblogs are also a special genre of website; they have unique characteristics and thus distinct usability problems.
Peter Rip / EarlyStageVC:
The Web 2.0 Entrepreneur Bubble  —  There has been a lot of conversation of late about how much easier it is to start a Web software companies these days.  Open source and Moore's Law are the principal drivers.  Great stuff.  —  It's springtime in the Internet and there has been a fresh rain.
Nick / Rough Type:
Entrepreneurs everywhere  —  Peter Rip, managing director …
Discussion: AC/OS
Tom Coates / is a weblog:
Farewell BBC - and hello Yahoo!  —  Right then!  It's time to get everything out in the open and talk about some of the stuff that's been going on behind the scenes over the last few months.  First things first - and this will probably come as a bit of a surprise to a few people …
Discussion: Guardian Unlimited
Bob Tedeschi / New York Times:
All the News That You Can Use.  And More.  —  NEWS enthusiasts, rejoice.  A Web site is being introduced today that will not only let you find articles on the topic of your choice from hundreds of newspapers and magazines, it will also alert you to all the other news accounts floating around cyberspace …
John Markoff / New York Times:
At Microsoft, Interlopers Sound Off on Security  —  REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 14 - In a windowless war room where Microsoft manages worldwide computer security crises, George Stathakopoulos, the general manager for security, opened a small refrigerator, revealing three bottles of Champagne.
Discussion: InfoWorld TechWatch
Chris Sherman / Search Engine Watch:
Curing Medical Information Disorder  —  Healthline is a specialized medical search engine that offers high-quality, authoritative information that's easy to find, even if you don't speak medicalese.  —  According to the Pew Internet Project, more Americans search for health information on the web than make doctor visits each day.
Discussion: TechCrunch and Tony Gentile
Michael Bazeley / SiliconBeat:
Healthline search engine launches
Discussion: Tony Gentile and The Kelsey Group
Ken Belson / New York Times:
Power Companies Enter the High-Speed Internet Market  —  CINCINNATI - The idea has been around for years.  In Spain and elsewhere in Europe, utility companies have long offered high-speed Internet service to consumers over their power lines.  —  But American utilities are only now beginning …
Goldman says Internet is back, but with provisos  —  ATHENS (Reuters) - The market for Internet companies to go public is back, the managing director of Goldman Sachs' (GS.N: Quote, Profile, Research) high-tech group said on Sunday, but only with provisos and with private equity firms increasingly calling the shots.
Mike / Techdirt:   Run And Hide: Goldman Sachs Says The Internet IPO Market Is Back
Laurie J. Flynn / New York Times:
Palm Inc. and BlackBerry Maker Will Sign a Licensing Agreement  —  SAN FRANCISO, Oct. 16 - Palm Inc., maker of the Treo smartphone, and its rival Research In Motion, the maker of the wireless BlackBerry device, are expected to announce on Monday a licensing agreement that could alter competition …
USA Today:
Techies: They're everywhere  —  When you think of people who are technologically savvy, you probably envision a hip young guy in Seattle or Silicon Valley or New York, sitting in a coffee shop and sending e-mail from his laptop or PDA or even his cellphone.  —  You're right, but not entirely.
Lev Grossman / Time:
How Apple Does It  —  Conventional wisdom says its strategy is wrong, yet it keeps turning out great products.  TIME looks inside the world's most innovative company  —  This is partly a story about a company called Apple Computer.  It's also partly a story about a fancy new iPod …
Music transfer and download  —  One of the most appealing features of the W900 is how easy it is to import, transfer, play and manage music files.  Tracks can be imported from a variety of sources, either over-the-air direct to the phone if it supports an available operator music download service, or via a PC.
Discussion: Phone Scoop and Digital Tech Life
Vladimir Cole / Joystiq:
Nintendo DS Wi-Fi uses obsolete WEP security  —  In these flickr images captured by "Apreche" at the Digital Life Show in NYC on Friday, we can see the unlaunched interface for the Nintendo DS's Wi-Fi capabilities.  Interesting features include:  —  Save settings for up to three connections
Discussion: Wi-Fi Networking News

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