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Mark Cuban / Blog Maverick:
Get Your Blogspot S**t Together Google  —  It was exactly two months ago I wrote about problems that and really, the entire blogosphere was having with Splogs created and maintained on, with a URL.  —  Well the S**t hit the fan today.
Discussion: LexBlog Blog
A Whole Lotta Nothing:
when it rains, it pours  —  (67spamblogs, originally uploaded by mathowie)  —  I have an ego feed I check every few days for my last name (fairly rare) from technorati.  On a normal day there might be one or two mentions of my last name and it's not always about me, but it's useful …
Lockergnome / Chris Pirillo:   Google Responds to Splog Problem!
Bob Tedeschi / New York Times:
All the News That You Can Use.  And More.  —  NEWS enthusiasts, rejoice.  A Web site is being introduced today that will not only let you find articles on the topic of your choice from hundreds of newspapers and magazines, it will also alert you to all the other news accounts floating around cyberspace …
Discussion: TechCrunch
Rali /  Not Really...  [by rafat] :, a 55-person NYC-based news search startup, launched in beta today, and NYT covers it.  The company has been formed by Neal Goldman, the former founder and CEO of CapitalIQ (which got bought out by McGraw-Hill last year for $225 million).
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
A New RSS Reader Hits Town, But How Many Will Survive?  —  There's a new web-based RSS reader in town.  It's called inform.  What differentiates inform from others is that you can easily dig deeper into any news story by drilling into its relevant topics, people, places, industries and organizations.
Discussion: Susan Mernit's Blog and ben barren
Associated Press:
Wi-Fi Cloud Covers Rural Oregon  —  HERMISTON, Oregon — Parked alongside his onion fields, Bob Hale can prop open a laptop and read his e-mail or, with just a keystroke, check the moisture of his crops.  —  As the jack rabbits run by, he can watch CNN online, play a video game or turn …
Discussion: OpsanBlog
Tom Coates / is a weblog:
Farewell BBC - and hello Yahoo!  —  Right then!  It's time to get everything out in the open and talk about some of the stuff that's been going on behind the scenes over the last few months.  First things first - and this will probably come as a bit of a surprise to a few people …
Steven Levy / Newsweek:
The Next Movie Show  —  Not only does Apple's latest iPod do video, but so does its online store.  —  Oct. 24, 2005 issue - Steve Jobs had some 'splain-in' to do.  He's spent the last couple of years insisting that no one wants to watch video on the puny screens in handheld devices.
Richard Siklos / New York Times:   Cool, a Video iPod. Want to Watch 'Lost'?
Dave Winer / Scripting News:
Since coming back to the Bay Area, most weekends when I'm in town I have breakfast with Steve Gillmor on Saturday morning.  A few weeks ago, I asked a couple of other people to join us, and maybe soon I'll ask more.  Not sure how to do this, but it's becoming interesting.
Discussion: ben barren
Vladimir Cole / Joystiq:
Nintendo DS Wi-Fi uses obsolete WEP security  —  In these flickr images captured by "Apreche" at the Digital Life Show in NYC on Friday, we can see the unlaunched interface for the Nintendo DS's Wi-Fi capabilities.  Interesting features include:  —  Save settings for up to three connections
Discussion: Wi-Fi Networking News
Splogsplosion  —  Holy cow, I just wrote about splogs and over this weekend, they've exploded.  At eight when I looked at my PubSub feed, there were 31 entries, 30 splog.  Just now at 9:45 there are 15 more.  Technorati and Google feed search are similarly infested.
Detroit News:
FBI puts stop to spam king  —  Agents close up shop by seizing equipment from bulk e-mailer's W. Bloomfield home in recent raid.  —  Michigan's unapologetic king of bulk e-mail is in trouble again.  This time, an FBI raid has closed what some consider one of the world's largest houses of spam.
Discussion: Things That … … and OpsanBlog
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
My Thoughts on Reading Lists  —  Dave Winer has been thinking about, and recently writing about, a new idea: Reading Lists.  —  OPML is a really useful file structure that just about everyone who uses a feed aggregator, like bloglines, is already using without necessarily knowing it.
Discussion: Read/Write Web and Solution Watch
Peter Rip / EarlyStageVC:
The Web 2.0 Entrepreneur Bubble  —  There has been a lot of conversation of late about how much easier it is to start a Web software companies these days.  Open source and Moore's Law are the principal drivers.  Great stuff.  —  It's springtime in the Internet and there has been a fresh rain.
Discussion: Feld Thoughts and PR MACHINE™
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
More on Google's Plan for Wi-Fi in San Francisco; Text of Google's Filing Available  —  If you're interested in learning more about Google's plan (one of 17) for providing free Wi-Fi access throughout San Francisco, the San Jose Mercury News article: S.F. unveils 17 firms' WiFi bids …
Discussion: Daily Wireless and The WiFi Weblog

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