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Lockergnome / Chris Pirillo:
Google: Kill Blogspot Already!!!  —  In the past few days, I've been inundated with an enormous amount of subscribed search spam for designated keywords.  To the tune of hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of bunk entries.  Who knew "lockergnome" and "pirillo" would be THAT popular?!
Splogsplosion  —  Holy cow, I just wrote about splogs and over this weekend, they've exploded.  At eight when I looked at my PubSub feed, there were 31 entries, 30 splog.  Just now at 9:45 there are 15 more.  Technorati and Google feed search are similarly infested.
Clive Thompson / New York Times:
Meet the Life Hackers  —  In 2000, Gloria Mark was hired as a professor at the University of California at Irvine.  Until then, she was working as a researcher, living a life of comparative peace.  She would spend her days in her lab, enjoying the sense of serene focus that comes …
Nathan Weinberg / InsideGoogle:
HOW WEBLOGS INC GAMES THE SYSTEM  —  It just occured to me: You know those posts Weblogs Inc feeds us about once a week, the ones that tell us "The Best Of Weblogs Inc"?  They're all gaming Technorati.  —  See, the latest one of these "posts" contains 69 links to other Weblogs properties, and Technorati counts every single one.
Weblogs / The Unofficial Google Weblog:
After a long hard week it's time for the best of the Weblogs, Inc. network  —  The Weblogs, Inc. network features over 100 independent, unfiltered bloggers producing over 1,000 blog posts a week across over 75 industry-leading blogs.  Each week we ask our bloggers to choose their top posts …
Nick Bradbury:
Web 2.01 Release Notes  —  It's been over a week since the last "What is Web 2.0" meme made the rounds, which on the internet is a long time.  So, it's due for a minor revision (it is a perpetual beta, after all).  —  WEB 2.01 RELEASE NOTES  —  REVISION 1: It's about providing something useful, not something trendy.
Discussion: Alex Barnett blog
Richard Siklos / New York Times:
Cool, a Video iPod.  Want to Watch 'Lost'?  —  THE introduction of Apple Computer's video iPod last Wednesday was greeted as an epochal event.  The portable, personal, digital world - as you've no doubt heard by now - is here, and there is no turning back.
Max Bruning /
A Comparison of Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD Kernels  —  I spend most of my time teaching classes on Solaris internals, device drivers, and kernel crash dump analysis and debugging.  When explaining to classes how various subsystems are implemented in Solaris, students often ask …
Tracy / The Student Tablet PC:
Replacement on the way!  —  All that hard work paid off!  A replacement computer is soon to be on its way.  How fast, I'm not sure, but things have been speedy so far.  —  Like before, I'm not sure how talkative I'll get while writing this, so I'll post all the details after the jump.
Frank Ahrens / Washington Post:
With 'Vingle,' Apple Looks to Branch Way Out  —  What is Steve Jobs going to pull out of the sleeve of that black turtleneck next?  —  Domination of the Web, if you believe the trademarks Apple Computer Inc. filed at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on Oct. 7.
Discussion: IP Democracy
Eric Rice / Official Site:
The falsehood of "No one wants to watch 320px video"  —  I have never seen the TV show, Lost.  Ever.  I don't even know what it's about, other than what I learned by watching the series premiere.  —  How did I get the series premiere?  I just clicked one button.  I bought it for a measley two bucks, and I watched it.
Rodney Gedda /
Desktop apps coming to the Web: Google  —  While rumours still abound about whether Google plans to offer its own online office suite to compete with Microsoft Office, at least one of the search giant's engineers is forecasting a time when today's native client applications will be delivered through the browser.
Google Blogoscoped:
Google's Privacy Policy In Layman's Words  —  I've gone through the "highlights" of the Google Privacy Policy (which recently changed).  The highlights document is supposed to be a translation of the longer legalese found in the full privacy policy, but I think it's still not down-to-earth simple enough.
David A. Vise / Washington Post:
Yahoo Adds Its Name to AOL's Full Dance Card  —  Corporate Suitors Vie to Be ISP's Search Engine of Choice  —  Yahoo Inc. yesterday became the latest potential suitor for America Online, joining Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in what may soon turn into a bidding war for the Dulles-based Internet service.

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